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saw you on cinco de mayo for piano bar last night. think you kept tryig to push your friend over to the guys because it was her birthday? you had long shiny brown/black hair curled at the ends. drinking margs with a group of good looking girls.

just wanted to tell you you were beautiful.


me and my friends we at the Pygmies concert last thursday at dukes. it was my freind that was one of the girls that got blow pop. she got most of the attention but you got mine. id love to show you what i could do with a lolly pop. you were wearing jeans and a yellow polo. send an email back if you wanna hook up.

This is really weird because I’ve been making fun of the people that send these in……. BUT, after seeing you evein I couldn’t resist. I was out with my friend and you were with a group of girls. You were wearing white shorts and a cute black top and some killer heels. I was wearing jeans and a blue polo.

We made eye contact sooooooooo many times…. even once when we went to the bar at the same time. I didn’t have enough liquid courage to talk to you then and I’m kicking myself!

If you here this, me and my friend will be back at the Tap this weekend.


Last night my friend and I drunkenly came in to buy groceries. We paid with a $20 then split the difference and annoyed everyone behind us. I am sorry I told you I preferred Kroger..

You could make me reform.

If you remember us, respond to this message!


Thursday around 345 — I as walking through the construction mess in front of those dorms called Rise. You were wearing a yellow shirt. You looked like you were in a hurry so I didnt talk to you but I wish I had. You smiled at me and it was game over.

If you remember me, let me know. Would love to grab coffee.

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