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Video: Bieber Pukes On Stage

Looks like Justin had a little to much Bieber Fever.  In the middle of performing in Arizona he had to stop and puke in front of thousands of people.  My favorite part are how the backup dancers stay in character the whole time he’s throwing up at their feet.  Don’t watch if you can’t handle grossness!


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Video: Oregon Duck Jams “Gangnam Style”

Everyone has a little “Gangnam Style” in their system right?  So does my favorite NCAA mascot the Oregon Duck!  This video is absolutely incredible.  If watching a giant duck dance doesn’t excite you, there are CHEERLEADERS. =)


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LMFAO Parting Ways!?

No more Party Rockin’

The LMFAO duo have announced they are taking a break to pursue other interests.  The pair haven’t ruled out getting back together in the future, while Redfoo has expressed an interest in a solo career.  Redfoo was quoted stating,

“All the music that I’m going to make is always going to be LMFAO-ish,”

Read the full story Here.


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Video: Kelly Clarkson Takes Her Crack At “We Found Love”

Kelly Clarkson has been known to cover the likes of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.  Most recently Kelly covered Rihanna‘s fist pumping hit “We Found Love” while in Virginia.  Instead of heavy beats, Kelly uses her live band to make the music.  You will hear some guitar and drum.  Kelly definitely threw her own wrinkle onto the cover, and that is what you have to do!  Watch below.


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Six Reasons Why Katy Perry Dating John Mayer Is Smart

Katy Perry and John Mayer will dominate headlines for awhile if this romance is true.  E! wrote a fun article detailing six reasons why the idea is positive for Katy.  They are pretty funny!

1. An instant publicity boost.

2. Mayer will make Perry look great in the sack.

3. Mayer might write songs about Perry in a favorable manner.

4. He’s a great concert date.

5. Instant sympathy for Katy when, er, if, Mayer dumps her.

6. Perry could write an instant, media-savvy song about Mayer.

Read the full article and explanations here!


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