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One Republic goes country, sort of

One Republic will be featured on the CMT show Crossroads with country star Dierks Bentley. The episode won’t air until March 21st, but here’s a little taste of what to expect as One Republic and Dierks sing “Counting Stars.”

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Yikes, now those are interesting uniforms!

Over the last few years, Oregon, Baylor, Maryland, and even Texas A&M have been mocked and made fun of for the look of their uniforms. I remember the day that A&M unveiled their new unis and some people took to social media to voice their displeasure. I myself did that last year with their gray jersey/pant combo that I just did not think was that great looking. Well good thing for all the teams that have had their share of jokes about their uniforms, there’s now a new team to take focus away. I introduce to you the unis for the arena league football’s LA Kiss:

Wowzas! That helmet is a bit busy, don’t ya think?

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31 Random Movie Facts…and more!

I mentioned last week how I need to get out to more movies. I didn’t see a single one of the flicks up for Best Movies at the Oscars and have yet to go to one so far this year.

I’m able to cope with not seeing any of the fresh hit movies because I’ve seen so many other great ones before my son was born. This video has been making the rounds over the weekend and I’m proud to say that I know quite a few of these random facts!

Did you know any of those?

Also, has anyone seen this petition to have Halle Berry replaced as Storm in the X-Men movies? I’ll be the first to say that I don’t think she was really right for the role, but should they just go ahead and ax her?

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Happy Spring Break!

Ah, the end to a long week! It’s been a great first week doing nights on Candy. Appreciate all the calls, texts, tweets, etc. that have come in since Monday.

I know most folks are getting out of town for Spring Break good times. Whatever you do, be safe while you’re having fun alright? Figure I’d give you a playlist of songs to plug into your iPod as your driving wherever you’re going. Let’s kick it off with the Chilifest 2014 must-listen-to-Spring-Break-Party songs!

  • Randy Rogers Band “Fuzzy” – It’s basically a Texas country version of the movie The Hangover. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there.
  • Turnpike Troubadours “Before The Devil Knows We’re Dead” – I think it might just be best to give this one a listen instead of me spell it out for you.
  • Roger Creager “Crazy Again” – Alright, this one is more suited for me, but no matter how old I get, I can always get a little crazy again!
  • Cody Johnson “Dance Her Home” – When you’re out partying at the beach, we all know you’ll be looking for that girl that you can “dance home” if ya know what I mean!
  • Whiskey Myers “Anna Marie” – One of the coolest and catchiest beats from these Southern Rockers!
  • Band of Heathens “What’s This World” – Very eclectic band. This might be one of the least downright party songs, but it’s just so darn good.
  • JB & The Moonshine Band “Sticker Peck Out” – What’s Spring Break without a little innuendo?!
  • William Clark Green “It’s About Time” – This is perfect for the person who just got dumped. It’s about time you get out there and have some fun.
  • The Damn Quails “So So Long” – Another very eclectic band. These guys are so versatile and this song is great to roll the windows down to.

Yes, I know I left the Docs and Hank Jr. off. Honestly, I don’t know much of the Docs music and Hank Jr. has way too many songs that are great for partying, if I named just one, I’d be doing him an injustice.

Some other songs for you to throw on your playlist while you’re cruising Crystal Beach, making a trek down to Padre, or just sitting in the backyard:

  • Pitbull w/Kesha “Timber”
  • Sage The Gemini “Gas Pedal”
  • Eminem “Rap God”
  • Tiesto “Red Lights”
  • Arctic Monkeys “Do I Wanna Know”

So there ya go. Hopefully that’ll get ya down the road and having some fun for Spring Break!

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Halfway done!

You’ve gotta love a Wednesday, it’s the day that you can finally see the weekend in the horizon. Sure you’ve got two more days left, but on the bright side, YOU ONLY HAVE TWO DAYS LEFT!

Good Wednesday for me as I’ve got to thank all the folks out there for voting me Maroon Weekly’s Best of BCS DJ of the Year! It really does mean a lot with all the things that have gone on so far this year. Also, you make one joke on Twitter about sitting on the Iron Throne, and this is what you get…

Drake DJ

Thanks Big Hush ha.

Speaking of pictures, have you seen Demi Lovato’s new haircut? Personally, I don’t really dig it. I like long hair.

Last thing before I wrap this up, I came across this list on BuzzFeed of famous people who were in frats. Ya know, a lot of times Frat guys get a bad rap for being in their chosen Greek organizations, but don’t forget that it’s Frat guys that bring us Chilifest every year. Sure it’s a big party with beer, but it’s also a charity that supports many local charities.

Check out these 71 Famous People Who Were In Frats. Who knows, the guys we see in stage April 4-5 may just wind up on this list some day!

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Adam Drake

Monday-Friday: 6p-10p

Howdy! Yes, another Adam joining in the Candy 95 craziness. I couldn’t be more excited to be here. Some people in town might recognize me as I’ve worked at a few other stations in the market, including a few month stop at Candy back in 2010. You might also realize that most of my time in radio has been spent doing country music. I do love me some honky-tonking country, but have a varied taste. Don’t believe me, just challenge me in SongPop and find out for yourself!

I’m a bit of a smart aleck with strong opinions, but also pride myself on being a pretty alright guy. Most of my time is spent with my wife and amazing son. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you’ll no doubt see your fair share of pics of him.

If I can’t go to a place wearing boots and jeans, I probably don’t wanna be there in the first place.