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Hot Or Not? Balloon Girl

This girl decides she wants to celebrate the Texas Rangers playoff victory and take us along.  Normal people would drink champagne, jump for joy, and act like they’re five years old right?  No not this individual.  She would rather attempt to turn fanboys on by popping balloons.  Think I’m kidding you?  Watch it for yourself.

Hot or Not Rangers fanboys?


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What Do Your Intimate Dreams Mean?

So you probably have occasional dreams about getting it on right?  I don’t need details of what getting it on is for you… and probably don’t want them!  Sometimes it’s with a hottie from class and sometimes it’s somebody you cannot stand.  It is confusing at times why certain people may be places in these roles.  Dream psychologist Ian Wallace and author of The Top 100 Dreams: The Dreams That We All Have and What They Really Mean can help us figure this mystery out!  Wallace portrays a few people you may uh.. be doing the dirty with in your dream and what they mean to you.  Here are a few examples:

The Boss:  This means you’re becoming aware of your ability to become a leader

Your Friend:  Your pal has a quality you enjoy and may see in yourself

A Celeb:  Recognizing you may have a similar talent as the celeb.  (Girls are twice as likely to have this dream FYI)

An Ex:  This is a danger sign that you may be repeating old habits of when you were with the person..  bad dream to have!

These are just a few of the examples!  Personally, I have a dream about getting it on with a green eyed brunette girl I don’t recognize.   The day I meet her face to face I’ll try my best not to spill the beans.

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Krashing Down ‘Survivor South Pacific’ Episode #4

Episode 4: “Survivalism”

Player Of The Week: Dawn Meehan

Player Of The Week Standings:

1.  Mikayla – 1 Win

1.  Ozzy – 1 Win

1.  Coach – 1 Win

1.  Dawn – 1 Win


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Adele The Next Bond Girl?

Ehhh not quite… BUT the quickly rising Adele will be recording the theme song for the new untitled James Bond movie.  This will be Daniel Craig’s third Bond film and the 23rd overall in the series.  The film will be set to release in October 2012.  I love Bond, and I love girls that have ridiculous vocal talent.  What a match!  Check out my favorite Bond theme below.


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MUST Watch: Ohio University Band Performs “Party Rock Anthem”

Electric instrumentals, choreographed moves, and a cover of a hot tune, this is what I call a half time show!


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