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Cat Lady

I know this is a one in a million long shot but I must make an attempt, it was yesterday (10/28/12) about 4:00 PM at Spirit, I was shopping for costume accessories and just happened to glance up, and there you were, a vision of loveliness, a goddess, an ANGEL, you took my breath away!

I glanced and then with my heart pounding I walked past you, I spoke about what you were looking at and you comically replied, I went on about my business, and then a few aisles later there you were again, I thought then “don’t walk away, say something” and I did, you spoke again, you were semi-friendly but also concentrated on your task at hand, I could not tell if you were just preoccupied or just being aloof, so I lead with my head instead of my heart and I continued my search, I found my accessories, and headed to the checkout, I briefly stopped and glanced around but did not see the most beautiful woman in the world, so I presumed you were in the dressing room or had accomplished your mission .

I will kick myself until the end of time now for not at least stopping to talk to you, at least either got a positive response or a slap in the face, but now I will never know. I would give a reward to find you, but I doubt you will ever see it.

Thinking of you cat lady…….

French Maid + Hot Cop

I’d handcuff you again anytime. ;)

I can’t get you out of my head. You were a gorgeous French Maid and I was tall/dark cop. We were having a crazy spontaneous moment before something happened and we had to split. Tll me what happened to prove it was really you!


We were at the TAP. You were dresses as a pirate, I had a long blond wig on. I had to jet when you were in the bathroom because my sister was my ride. I regret that.

Jason the COW

You’re probably going to vote for Romney, but I just looked at pictures, and dammit, you were handsome.

Sorry I had to bounce.


Not sure if you did this on purpose, but it was pretty empty that afternoon..

I was finishing up my workout with a little time on the bike when you took up the treadmill in front of me. There were empty treadmills everywhere else and yet you took that one. I’ll admit that for the next half-hour, I could do little more than stare at your beautiful ass, trying to keep my attention on what I was doing. In my imagination, you’re doing it on purpose, a means to make me work harder. Yeah, that would be what a man would think, especially of a gorgeous woman such as yourself. And while I probably sound ungrateful, understand that I am not.

I don’t know if you found me attractive or not, but I just want to say you are incredibly attractive and thank you for giving me something to think about for the day. Next time you need a work out, let me know.

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