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To the blonde rocking that denim skirt at Walmart

Ok, so it seems totally foreign to me to try and find someone on here, but here goes nothing. You — blond, long wavy hair, maybe 5′-4″ give or take a few inches, I won’t try and guess your weight but I’d say perfect plus or minus a pound, somewhere between 18 and 24, by yourself and with a fairly empty cart. I saw you twice — the first time I nearly ran into someone with my cart and the second time you were in line a couple of rows over. By the time I decided I should say hello you were nowhere to be found. Dumb on my part, but hopefully the internet will save the day.

At the Monkey

I think you might have jus startd at the proudest monkey in dtown bryan. Ive never seen you there before and my friends hang there often after work.

We wer the big group on Saturday sitting near the bar. You were too cute in that hat, I just had to stare. If you remember me and what I was drinking, let me know.


You are a bartender at the Dry Bean. You have pierced ears, buzzed head, and always look angry.

I bet I could make you smile.

The Spy Who Stole My Heart

We were at The Tap halloween party we both won the costume contest. Your buddy Greg and I were talking about london while you were on stage dancing with cat women. When you came over to join us I found out your name was Anna. We talked until you had to leave to pick up a friend on northgate. You said you would come back but you never did. I tried to find you on facebook but I’m not certain you’ll see it. I wish I got your number, I’m kicking myself for it.

If you see this check your facebook friend requests and messages.

-Master Chief


I remember meeting you at poets, where we not only shared some drinks but some good laughs as well. It was definantly needed. Emily if you get to read this, I hope you come back around soon.

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