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Road Warrior Trivia for July 5th!!!

Q: – 38% of fights and arguments between women happen HERE – Where is it?

A: At garage sales!  According to Cosmo Magazine

 Congrats to Cody,  she won free Caffe Capri. Tune In Tomorrow at 4pm for more Road Warrior Trivia! If you ever miss the answer, I will post it here on my page of the NEW

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Road Warrior Trivia for July 1st

Q:  35% of men say they NEVER do THIS without asking their wife first…What is it?

A: Using their credit card!  According to Men’s health Magazine

Congrats to Dawn,  she won free Caffe Capri. Tune In Tuesday at 4pm for more Road Warrior Trivia! If you ever miss the answer, I will post it here on my page of the NEW


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Road Warrior Trivia for June 30th!!!

Q: According to a recent study – About 25% of  couples site this as the reason for divorce …What is it?

A: Addiction to the Internet!  According to Cosmo Magazine

Congrats to Garrett,  he won free Caffe Capri. Tune In Tomorrow at 4pm for more Road Warrior Trivia! If you ever miss the answer, I will post it here on my page of the NEW

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Road Warrior Trivia for June 29th!!

Q: – Over 55,000 people in the U.S. are injured by THIS each year!  What?

A: Jewelry! According to USA Today

Congrats to Mike,  he won free Caffe Capri. Tune In Tomorrow at 4pm for more Road Warrior Trivia! If you ever miss the answer, I will post it here on my page of the NEW


Original Fiction by Adam Knight…

Okay, so you may or may not know, I’m an aspiring author.  This weekend while I was mowing my lawn, my mind began to wander, and I had an idea for a new story.  If you’ve got a couple of minutes to read the bare bones outline of the story, please take the time and check it out.  This is only the premise, I am not sure if I want to flesh it out to a full novel or movie screenplay so please give me your opinion.  Hope you enjoy:


Sneak Attack/Worst Case Scenario

I’ve set this story to begin on Black Friday 2018, the day after Thanksgiving.

China is now the largest economy in the world. The US Deficits have skyrocketed even though we’ve been out military conflicts since the final pull outs of Iraq and Afghanistan in 2013, the overextension of large corporations borrowing money daily for operating costs and trying to profit off the interest of investments, and ensuing government bail outs of the entire banking industry have put the US economy in a hole it may never recover from.

After 5 years our only Soldiers with Combat experience are the Special Forces units and reservists who’ve stayed active since Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.  Add in the military spending cutbacks and the US Government’s inability to pay our soldiers or supply them with arms and training, the once greatest military in the world is held together by a few brave souls and duct tape, and our military preparedness is at an all time low.

So it’s Black Friday 2018, the day after Thanksgiving, and at 1pm there is a massive DOS attack on the credit card servers at the major banking hubs in the US…Dallas, DC, NYC, Atlanta, Miami, Denver, San Francisco…DOS attacks are cyber attacks that cause a Denial of Service and lock up the servers, so millions of bargain shoppers can’t use their credit or atm cards at all on the biggest shopping day of the year, they can’t pulse out money, banks have to shut their doors, and people can’t get to their money.  Of course the cyber attack comes at 1pm EST, just after the NYSE has closed for the day, so as to not set off the backup safeguards the Fed has in place in case of such an attack during trading.

With no access to their money, citizens begin to get unruly: riots, fights, arguments, attempted robberies and looting occur at banks, malls and shopping centers all across America.  Law enforcement is already strained because the off duty officers are working security for college and professional football games or are on vacation with their families.

Speaking of football games, with a handful of companies like Aramark having a near monopoly on the concessions at all major sporting events, a biological agent has been used to contaminate all the ICE at sporting events across the country. Ice the one common factor in every stadium and arena, and it almost all comes from the same source. It goes to the player’s water coolers on the fields, the ice machines near the luxury boxes and to the concession stands.  Now this agent doesn’t have to come into effect on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, it’s meant to hit the population hardest on Monday.  So the agent would probably be a very debilitating and highly contagious strain of the flu, incubating in 48-72 hours after ingestion, but it’s just the flu so no one really suspects foul play.  With over 100,000 people in Ann Arbor Michigan for the Ohio State vs. Michigan Game; 92,000 at the UT vs. ATM game, 100,000 at the FSU vs. Florida game, Even the Army Navy game, with active duty Officers on hand to watch the game, that’s over a third of a million people exposed and that’s only 4 of the 30+ college and pro football  games that weekend.

And yet we still don’t even know we’re officially at war, come Monday as the stock markets open, another DOS attack hits Wall Street, shutting down trading, people still can’t get to their money, another Cyber attack wipes out the Cell Phone and Telecommunication services.  Next they DOS attack Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and Google simultaneously. By noon, No Smart phones, no internet, no cable, and no social networking, thus leaving us with basically no modern means of communication.  The only sources for news and information would be your local broadcast radio and TV stations and with no internet, no phones and no satellites they would be mostly speculating.

Now what is the public going to do?  No one really knows what’s going on, and there is no way to tell anyone if you did.  The sick people are lining up at hospitals with the flu, others are lining up at banks trying to withdraw their money, trying to stock up on gas and groceries until someone can sort out our technological problems.  Everything is in disarray, when the first actual shots are fired, and we might even miss those.

In space, what appear to be dead satellites and space junk comes online and powers up, and they begin firing little 1 foot long rockets.  These Chinese space junk satellites are satellite killers. The tiny rockets don’t have to do much damage or be very sophisticated, just a magnetic targeting system to lock onto the targets and a small charge of explosive to damage or destroy the fragile satellites, the majority of US Spy, Telecommunications, and Military satellites could be wiped out in under an hour.

With the US basically deaf, dumb and blind any number or different coalitions of anti-American countries can take action. A newly unified North and South Korea begins firing guided missiles across the Sea of Japan to begin an invasion.  Pakistan fires nuclear warheads at strategic sites in India and rolls tanks into Kashmir.  China invades Alaska, from their recently purchased territory Siberia, where they easily capture our strategic oil reserves.  An Arab coalition attacks Israel from all sides, and after the Israelis fire off their nuclear arsenal in one final death knell, Jerusalem is once again under Arab control.  Or a half dozen other possible military scenarios that could be extrapolated for a full novel or movie.

In 72 hours The United States would no longer be a world super power…what would Americans do?  How would our leaders respond?  Who would emerge as a hero? Could we survive a full invasion?

-Adam Knight 2011

Okay this is purely fictional, and all my research came from the internet, I’m not divulging military tactical secrets, just taking a look at a worse case scenario.  I’ve heard from some friends this sounds similar to a novel Tom Clancy wrote called “The Bear and the Dragon”   though I haven’t read it; I need to make sure I’m not inadvertently plagiarizing.   Otherwise if this sounds interesting to you, let me know if I should take the time and research to make this a real novel or an actual Hollywood screenplay.  Thanks for reading my story idea, any tips, facts or encouragement  would be appreciated.

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