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Hands Off My Fanny

To the lady that stole my heart….and my money!! I was at the Walgreens on East 29th and you were behind me in line. I opened my fanny pack and paid with a crisp $2 bill but walked out forgetting to grab my change from the little automatic dispenser. When I came back in to grab it you were already scooping up my change. I would have been upset but honestly the shine of those freshly minted coins was outdone by that of your eyes. I was lost in them and I couldn’t think clearly enough to formulate a sentence, so I left. You looked like a blonde Lara Croft with the legs of a soccer player and a backside I could balance a router on. If you remember this please write me!! Tell me what color my top hat was.

Shake it Fast

What can I say, I’m a Whataburger man. I was at the drive-thru of the one on Texas by Villa Maria. You asked me if I wanted a shake with those fries and I said “I was gonna say that!” Then you smiled and I smiled but I drove away. Tell me what I was driving so we can make this happen.

My Dugout, Or Yours?

I saw you I think friday (?) at the fox. I was sitting with a guy by the bar. You were either checking me out hardcore or watching the Rangers game.

lets find out which one.

Saw You at the Nail Salon

Wednesday around 6 pm, I saw you at Star Nails.

I was the tall gentleman who tried to chat with you by the sink. I’m sure you thought it was strange a guy was getting his nails done, but I work with my hands. ;)

Tell me what we talked about.. would love to see you and that smile again soon!!

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