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Krashing Down ‘Survivor One World’ Episode #11

Episode 11: “Never Say Die”

Talk about a frustrating episode of Survivor!  My worst nightmare appears to be coming true, as the castaways have forgot how to think for themselves.  I’m finding that people are playing to not be voted out, rather than to win the game.  This scenario always makes for a dull end of the season.

Million Dollar Decisions

Survivor is filled with numerous million dollar decisions.  Sometimes it could voting out the wrong person.  Sometimes it could be not making someone feel welcome.  In this case, Kim promised Kat that she could come along if Kim won reward.  Turns out at the reward challenge Kim won.  Following Kim’s decision she chose Chelsea and Alicia instead.  What?  Why would you take your biggest alley on a reward?  Kim has played a masterful game, but she has ticked some people off along the way.  She needed to stay on good terms with Kat, for a jury vote.  One jury vote lost, is a million dollars down the drain.

Play To Win Or Play To Stay?

I feel like a lot of castaways this season have simply played to stay alive.  Troyzan last week proposed an idea for Alicia, Leif, Tarzan, and Christina a guaranteed final five shot.  Instead they wanted to stick with Kim’s plan while being at the very bottom of an alliance.  This type of thinking makes zero sense to me.  You have to make at least one legitimate move to win a jury vote.  Well with this go around Kat was the girl in question.  Sensing blood, Troyzan tried to convert her over to his ideals.  Kat continuously kept saying she was tired of being seen as a weak player.  THAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!  Jeez these girls make me want to punch a hole through my wall.

Goodbye To An Awesome Competitor

Troyzan absolutely had to win immunity and he failed to advance passed the first round.  After that, the rest really didn’t matter.  Immunity was claimed by Kim, as she has completely dominated this game.  Troyzan made his last attempts to sway a ticked off Kat, but as usual she wouldn’t bite.  Troyzan was everything you want out of a Survivor contestant.  He’s a huge strategist, athletic, loves the game, and great for the camera.  The show will not be the same going forward without him.

Russell Hantz Factor

The more people Kim orchestrates to vote out, the further I think she is getting away from victory.  She needed more girls on the jury.  While it’s hard to fault Kim’s logic or game play, it may be impossible for her to win.  Russell had it all figured out, but he ran into a bitter jury.  With EVERY member of the jury right now being a male, it just doesn’t seem logical.  Kim can win one way and one way only.  Her final three needs to feature a combination of, Chelsea, Tarzan, or Christina.  I have a feeling Kat gets votes thrown her way, because she is an oddball of the group.  I know for a fact Sabrina can beat her with a final jury speech, plus a likeable personality.  Kim is on thin waters right now, but I think she will make it to the end.  Sabrina is most likely to go next unless she can win immunity.  Finally Alicia, holds a chance to do something but will she ever become a leader?  Till next time!

Player Of The Week:  Kimberly Spradlin

Player Of The Week Standings:

1.  Kim – 4 Wins

2.  Troyzan (Eliminated) – 2 Wins

3.  Sabrina – 1 Win

3.  Christina – 1 Win

3.  Michael (Eliminated) – 1 Win

3.  Matt (Eliminated) – 1 Win


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Krashing Down ‘Survivor One World’ Episode #10

Episode 10: “I’m No Dummy”

Episode 10 of Survivor One World reminded me why I love this game so much!  It was everyone versus Troyzan.  The stakes were high and the drama was intense, in this tenth episode.

Fabio 2.0?

In Survivor Nicaragua we saw Fabio win the game against all odds.  He was a very likeable character that the entire tribe wanted to vote off.  Instead Fabio won a series of immunities leading to his season victory.  Troyzan is in a similar situation, and I think he can do the same thing.  After the departure of Michael and Jay, the writing was on the wall.  Instead of completely moping Troyzan had a strategy.  The strategy called “fear” and boy is it strong.

Much like the older seasons of Survivor, the castaways enjoyed a Survivor auction for food and luxury items.  With these auctions there is always an important advantage in the game auctioned off at some point.  Kim and Sabrina (the only smart girls) made a grave mistake by not plotting to win this.  They should have saved their bidding money and won it immediately.  This would prevent Troyzan from gaining an advantage.  I’ll say this once and I’ll say it a million more times.  No food item is as good as a million dollars.  Troyzan kept his eye on the prize and won that advantage.  It would bump him to the second round of the immunity challenge automatically.

When the tribe got back to camp Troyzan scoured the campsite for an idol.  He even put a lump in his pants pretending he had it.  The girls frantically searched as well, and it’s obvious paranoia exists in camp.  Troyzan has been obnoxious, called the girls out, and has said they can’t beat him.  This is a beautiful idea if you know you’re going home.  A lot of these girls are weak and a psychological hex, is what may propel them to choke when it counts.

Can You Count?

The immunity challenge was an intense one, as everyone gunned for Troyzan.  It was a mixture challenge featuring mini obstacles from weeks past.  Tarzan and Troyzan made it to the finals, in which Troyzan won immunity.  The vote seemed to be simple for all the ladies, vote off another guy.  But why? Their only two options were Leif and Tarzan.  They have NO CHANCE of winning the game.  They would also be castaways who would vote for Troyzan at the end.  Why not vote off Christina or Alicia who are sitting ducks anyhow?  This female alliance thing was a good idea at the beginning.  However you have to make smart business decisions in Survivor whether it’s voting off your own or not.  Leif and Tarzan would be a perfect two to take to the end for Kim or Sabrina.

To make matters worse Troyzan had an idea to flip this game.  He suggested that the two sitting ducks Alicia and Christina vote with him, and axe the head honcho Kim.  If these people don’t know Kim is running the show yet, they are complete morons.  In order to win this game you have to vote her out, and you have to take your shot immediately.  Troyzan’s plan would give his group numbers.  They would have Troyzan, Tarzan, Leif, Christina, and Alcia in the final five.  This is pretty much a guarantee.  But no Alicie and Christina apparently can’t count.  Instead they want to stay at the bottom of a larger alliance with multiple power players.  They all voted together and voted Leif out.  To me this was a complete wasted vote.  Kim has played a fabulous game, but her inability to force other players to make decisions may hurt her.  Everyone on the jury has to know she orchestrated it.  I would have hoped Sabrina or Chelsea would make a decision by now.

With only a couple episodes left, and eight castaways alive in the game, I want to rank their chances of winning.

8.  Tarzan – No chance

7.  Christina – No chance

6.  Chelsea – No chance

5.  Kat – I would say a 1% chance if she can make a big move and swing to another alliance.

4.  Alicia – I’ll give her a 10% shot.  She seems to understand the game, but is completely unwilling to make big plays.

3.  Kim – A 20% chance would be appropriate.  She arguably has played the best game, but it will kill her in jury votes.  I think her only chance of winning is for her to off Sabrina immediately.

2.  Troyzan – He has 25% opportunity to win this game.  It’s all about immunity for Troy and I think he can ride them to the end.  He has the best chance however if he makes it to the finals.  I don’t think anyone can beat him in a jury vote.

1.  Sabrina – Nearly half the percentage at 44% goes to Sabrina.  She has played a fabulous game remaining in between the hierarchy.  She has let Kim make a lot of tough decisions, while being seen as a positive leader by others.  Sabrina can beat anyone besides Troyzan in a jury vote, and is most likely to make it to the final three.  I think Sabrina still has to make one big move to solidify her victory however.

Player Of The Week:  Troy Robertson

Player Of The Week Standings:

1.  Kim – 3 Wins

2.  Troyzan – 2 Wins

3.  Sabrina – 1 Win

3.  Christina – 1 Win

3.  Michael (Eliminated) – 1 Win

3.  Matt (Eliminated) – 1 Win


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Nicki Minaj To Retire!!?

It seems like she just got in the game yesterday, but following the deletion of her Twitter rumors are flying!

Nicki Minaj is currently in the U.K. for her press tour. She spoke to reporter Tim Westwood ( about the strange disappearance of her Twitter account.  Minaj was was quoted saying this about her future,

“People aren’t even giving the kid props for taking it back to the essence. This is my fourth mixtape really. You know what I’m saying,” she continued. “The Kid did like that so she could feed her fans. But really, now the Kid is thinking maybe she should leave the game.”

I don’t know how serious you can take this!  Check out the full info With Nicki and Westwood here.



Video: We’re Not Young

“We Are Young” by Fun has been a surprising hit just about everywhere.  What does that mean?  It means it’s time for an AWESOME parody.  If you’re over 30 “We’re Not Young” may depress you.  Otherwise enjoy! =)


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Average Costs For Prom At $1K!?

At hard times with the economy families are trying to save money right?  Apparently not for the high school ball known as prom.  According to a new report, the average family will spill $1,078 on that big day!  WOAH!  I definitely did not spend even half that.  Then again I don’t wear dresses.  Does this seem a bit ridiculous to you or is it just me?  Personally I have more fun on a random night at Northgate than I did at prom.

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