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Chris Brown & Bow Wow + Strippers?

Chris Brown and Bow Wow had a night on the town this past week involving a trip to a strip club.  This is pretty normal for some young single guys right?  Dropping $5,000 a piece in tips on three strippers… eh not so much.  Look I’m not one to judge, but that is a lot of dough to burn!  I wonder if they made it rain?

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Krashing Down ‘Survivor South Pacific’ Episode #5

Episode #5:  “Taste The Victory”

Episode five of Survivor South Pacific definitely changed the game.  The theme of the episode centered around where power lies and how it is shifting.  Power early in the game is often times a bad thing.  It’s better to finish strong rather than lead early.  However if you can lead as a background character quietly, using people as pawns, it could be effective.  Two castaways for Savaii, Jim and Cochran, both are making moves that will shape them for weeks to come.


Survivor is a game that will leave you with a bad taste in your mouth.  I could only imagine what it is like on the island and the stress involved.  Stacey got sent to redemption, joining alley Christine from the Upolu tribe.  They both share a hatred towards Coach for their departure from the tribe.  They were sitting there complaining and antagonizing Coach for amusement.  When Christine opened her big mouth on day one she voted herself out.  When Stacey joined Christine as her best buddy guess what?  She voted herself out.  They can be bitter, they can cry, moan, and complain… but they did it to themselves.  In Survivor the right people aren’t always voted out, but in this case those two deserved it.  I believe the person voted out is outplayed more times than not anyhow.  During the duel it was a close one with Christine winning her third straight challenge.  Could she be Matty of last season?  I doubt it.

Carryover Effect

The immunity challenge was a classic.  The two tribes had to grab meat off a steak with only their teeth and move it to a scale.  After the elapsed time was over the tribe with the most weight of meat would win.  Talk about disgusting, watching them swap meat from one each others mouth.  I think I may have been tempted to swallow a piece, it looked semi good LOL.  Upolu regained immunity momentum when they won by less than two ounces of weight.  With this loss it left Savaii with a very interesting vote.  Ozzy has felt like he has been in control this entire game.  He has the immunity idol, he has two girls as his leaches, he is Ozzy people like him.  All is well right?  WRONG.  Ozzy is playing Boston Rob’s return to Survivor game right now.  When you play a game similar to someone who has just won there is a carryover effect.  People will be red alert upon strategies that were just used a season or two ago.  You cannot come in and deploy that strategy.  A lot of the game strategy I’d like to use if I got on the show would be from maybe seven years ago with a new twist.  Jim originally has been on Ozzy’s case watching him get cozy with Elyse.  Elyse is beautiful, nice, and probably has nothing to offer the game but a million dollars for Ozzy.  Jim knows this, and knows it will be a lot harder to break them up later on.  He gets Cochran and Dawn in on the plan to gain three votes.  With seven people in the tribe they need either Keith or Whitney to jump on board.  With those two not wanting to betray Ozzy they throw their votes at Dawn.  Ozzy and Elyse vote for Cochran (as expected), and the rest vote Elyse off the tribe.  BRILLIANT move by Jim.  Not only did he weaken Ozzy, sway power, get rid of a leach.. he also distinguished Whitney and Keith as a pair.  Now the tribe can focus on getting the other leach Whitney out when the time is right.  Maybe next week.  Jim and Cochran are the true power on Savaii.  The water could be shady right now, but if they make it far I like how these guys think.  They need to stick together and run the table.

Moving On

The new moving pieces make this game fairly interesting.  Control and momentum seems to be with Upolu, and Coach is leading the pack.  He was able to discover the hidden immunity idol and shared it with Sophie and Albert.  Will those two stay his allies for long, or are they using him to bridge them in the game?  Ozzy appears to have a meltdown next episode after losing his woman.  Ozzy’s emotional outbursts may hurt his image within his thought to be tight alliance.  Voting him out now may be premature, but without a best friend allie could it be coming?  Episode six will be fun!  Excellent moves this week, I like where we’re headed.

Player Of The Week: Jim Rice

Player Of The Week Standings:

1.  Mikayla – 1 Win

1.  Ozzy – 1 Win

1.  Coach – 1 Win

1.  Dawn – 1 Win

1.  Jim – 1 Win



Rihanna Awarded “Sexiest Woman Alive”

You could give Esquire any babe in the world and they would pass them up for Rihanna.  Why is that?  Well the magazine just awarded Rihanna with the title of “Sexiest Woman Alive” for 2011.  Look I agree she is pretty dang HOT and is worthy of top 5 consideration.  But number one sexiest… no way!  Esquire can tell us who us who we should think is the hottest, but I’ll remain with my pick in Scarlett Johannson.

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Skinny Dipping At George Clooney’s!

Apparently skinny dipping is a normal thing at George Clooney‘s crib.  With his new film The Ides Of March just releasing George decided to throw a bash at his lake house.

Co stars Marisa Tomei and Evan Rachel Wood bared it all together and made a splash.  Rachel told Conan O’brien that,

“George kind of … I don’t know if he set us up but he certainly set us up really well if that’s what he was doing. We wound up all skinny dipping. Let’s cut to the chase,”

Apparently George used the two hot babes to get friend Charlie Rose to hop in.  Meanwhile Clooney claims he wears a suit.  WHAT?  I suppose it’s house rules.

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Behind The Scene’s Of David Guetta’s “Without You”

The official video of “Without You” by David Guetta featuring Usher will drop October 14.  To hold you over until then, here is a cool little behind the scenes vid!


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