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Adam’s Book Club: World War Z

If Oprah can do it, so can I, and I don’t think any of our book selections will overlap. (maybe some of these authors might start bribing me to be in my book club too!)  So here you go, if you like my twisted sense of humor, or you’re just looking for something to read, I am going to post a quick review of whatever book I happen to be enjoying each week.  I’ve always been an avid reader, and I try to read at least one book a week.  This week I’ve been reading World War Z.  It’s about the Zombie Apocalypse, but before you groan about zombies, the author  narrates the story from an interviewer’s perspective as he debriefs people about their experiences in key moments during the war.  That is why it’s subtitled “An Oral History of the Zombie War”  So you get little short stories told by different people from front line soldiers, doctors who treated patient zero, war profiteers, politicians, and the everyday people who became heroes.

Yes it is a zombie book, and there is blood and gore. However, the zombies aren’t the story the people are; as such their stories are quite surprising.  It’s not about a superhuman zombie terminating good guy. This book is about normal people in extraordinary circumstances, being the best or worst they can be in the face of overwhelming odds.  The story of the Battle of Yonkers, as told by a front line infantryman, and his criticisms of his officers and intelligence personnel, it is a standout chapter. But even the story about the agoraphobic internet nerd from Japan was impossible to stop mid-read.  Max Brooks does a great job seeing things from many different perspectives, including psychological factors, egos and intelligence that come across differently from each character, but are well translated by the UN Narrator.

And As Much as I enjoyed this book, obviously someone in Hollywood liked it too, because the movie version is under production, starring Brad Pitt, and is slated to hit theaters in 2012.  Do yourself a favor and definitely read this one before you see the movie.

I am always looking for something new to read, so if you have a book selection you think I might enjoy, email me the title and author and I will take a look.


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Jerrod Johnson – Thank You Aggieland

I played for the first time on my show today now here’s the youtube video!




The Song is available at for Download NOW!

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Adam Knight: Aggieland’s Non-Academic Advisor

What Not to Wear and College Student Etiquette:

First of all, High School is over, if you brought your Letterman Jacket for the winter or you’re still wearing you High School Ring…TAKE THEM BACK HOME NEXT TIME YOU VISIT YOUR PARENTS.  Leave them in your parents’ house, and don’t worry about seeing them again until your 5 or 10 year class reunion.  I know you spent a ton of money on that High School ring, but the only ring you should be worried about now is that Aggie ring. (And for goodness sake, take your Graduation Tassel off your rearview mirror.)

So you’re at a party and you’ve gotten past the where’s your Hometown and what’s your Major icebreakers and you want to brag about yourself…DON’T TALK ABOUT YOUR SAT/ACT SCORES, or WHAT PLACE YOU GRADUATED IN…they’re not that impressive, everyone at A&M had to meet the same requirements to get in and no one cares what you did in High School.

The Freshman 15 is not a myth; in fact I’ve seen the Freshman 50 hit some students.  Remember when you were in High School, in athletics, burning 7,000 plus calories a day, yes you could eat whatever you wanted. Now you sit in class, sit in a computer lab, or sit and play XBOX and you’re not burning anything.  Go to the Rec Center (you’re paying for it) Get a membership at Gold’s, Aggieland Fitness Dome, or Aerofit, they’ve all got great student plans and USE IT.  Remember a healthy body is not only nice to look at, but also helps keep your mind healthy as well.

I know we are in a major drought now, but October and November are Monsoon season for BCS.  Guys get a big golf umbrella and ladies get your little cute rain boots and rain coats, cause one day you’re going to be walking to class in the rain, and it sucks to be soaked to the bone when the Professor is blasting the AC at 64 degrees.

As for going to class, think of your fellow Aggies: just because you can roll out of bed and walk to chemistry in your PJ’s you haven’t washed in a month, it doesn’t mean you should.  Stock up on free t-shirts and if your lucky you won’t have to wash shirts for like 3 weeks.  If you went to a party or the bar the night before and took the walk of shame straight to class, sit on the back row…you still smell like stale beer, cigarettes and bad decisions, also it’s less noticeable for you to run out the door to go puke away your hangover if you’re on the back row.  If you’re really smart you’ll keep a spare outfit in the car and some febreeze or perfume.

You came to Texas A&M to get a world class education, though it won’t always be your main priority, make sure you always keep in mind that is why you are here, and you will finish and you will succeed.

Finally, and in all seriousness: if you ever get in trouble legally, financially or otherwise TELL YOUR PARENTS.  Seriously, they may not bail you out, but don’t try to hide it from them it will always turn out worse for you in the end if you do.

Good Luck,

Thanks and Gig ‘Em!

Adam Knight ‘98

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Road Warrior Trivia for August 31st!!!

Q: According to a recent study men do this more easily and more often than women. What?

A: Fall in love!

 Congrats to Sharon,  she won free Caffe Capri. Tune In Tomorrow at 4pm for more Road Warrior Trivia! If you ever miss the answer, I will post it here on my page of the NEW

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PSA for the Day: Don’t Buy an iPad from some dudes in the McDonalds Parking Lot!!!!

I really shouldn’t have to tell you not to buy electronics in the parking lot of a fast food chain!!! But if you’re considering it, or think it might be a good idea, read what happened to this woman in South Carolina trying to get a deal:


Woman buys fake, wooden iPad for $180

— A woman at an area McDonald’s thought she was getting an iPad at a bargain price, but instead she got a very expensive piece of wood.

Ashley McDowell, 22, said she was getting food at about 10 p.m. Monday when two men approached her in the parking lot. The men showed McDowell a new iPad, and told her that they had bought several of them in bulk at a good price and had them in FedEx boxes in the trunk of their car.

The men offered to sell McDowell one of the iPads for $300. She told them that she only had $180, and they agreed to sell her one for that amount.

The men gave McDowell a FedEx box. Once at home, she opened it and found a piece of wood painted black with an Apple logo on it.

McDowell said the men were in a white Chevy Impala with no rims and untinted windows. She said one of the men had a gold tooth.


I wonder if she got a splinter trying to slide unlock it?


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