Nick J

Mon-Fri 2-7pm

Yo I’m Nick J,

I tell mediocre jokes on your afternoon drive home during the week.

I was born and raised outside of Atlanta, GA, but my second home is Akron, OH (no LeBron jokes yet – it’s too soon).

I’m a big hip-hop head, but if you catch me at
a stop light you might hear me butchering
a Justin Timberlake song.

Interests include: sports, working out, and long walks on the beach.

Trivia facts:

Retired below-average rapper

Shot-gunned two beers in pure joy after the Browns drafted Johnny Money-Bag Manziel

Teach Your Kid Another Language So They Can Be A Smart Adult

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter You mean to tell me if your kid’s brain can juggle two different languages in their brain that it will make them a smarter adult? No way. Make your kids learn a couple languages before they develop lazy habits and think learning is too hard because I wish I […]

Scientists Find Potential Drug Capable Of ‘De-Aging’ Brain

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter This is cool and the future of medicine seems like it will be limitless BUT, I feel like this defeats the purpose and best part of getting old. I want to get old and be able to say “no I don’t remember saying that” and not be lying. I […]

Couple Has To Pay $460 Fine After Fake Coughing

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter First of all I know they suck because it’s a 60 yr old going out with a 25 yr old so the only thing they could possibly have in common is that they like money and are terrible people. Also, how do you not have anything better to do […]

Family With COVID-19 Couldn’t Smell House Fire, Saved By Daughter Who Doesn’t Have Virus

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter How lucky is it that she didn’t have the rona and saved her family? That’s why you gotta wear your mask so you don’t not smell your house torchin’ up in the middle of the night. Also people tell me dogs are so smart all the time; how did […]

British Woman Burns Mouth, Cracks Tooth After Mistaking ‘Poppers’ For Candy

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter This has to be the dumbest person alive right now. I have never heard of anybody even getting close to accidentally mistaking fireworks for candy. Couple reasons this situation is beyond stupid: Who gets that hungry over some candy that you’ve never had before and still have to rip […]

Most Googled Questions Of 2020 By State

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter These questions are cracking me up. There’s a pretty solid rule you should stick to: “If you have to ask, you probably shouldn’t do it”. You can tell which states are stressing out the most during the pandemic…if you have to ask google whether or not you should get […]

There’s A Science To Getting Better At Video Games

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter I want to make one thing clear before you read this. You will never be as good as me at video games. Now that I’ve spoken my piece, go ahead and read about how you have to treat playing video games just like any other thing you want to […]

Aggies Figure Out How To Get Rid Of Fat By Using Light

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Way to Go Aggies! This is awesome and will eventually benefit a lot of people…BUT. I KNOW this is going to start off as a medical thing where you have to go to a doctor and get a prescription after they tell you to change up your diet first, […]

Manbuns Are Back “In”, Bro

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Months of lockdown have been hard for many reasons, including the lack of regular access to a hairdresser. Perhaps inevitably – and to the horror of some – it has given rise to the return of the man bun. The divisive hairstyle has been making a surprising resurgence, with the […]

Thanks To Samsung, The Robot Revolution Continues

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Samsung is working on a robot that can pick up laundry, load the dishwasher, set the table, pour wine, and even bring you a drink. The robot is called Bot Handy, and Samsung says it’ll be able to recognize objects using a camera and AI. The bot is meant to […]