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Chilifest Artist of the Day: Turnpike Troubadours

turnpike_troubadours_4323-x600Since the breakup of Cross Canadian Ragweed a few years ago, many people asked what band was going to be the next one to really step up and take their spot. For a while, there was no one that seemed like they could grab hold of that place and hold on to it. Then the Turnpike Troubadours started gaining a lot of steam from their critically acclaimed Diamonds and Gasoline record and Red Dirt music fans had an answer. Most people have made the comparisons of Turnpike to that of Jason Boland and the Stragglers. Both bands out of Oklahoma with some great songwriting and a fun loose atmosphere on stage.

In the course of two years, they found themselves with a very loyal fan base and playing prime spots in festivals in Texas and elsewhere. The band is always up for a new challenge and are looking forward to their first taste of Chilifest!

The song that turned most fans onto the Turnpike Troubadours was “Every Girl”:

But one of my favorite songs of theirs is off of their last album Goodbye Normal Street called “Before the Devil Knows We’re Dead” which is a great song to describe Chilifest!

Hope to see ya this Saturday for Chilifest 2014! Keep listening for your free tickets to the festival.

Also, don’t forget about getting your #Selfie on at the Candy 95 tent for your chance to win $500 and an autographed guitar!

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Chilifest Artist of the Day: Roger Creager

Jack Ingram In Concert - San Antonio, TXFightin’ Texas Aggie Roger Creager will be hitting the Chilifest stage at 1:20 on Saturday. That gives him just enough time to go hang out with the other Ags that will be in attendance and feeling the energy of Cody Johnson on stage in front of him.

One of my favorite memories of seeing Roger was way back when I first got into radio and took my dad to one of his shows at a festival down in Beaumont. It was the last show my dad was ever able to see and what made it really cool was Roger brought his dad, Bill Creager, on stage to sing with him! Fans throughout the state have been lucky enough to see Roger bring Bill on to sing “Rancho Grande” for many years now and it is an awesome experience every single time!

Roger’s show is one I would just call unpredictable. One minute his strumming his guitar, the next he might be trying to crowd surf. In addition to his guitar he’ll also pull out a trombone for a song or two and even beat on the washboard! He has a liveliness and presence on stage that can’t be taught.

His song “Crazy Again” tells you flat out that he’s a little older now, but he’s not afraid to cut loose when he needs to!

A few years ago I had a chance to get another side of the “Crazy Again” story:

Hope to see everyone out for Chilifest where we can all get a little crazy together!

We’ve still got tickets to win for Chilifest 2014, so keep it tuned into Candy 95 to win. Plus, don’t forget to get your selfies ready for your chance to score $500 and an autographed guitar from the Chilifest artists!

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Nerd Power!

I’m a self professed nerd. I love comics, and comic book movies, and general nerd culture. I did plays and read Shakespeare as a kid. I’ve always been that way and never had a problem with being who I was. However, there are plenty of kids around the world who get made fun of for liking that stuff. I feel sad for people who bully other people.

I ran across this video today of Wil Wheaton, who you may recognize from Star Trek, Stand By Me, and episodes of the Big Bang Theory, answering a question from a young fan about if he was made fun of as a kid for being a “nerd.” The way he put things made my heart smile!

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Chilifest Artist of the Day: Cody Johnson Band

Cody-Johnson-4-630x420Alright folks, it’s the week of Chilifest! Each day this week, I’ll be highlighting a different artist for Saturday’s Chilifest 2014 lineup, along with a little info about them on why you have to make SURE you’re there for the show!

Today, it’s none other than stars on the rise, the Cody Johnson Band!

Cody’s an east Texas boy who’s songs are real to him. He steers clear of doing a cliche song just for the sake of doing a cliche song. All of his tunes give you an insight to who Cody is as a singer and as a person. His latest album Cowboy Like Me is full of songs about where he is in his life right now. You can hear the influence of his wife in many songs on the record. He prides himself on his songwriting, but isn’t afraid to do someone else’s song if it still fits with who he is.

One of his bigger hits is “Ride With Me” that was written by Zane Williams. If you didn’t know that, it’s a song you would swear Cody wrote himself, because it’s so fitting to his sound and his life.

After spending the last two years in the Friday night stage, Cody and the boys will be kicking things off Saturday at noon. Their high energy show is sure to get that early crowd in the mood to party for the rest of the day. They are probably the most country of the bands out there, but don’t let that fool you, they can rock out like few others can when they get on the stage. You’ll find yourself dancing and moving along to the music, even if you don’t know any of the words to the song.

I had a chance to catch up with Cody before his last show in town at Hurricane Harry’s:

Don’t be surprised if you see a #KCCO shirt being worn by at least one of his bandmates on stage or if you see the band walking around the fans after their set! Speaking of his band, check those guys out on Twitter and give them a hard time before Saturday

Check back tomorrow as I’ll highlight Fightin’ Texas Aggie ROGER CREAGER!

We’ve still got your Chilifest tickets that you can win, but if you want to guarantee you’re at the show, go online to buy your tickets now at

When you’re at Chilifest, we’ve got your chance to win $500 AND an autographed guitar from the Chilifest artists! Swing by the Candy 95 tent and take your selfie!

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Chilifest Spotlight: William Clark Green



I know that Will is on the Friday night show which is exclusive to chili teams, but I couldn’t do all of these Spotlights and not throw him some love. Will is the guy to be on the lookout for in the world of Texas/Red Dirt music. His 2013 CD Rose Queen was my absolute favorite of all the Texas/ Red Dirt/Americana albums that came out last year, and there were a lot of good ones! Check out my full list of the Best of 2013 HERE.

Okay, back to Will. He’s got a raspy voice that you don’t hear much anymore. His songs have the tendency to be a little darker and more raw than others. He is truly one of a kind. Like most artists I enjoy, he can crank up a party tune, then slow it down with a heartfelt/ thinking song. About 3 years ago, I predicted that Cody Johnson would be one of the next big headliners in Texas. I’m going to tell you now that William Clark Green is also rising up that list pretty quick! Don’t be surprise if you see him on a Chilifest Saturday in the next few years.

Here’s a song that really got Will’s name out there a few years ago on the Texas/Red Dirt scene, “Caroline”:

For an inside look at his album Rose Queen check this video out:

Here’s Will’s big hit off of his latest album “She Likes The Beatles.” It was co-written by Brian Keane who is also a heck of a singer/songwriter/performer!

Chilifest is ONE WEEK AWAY! We’ve still got your chances to win tickets on Candy 95 with our Chilifest Quick Stops and one more Chilifest Hot Ticket Thursday. There’s even still a chance for you to get BACKSTAGE PASSES for Saturday!

Of course if you want to guarantee your ticket to the biggest party in Aggieland, you can always go buy your tickets at

Stay tuned next week for info on the big things we’ve got planned for the weekend, including a chance to score money and goodies!

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