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I saw you walk up and sit down at the bar, I got up to use the restroom and when I came back you were sitting in my seat.

Maybe that was your plan? I sat next to you and struck up a conversation. You were from out of town, visiting friends. I thought you were very attractive, but didn’t get your name.

If you see this, I’d like to know morea bout you.


Ive never done this before but I think you are very beautiful.

I love your long hair and I think you are to cute.

I come up there just to see you. I just been to shy to make a move but I make eye contact with you and you stare back at me sometimes.

I wont describe myself bcuz im sure you know who I am already lol. But if you see this and are interested or somewhat curious please don’t hesitate to respond.

U and ur blonde friend REALLY ticked me off. We met at the tipsy turtle on saturday and I waited for 30 minutes for u to come back bought you both shots and said u just had to feed the meter.

Thanks for NOT coming back. Made me look like an idiot…….

We have been checking each other out for months now in the gym, and we both went out to the parking lot around the same time this afternoon.

I thought about telling you of another work out we could do…. but before I rolled down my window you took off.

I’m a big muscular white guy and you’re a tiny toned hispanic woman, we were at gold’s college station.

Iron Man Cinemark Sunday

You are Hispanic with facial hair wearing jeans and boots and were sitting with your girl on the bottom in the recliners in the middle.

Hit me up if you ever need me to do what she wont. Tell me what you what you were drinking specifically and describe the woman you were with.

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