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Road Warrior Trivia for June 22nd!

According to a recent survey 11 months and 8 days is how long it takes you to get here.

A: The happiest point in your marriage.

Congrats to Morgan,  she won free Caffe Capri. Tune In Tomorrow at 4pm for more Road Warrior Trivia! If you ever miss the answer, I will post it here on my page of the NEW

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What are they doing now? -Vanilla Ice Real Estate…

Oh how the mighty have changed careers.  First Rob gave us Ice Ice Baby and then he gave us Ninja Rap for the TMNT movie,  now Vanilla Ice is back with a brand new invention…Real Estate.


I checked his listings and I don’t see A 1 A Beachfront Avenue anywhere for lease or sale.

Come on, Tell me you wouldn’t make a lifelong investment with this guy?

To get in on this get rich quick scam or for more info check out his website:

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Airline Pilot leaves the mic on and is caught on tape…

It’s rule number one in Radio, always make sure your microphone is off, especially when your having a conversation you don’t want anyone else to hear. Too bad this Southwest Airlines pilot didn’t think before he spoke.  Remember Kids, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

Southwest Pilot’s Crude Rant About Flight Attendants Caught on Open Mic


June 22, 2011

A Southwest Airlines pilot was suspended without pay after his cockpit microphone became stuck open and an obscenity-laced rant about the physical attributes of flight attendants was broadcast across the entire Texas airspace.

Houston TV station KPRC obtained a recording of the audio in which the pilot bashed gays, women, “grannies” and overweight people. The conversation took place at about 7:30 a.m. CT on March 25 and was broadcast over the Houston air traffic control radio frequency, blocking communication between air traffic controllers and other pilots for more than two minutes.

On a flight from Austin to San Diego, the pilot first complained about flight attendants he worked with in Chicago.

“There’s 12 flight attendants, individual, never the same flight attendant twice. Eleven (expletive) over the top (expletive), (expletive) homosexuals and a granny,” the pilot said. “Eleven. I mean, think of the odds of that. I thought I was in Chicago, which was party-land.”


“After that, it was just a continuous stream of gays and grannies and grandes…”

The co-pilot’s response was inaudible, but the pilot reacted saying, “”Well I don’t give a (expletive). I hate 100 percent of their (expletive).”

He then turned to bashing Houston flight attendants.

“Now I’m back in Houston, which is easily one of the ugliest bases. I mean it’s all these (expletive) old dudes and grannies and there’s like maybe a handful of cute chicks,” he said.

The air traffic controller in Houston unsuccessfully attempted to interrupt the trash-talking and tried to cover the pilot’s words with beeps.

“OK, whoever is, uh, transmitting, better watch what you’re saying,” the controller said.

Air traffic controllers submitted the tape to FAA officials the same day. The FAA then turned the recording over to Southwest Airlines after deducing that the pilot was from a Southwest flight.

“The incident occurred during a phase of flight in which personal conversations are permitted in the cockpit. Nevertheless, the FAA expects a higher level of professionalism from flight crews, regardless of the circumstances,” the FAA said in a statement.

Southwest would not release the name of the pilot, “since it is a personnel issue.” He has since returned to work.

In a video statement released today, Southwest Airlines’s Vice President Flight Operations Captain Chuck Magill said he was “deeply sadden[ed]” by the pilot’s “inexcusable language.”

Magill apologized on behalf of the pilot to Southwest employees, customers and other pilots in the industry. Magill said the pilot has formally apologized to FAA controllers.

“What he said is offensive and inconsistent with the professional behavior and overall respect we require from all employees. He knows what he did cannot happen again,” Magill said in the one minute video.

Source: ABC News

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A Man Robs a Bank for Medical Care…

Some people who need medical care but can’t afford it go to the emergency room. Others just hope they’ll get better. James Richard Verone robbed a bank.

Earlier this month, Verone (pictured), a 59-year-old convenience store clerk, walked into a Gaston, N.C., bank and handed the cashier a note demanding $1 and medical attention. Then he waited calmly for police to show up.

He’s now in jail and has an appointment with a doctor this week.

Verone’s problems started when he lost the job he’d held for 17 years as a Coca Cola deliveryman, amid the economic downturn. He found new work driving a truck, but it didn’t last. Eventually, he took a part-time position at the convenience store.

But Verone’s body wasn’t up to it. The bending and lifting made his back ache. He had problems with his left foot, making him limp. He also suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis.

Then he noticed a protrusion on his chest. “The pain was beyond the tolerance that I could accept,” Verone told the Gaston Gazette. “I kind of hit a brick wall with everything.”

Verone knew he needed help–and he didn’t want to be a burden on his sister and brothers. He applied for food stamps, but they weren’t enough either.

So he hatched a plan. On June 9, he woke up, showered, ironed his shirt. He mailed a letter to the Gazette, listing the return address as the Gaston County Jail.

“When you receive this a bank robbery will have been committed by me,” Verone wrote in the letter. “This robbery is being committed by me for one dollar. I am of sound mind but not so much sound body.”

Then Verone hailed a cab to take him to the RBC Bank. Inside, he handed the teller his $1 robbery demand.

“I didn’t have any fears,” said Verone. “I told the teller that I would sit over here and wait for police.”

The teller was so frightened that she had to be taken to the hospital to be checked out. Verone, meanwhile, was taken to jail, just as he’d planned it.

Because he only asked for $1, Verone was charged with larceny, not bank robbery. But he said that if his punishment isn’t severe enough, he plans to tell the judge that he’ll do it again. His $100,000 bond has been reduced to $2,000, but he says he doesn’t plan to pay it.


Source: Yahoo News


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Adam Knight, Handyman????

As some of you may have noticed, I haven’t been posting as much here recently and for that I apologize.  I have been super busy with my new house and trying to get all the little odd jobs around the house fixed.  Growing up as a kid, there was no project too large or too small for my dad.  So now that I’m living in a real house, and I see all the little things that needed fixing, I took it upon myself to go to Lowes and Home Depot, and fix them myself.  Now most of them are done and I have come to realize, that I am not as good at this stuff as my dad, but at least I got it done.

First, I now have a yard and my first job was to fix a hand me down lawnmower so I could mow my own lawn.

A few sprays of Carb cleaner, a new spark plug, new air filter and new blade…about $35 and I have a mower that runs like brand new.

Next there were holes in the wall, and I learned how to repair drywall.

The people that lived here before me, ran over a sprinkler head and it was gushing water down the street, so I had to fix that too.

And there were a couple of other little things, but after doing these odd jobs, I felt like Bob Villa.  So like an idiot I bragged to my friends about it, and therefore they decided I could help them with their weekend projects… So Saturday I spend part of my afternoon unloading 2 pallets of Sod for Alli and Jordan…my back still hurts.

So lesson learned…no more bragging about how handy I am.  I need to stick to DJing and posting on


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