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Road Warrior Trivia Answer for March 4th!!!

Here’s your answer for Trivia:

Wearing a Hat!!

Congrats to Tiffany, she won free Caffe Capri.  Tune In Monday at 4pm for more Road Warrior Trivia!  If you ever miss the answer, I will post it here on my page of the NEW


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Aggie Students FILL REED ARENA!!!

and Say farewell to the Seniors on the Basketball Team the right way, with DEAFENING THUNDEROUS APPLAUSE!!!!!

Tomorrow, Saturday March 5th 2011, the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Basketball teams wraps up their 2010-11 regular season at Reed Arena.  It will be Senior day and the last home game for B.J. Holmes, Nathan Walkup, Andrew Darko, Derrek Lewis and Marshall Carrell.  Aggie Students with a Student ID need to get their tickets today at the box offices, and these tickets are FREE!  There are still general admission tickets available, and that’s what has got me MAD!!!

I’ve been to every home game this year that I haven’t had to work during, but I am only one man (though I do seem to shout loud enough for coaches, players and officials to hear from time to time)  AGGIE STUDENTS I am calling you out, as a graduate of Texas A&M and a fan who was here during some of the leanest years in A&M Basketball ever,  seeing our student section half empty for any conference game is unforgiveable.  Your Aggie Basketball team has been to the post season for the past 6 years, the NCAA Tournament the past 5 years and we’re going again this year, yet the students still don’t ROCK REED for EVERY GAME.  If you are graduating this year, you’ve never known A&M to have a losing record in Basketball as a student (unless you’re an 8th year senior)  I know Texas A&M is a Football school, but just like in Football, Defense wins Championships in Basketball too!  So maybe Coach Turgeon should look at our fans and realize he has to do something to get them pumped up.  I would like to see more dunks, and bone jarring picks being set, not because I want to see them, but because it gets our FOOTBALL fans out of their seats and into the game.  -RANT DONE!!!

Now to our seniors: Marshall Carrell and Derrek Lewis have not seen a lot of playing time, but I know they provide leadership in practice and on the bench.  I’ve seen them coaching the younger players and doing their best keep morale up, and when they’re in the game they’ve contributed and made the best of their minutes.


Andrew Darko, wears the number 12 at Texas A&M and does it proudly.  He hasn’t started a single game all year, but he’s played in every game this season.  The ultimate 6th man, he’s going to out hustle everyone on the floor when he’s in the game.


Nathan Walkup, has done everything you need a senior leader to do.  He’s guarded players bigger and stronger, and shut them down.  He’s been known to pass first to find the open man on offense, but when he’s got the open look from three point land or a wide open baseline, you can go ahead and count the points. (Unless it’s his first shot of the game, it seems he still has to brick one to break the ice and get going, but I know he’s gonna do that so I expect it and accept that.)  The one area that Nate has improved on over last year, he gets us the rebound we need and it’s always at that critical moment in the game.

B.J. Holmes, has won me over as a fan.  When he first got here, I couldn’t understand why Coach was putting him in the game?  He seemed a step slower than everyone on the court, awkward and out of control when he drove the lane, and he couldn’t knock down a 3 in a game to save his life.  Well 4 years later, when the game is on the line, there is no one else on the court I would rather see with the ball in their hands.  B.J. has given us some clutch performances this year.  He drains contested 3s over taller defenders, drives the lane and draws the fouls, sinks the free throws, gets the steals, and takes the charges (by the way BJ, as many hard charges as you took early in the season, I didn’t think you’d be healthy for the whole season, thank God you were!) B.J. has been fire that keeps this Aggie team motivated and going strong.


To the Seniors, Thank you all for a great career! To the entire Basketball Team, Thanks for a great regular season!  Now let’s Beat the Hell Out of Tech! Get some warm up games in Big 12 Tourney and Hopefully BTHO BYU to start the NCAA Tournament off again this year!!!!


Click here, for Tickets and the official Texas A&M Athletics Webiste

-Adam Knight



Adam’s Interview with R-Truth!!!

Here’s My interview with R-Truth!

Once again, a BIG Thank You to R-Truth!  I know that the WWE guys are busy travelling and don’t get to spend a lot of time with their families, so for him to take 15 minutes out of his day to talk to me was awesome. I tried do my research, and ask him some questions he hasn’t heard a thousand times this week, hopefully ya’ll enjoyed it.  Now get your tickets and get ready for an awesome show this Sunday!!!


If you haven’t purchased tickets yet go to the Reed Arena Box Office, Call 979-845-2311 or click here.

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Road Warrior Trivia for March 3rd!!!

Here’s your answer for Trivia:

Honolulu, Hawaii!!

Congrats to Dara, she won free Caffe Capri.  Tune In Tomorrow at 4pm for more Road Warrior Trivia!  If you ever miss the answer, I will post it here on my page of the NEW


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Road Warrior Trivia Answer for March 2nd!

Here’s your answer for Trivia:

They’re overeducated for their job!!

Congrats to Maggie, she won free Caffe Capri.  Tune In Tomorrow at 4pm for more Road Warrior Trivia!  If you ever miss the answer, I will post it here on my page of the NEW


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