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Outkast’s Coachella Performance & More!

If you’re like me and happened to miss Coachella this weekend, don’t feel too bad, the entire Outkast performance is actually up online! I haven’t had a chance to check the whole thing out yet (it’s 90 minutes long) but if you’d like to watch just CLICK HERE and watch at your own leisure.

I love music festivals and have been to quite a few over the years, but never had the chance to go out to Coachella. A couple of the Jenners, Michelle Pfeiffer, Cate Capshaw are just a few of the celebs that showed up this year along with some surprise performances by Justin Bieber and Jay-Z.

I think surprise performances and guest appearances is something we need to work on for Chilifest 2015. How cool would it have been if Randy Rogers hit the stage this year and all of a sudden, BOOM Justin Timberlake comes out to sing with him. Okay, maybe getting JT is a little far fetched, but I mean I’m sure there’s someone we could pull off, right?

Who would you love to see crash Chilifest next year? Let me know on Facebook or Twitter.

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The Perfect Woman?

According to a new British survey, men want a woman with Megan Fox’s face and Kim Kardashian’s boobs. But women would rather have Cara Delevingne’s face and Jennifer Aniston’s boobs. See what those “perfect” women would look like here.

I had to google Cara Delevingne. She’s a British model, so there’s that. Not sure about her. She’s kinda got a really pissed off face, I don’t find that attractive.

It took me a lot of thinking and quite a bit of research to come up with my perfect celebrity mix and match, but here’s what I’ve come up with:

  • FACE: Chloe Bennet – She did a guest spot on Nashville last year and I was immediately taken be her. Glad to see her weekly on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. now!
  • HAIR: Alyson Hannigan – I love me some redheads! I’ve always had a crush on her and love her hair.
  • BOOBS: Olivia Munn – I was thinking of something witty to say, but really, I can’t think of anything with that picture I linked to in my mind…
  • BOOTY: Scarlett Johansson – That tight leather look as the Black Widow? I mean WOW!
  • LEGS: Mia Hamm – Soccer women always have great legs! All that running keeps them nice and toned.

Now I just need to get with my buddy Big Hush to see if he can photoshop all of that together! ha

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Girl Meets World

Alright, so I shouldn’t be as excited about a new Disney Channel TV show as I am, but I can’t help it. Boy Meets World paralleled my adolescence and when Disney announced Girl Meets World, I couldn’t help but think to myself “would it be weird if I set this on my DVR?” I was really on the fence until I saw this:

As soon as I saw Topanga looking like a hot mom, I decided that I will be recording it, ha!

It also got me wishing that there were a Saved by The Bell 2.0 with Zach and Kelly’s kids running around causing trouble. What’d make that better is if their kid used one of those big 80’s cell phones!

Hmm, what other 80’s/90’s sitcoms would be cool to see a continuation of? Tweet or Facebook me if you have any good ones!

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The TSwift Dance

While Taylor Swift is a well known entertainer who can write a song that is relateable to many teen-mid 20’s girls, it’s never been said that she’s a great dancer.

Of course I have a little fun at TSwift’s expense every now and again, I can at least say I never made a bunch of gif’s to make fun of her dancing. You can thank E! for doing that!

Well I might not have made them, but I’ll sure as heck share em! ha, click HERE to learn how to dance like Taylor Swift!

Also, here’s a picture I painted of Taylor Swift. I think it looks pretty remarkable…


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Chilifest Artist of the Day: Randy Rogers Band

The Randy Rogers Band has done just about everything there is to do in country music. They’ve played big time shows with some of the biggest names in the industry. Been nominated for major awards. Done a live CD at the legendary Billy Bob’s Texas. Not to mention gain respect from fans and other musicians alike.

It’s great to see how Randy and the band continue to reach new fans while staying true to who they are. They are the same great group of guys they’ve always been. They’ve got a definite old school approach to the way they do things which is why I think they’ve been able to bridge fans for almost 15 years.

Speaking of old school, how about this picture from my very first Chilifest in 2008 with Mr. Rogers!

Drake RRB

When you go to a RRB show, you’re gonna hear some of the most well-written songs with a lot of great emotion behind them.

For a great song with emotion, let’s go back to a song that Randy had on the radio at the same time we took that picture, check out “One More Goodbye”:

I know what you might be thinking, “Drake, emotion is all well and good, but this is CHILIFEST MAN! We want something to party to! Something to sing along to and drink beer to!”

Well my friends, don’t worry, RRB has ya covered there too!

Here’s hoping to a great weekend for everyone! If you do get a little FUZZY, I implore you to be smart about it. Get a designated driver, take the shuttle, call a cab. Please, please, please don’t put yourself an others at risk by driving drunk.

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Adam Drake

Monday-Friday: 6p-10p

Howdy! Yes, another Adam joining in the Candy 95 craziness. I couldn’t be more excited to be here. Some people in town might recognize me as I’ve worked at a few other stations in the market, including a few month stop at Candy back in 2010. You might also realize that most of my time in radio has been spent doing country music. I do love me some honky-tonking country, but have a varied taste. Don’t believe me, just challenge me in SongPop and find out for yourself!

I’m a bit of a smart aleck with strong opinions, but also pride myself on being a pretty alright guy. Most of my time is spent with my wife and amazing son. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you’ll no doubt see your fair share of pics of him.

If I can’t go to a place wearing boots and jeans, I probably don’t wanna be there in the first place.