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Short Blonde @ Grub

To the blonde waitress at GRUB

You asked if you could refill my drink a few times. We kept making eye contact and you were all smiles. You were hot and your butt was amazing. Tell me what I had to drink.

I met you Friday night. You were with a group of your friends who were really obnoxious and kept saying totally inappropriate things to me. If only you had punched that guy in the face, I would have gone home with you.

Hullabalooza – Friday

The reason I didin’t approach you or say hi is because you were holding your phone to your ear. So I didint wanna be rude or anything.

You are 100% Hispanic. You were wearing a Dark blue Long sleeve t-shirt & blue jean short-shorts. You have Beautiful brown skin and black hair. You have an amazing figure with curves and long sexy legs. You look like 18-21. I heard you speak in both English & Spanish.

I was the guy in the dark Grey t-shirt & camo shorts. I have short black hair and a fair skin tone, slim.

We were standing behind the hill on the sidewalk for a few minutes. We were about 15 ft from eachother. I saw you checking me out, but you were on the phone the whlole time. I really hope you see this…


I let you borrow my jacket on Saturday morning at our tailgate. You were brunette, tall, sexy as hell. I wish I had asked for your number, tell me what I said to piss you off.

Ps. You still have my jacket.


Im sorry for interrupting your phone call, you where just so beautiful (and I was so drunk) I couldnt help myself. You were so much cuter than the guy you were with. I was pretty bummed we didnt meet up later on NG. If your lookin for an older man who can really take care of you hit me up. If not Id settle for your roommate.

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