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Road Warrior Trivia for Sept 6th!

Q: 1 in 3 women between 31 and 51 years of age will NOT do this in public. What?

A: Wear a baiting suit!


Congrats to Johnny, he won free Caffe Capri. Tune In Tomorrow at 4pm for more Road Warrior Trivia! If you ever miss the answer, I will post it here on my page of the NEW

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Great Pic of a Toddler Beer Shopping!

Here’s a funny pic I stole from Tosh.O…Now I’ll emulate Tosh, and see how many funny things I can type about this Parenting Failure in 30 seconds.

“These Aggies are looking younger and younger to me every year!”

“They sure start ‘em young in Hearne”

“That’s gonna help with the potty training, after 2 he’ll be going every 5 minutes. Plenty of opportunities to practice.”

“Hey Dad, I want a little brother…this is how I got here? right?”

“Oh no, looks like Timmy has fallen of the little red ‘wagon’ again!”

and finally,

“Charlie Sheen takes his first steps.”

Thank you can do better? Well Niblett took the night off so email us your captions and I’ll pass the to Nibs.

Everyone have a great Labor Day Weekend!


Source: Tosh.0

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Road Warrior Trivia for Sept 2!!

QUESTION: The number of Americans using these is declining. In Fact I was looking for one at Best Buy and they aren’t sold there as a stand alone item anymore there. What are they?


ANSWER: Telephone answering machine

 Congrats to Rosie,  she won free Caffe Capri. Tune In Tuesday at 4pm for more Road Warrior Trivia! If you ever miss the answer, I will post it here on my page of the NEW

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The Aggies vs SMU: Adam’s predictions

June Jones and the SMU Mustangs are coming down from Dallas to face The Fightin’ Texas Aggies Sunday night 6:30 pm.  The game will be televised on Fox Sports Houston, locally on the radio on 1620am, and the Whole Candy Crew, myself included will be on hand for our season opener.  I’ve seen all kinds of crazy predictions this week, the sunshine pumpers expect us to win 66-8 like we did in 2005, the haters and pot bangers say we barely scrape by in a shoot out 48-42, and the moderate fortune tellers are betting with Vegas picking us to win 35-20.

Here’s how I see it going down on Sunday night.  We bring in a lot of senior and veteran leadership, but that doesn’t stop us from making an early special teams mistake.  SMU is going to go up by a touchdown early, as a result of a turnover(probably a special teams mistake or a short kickoff.)  Tannehill and the Aggie offense will probably go on a short 6 play scripted conservative drive, and stall out and be forced to punt.  SMU rolls out their offense led by Kyle Padron, he threw for 31 TDS 14 INTs and 3800 yards last year (most of that in Conference USA games)  but the SMU offense is similar to the Mike Leach gimmick offense, short passes, little wide recievers finding holes in the zones, or setting picks to take out defensive backs in man coverage to get receivers open, and they will find enough open receivers to mount another scoring drive.  Taking a 2 touchdown lead on us in the first quarter. By now the old blue and gray haired alumni will be shouting at Coach Sherman to just quit and go back to New England, The big money in the suites will start sending their board of regents connections nasty emails about how they’re not making another donation, and the student section will hump it and choke back the cries of “here we go again.”  While all that is happening Coach Sherman is down on the field, CALM AND COOL  as can be.  His men have been chomping at the bit to hit someone in another color uniform since the Maroon and White game, and now that they have, they’ve been popped in the mouth and they taste blood, it maybe their own, but it’s still blood and it’s all it takes to get them up and focused.  Ensuing Kickoff, Cyrus Gray or Coryell Judie is gonna take a short kick all the way back for a quick 6.  SMU falters on their next drive, Jerrod-Eddie gets his first sack on the season, and the Aggies have the ball back.  Tannehill hits his stride, catching a wide open Ryan Swope for our next score.  Tim DeRuyter gets after his veterans and they in turn get the younger guys in position, on some plays we have 5 DBs in the game, but they get it done and hold SMU scoreless for the rest of the 1 half, while Cyrus, Christine, and Mister Jones run the ball up and down the field on SMU’s young and undersized Defensive line.

By the 2nd half, the Ponies are a broken team, down 34-14, it’s hot on Kyle Field, and their heads are down and they just want to go back to Dallas, and play the scrubs in Conf-USA. Tannehill hands off to the backs through most of the 3rd Quarter, every now and then hitting one of his receivers on a play action pass that goes for big gains.  It’s late, the gray hairs in the West side stands are snoozing in their seats, while the student section is chanting Wrecking Crew, when finally in the 4th quarter the Aggies put in Jameill Showers.  He gets some face time, handing off to Cyrus, throwing some short completions but more importantly, playing with the 1st team offense.  By now we are up 42-21 and cruise on to win it 45-14 adding a late (very short range field goal)

Aggies win, Coach Sherman puts all the praise on his “Senior Leaders”, and says “we learned some things about ourselves tonight, made some mental mistakes and we definitely have some areas to improve on.  Coaching at this level is still teaching, tonight we learned some lessons.  Now we’ve got 13 days to get prepared for the Vandals.”

There’s my objective prediction for the game, after a shaky start, the Ags win 45-21…(of course, I would love to watch us march out and stomp a mudhole in the Ponies, a 77-0 beat down Kyle field style)


Think I’m Wrong, email me and tell me where I am wrong, and then watch and see on Sunday!

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Road Warrior Trivia for Sept 1!!!

Q: 12% of people have done this to their spouses while they are shopping. What did they do?

A: Page them over a loudspeaker!


Congrats to Allyson,  she won free Caffe Capri. Tune In Tomorrow at 4pm for more Road Warrior Trivia! If you ever miss the answer, I will post it here on my page of the NEW

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