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Alexandra Stan Accused Of Plagiarism

Alexandra Stan the beautiful Romanian vocalist of  “Mr. Saxobeat” has been accused of plagiarizing the chorus of her latest song “One Million”.  The accuser is rap group M&G claiming their track “Millioane” has been ripped off.  Is Alexandra a thief or is it just a coincidence?  Listen below and you decide!



VIDEO: Whitney Houston + Katy Perry + Ke$ha + Robyn + = New Jam!

Check out this insane mash-up track featuring an array of artists!  The main beats featured are from Katy Perry‘s, “Hummingbird Heartbeat” and Whitney Houston‘s, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)”.  It’s titled, “Young Hearts Wanna Beat On Their Own”.


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VIDEO: Awesome “Grenade” Cover By Jojo

Have I ever told you I love covers?  Check out this acoustic cover of Bruno Mars‘s “Grenade” by JoJo.


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Krashing Down ‘Survivor South Pacific’ Episode #7

Episode #7:  “Trojan Horse”

WOW what an episode number seven turned out to be.  With the merge looming Savaii and Upolu both showed a sense or urgency as they should.  However too much urgency leads one to do dumb things.  With Ozzy and Coach both trying to shape up their game for the future, it made this to be a fun one!

Dueling To Success

Christine was the second person voted out of the game and looked like a sitting duck on redemption.  Since then she has orchestrated a win in every single duel, and appeared to be two away from rejoining the game.  Her competitor this week in Mikayla, would be her most difficult.  The challenge featured multiple puzzles, and a close finish.  Mikayla thought she had one the challenge and solved the final puzzle, when she realized she had one piece off.  Christine then figured it out and claimed victory once more.  What a shocker.  I have said since day one Mikayla is one of the most athletic people in this game.  For her to be going home before the merge absolutely blows my mind.  I don’t know if I’ll ever understand why she was not liked.  As for Christine her run continues to be impressive.  Will she be like Matty of last season?  I’m presuming we will know last week.

Great Competition

The challenge battles between Savaii and Upolu have been fabulous this season.  I cannot think of one season where each week was any closer.  The two tribes have leaders returning for their third crack at the million.  Both have lead their tribes in various ways and I enjoy it.  Coach was brilliant this week in how he orchestrated Upolu to all go search for the immunity idol.  Coach already having the idol, wanted to boost morale among everyone to win an important challenge.  After they searched for awhile Coach revealed he had found it unifying the tribe to go into combat once more.  I’m glad Coach has really learned how to play peoples minds this go around.  Meanwhile Ozzy was orchestrating a fallback strategy for Savaii.  If they were to lose the challenge Ozzy volunteered to sacrifice himself to go to redemption.  His thoughts were that the merge would be next week, and he could win one challenge to come back in the game.  This would even out numbers between the tribes.  However in typical Ozzy fashion he did not think this through.  I truly believe the world could come to an end before Christine would rejoin Upolu.  Once again the challenge was neck and neck.  Savaii had a bit of a lead when Cochran struck again.  He was controlling ropes in which the entire tribe was attached to.  While Dawn, Ozzy, Keith, and Whitney were tangled up and blindfolded, Cochran was lost.  This would result in a late challenge Savaii meltdown giving Upolu a HUGE victory.

Three Days Means A Lot

Not getting voted out buys you three days in this game.  You never know what may change or transpire during that duration.  Ozzy has a security blanket with his idol, yet he continues to want to be a hero.  Coming back from a loss Ozzy was furious blaming it all on Cochran.  However at the next daybreak Ozzy returned to his previous idea of sacrificing himself.  My thoughts?  If someone tells me to write their name and vote them out, I will gladly.  There are no guarantees in Survivor.  Ozzy may have a puzzle challenge next week where his athleticism doesn’t make him reign supreme.  Keith and Jim weren’t to keen on the plan but nonetheless went with it.  Ozzy got his wish and was voted out.  Meanwhile Cochran was gifted a hidden immunity idol.  If this blows up on Ozzy it will be the dumbest move in Survivor history.  Yes this is greater than JT’s gift idol to Russell, James holding on to two immunity idols, and Erik giving away immunity based on Parvati’s request.  I guess we will just to see how this gutsy move works!  Will the merge actually be next week?  Will Christine continue her improbable run?  Will people begin to turn on Coach soon?  (I feel it’s coming)  We will have to see!  I’m totally digging this season so far!

Player Of The Week:  Benjamin “Coach” Wade

Player Of The Week Standings:

1.  Jim – 2 Wins

1.  Coach – 2 Wins

2.  Ozzy – 1 Win

2.  Dawn – 1 Win

2.  Mikayla – 1 Win (Eliminated)


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Video: Adriana Lima Shows Mad Boxing Skillz

Besides being amazingly hot, model Adriana Lima has other talents.  This recent video shows her hardcore boxing with a personal trainer.

What I would do to have her knock me out with a left hook…


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