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Reality Show Sends T.I. Back Behind Bars

You may remember that rapper T.I. was released from prison back on August 31st, after serving a large portion of his 11 month sentence.  Directly after his release word came out about a reality television program from VH1, that would be about T.I.‘s life after prison.  When stepping back into the real world, the instructions from prison were to be transported to a halfway house where he could only travel with his wife.  However according to prison officials T.I. stepped onto a tour bus with his wife, manager, and two VH1 producers.  Today T.I. was hauled back into prison for a violation of those terms and his future status remains unknown.  Talk about an ultimate slap in the face!


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Krashing Down ‘Survivor South Pacific’ Preview

It’s Survivor time again!  This season 18 castaways will be heading down to the South Pacific to try to score their prize at a million dollars.  I will be blogging each week about the crazy shenanigans tied with this excellent game.  Rather than describing strictly from a narrative view I like to put myself in the situation.  One of my biggest dreams and goals in my life is to be a Survivor castaway one day.  By blogging and playing along each week I feel I get just that bit closer.  Plus I think I’m pretty darn entertaining ;).  Like last season redemption island returns, along with two new castaways.  In this preview blog we will discuss the two returning, how they will effect the game, how they should be treated, and what they need to change this time to win.

Returning Castaway #1

Benjamin “Coach” Wade AKA Dragon Slayer


-VERY strong work ethic

-Team player

-Good heart

-Loyal to alliance



-Weak social game

-Weak in challenges

-Overly Emotional

Coach… boy oh boy where to start.  He was the looney character that appeared in both Survivor Tocantins and Survivor Heroes Vs. Villains.  A self proclaimed record holder, dragon slayer, and master of the mind, Coach is a great character.  He is great for the show, great for viewers, and great for a smart castaway.  Lets be frank this guy is a bit looney and will probably never win this show.  However his extreme loyalty in the past makes him a great strategist to align with.  My strategy I constantly preach on these boards is to HAVE turmoil within your alliance.  Generally you want 2-3 people.  One who deflects attention because they are more of a threat than you, one who deflects attention because they do nothing, and if available one who is a bit looney to deflect attention.  Your alliance will eventually be picked away at least partially.  If one can give Coach Wade a good philosophical talk and promise to be fellow, “warriors” you’ve got a friend.  With this being Coach’s third time playing he will know how to play the game a little better I’d hope.  Meaning he may be a good asset to find an idol then be dumb and share it with someone.  Coach will tell crazy stories, probably fail at challenges, and have emotional breakdowns.  If that can allow you to play in the background until the merge it’s a GREAT move.  Power players need to hold back their menacing cards till then.  For Coach’s sake it will be a tough battle making it this go around.  With his poor game playing reputation he will have to make some changes.  The first change is to learn to LIE.  His honesty is great at drawing in a great alliance, but they will cut him.  Coach is a guy you can only take so far and he needs to realize this.  His best bet would be to protect the stupidest players on the island and rival himself against the top athletic competitors.  If he can gather himself enough pawns, maybe he can slay some opponents.  Coach has to learn the social game is much more important than his, “warrior” beliefs.

Returning Castaway #2

Ozzy Lusth


-One of the best athletes in Survivor history

-Great leader

-Powerful face presence

-No giving up


-Very poor social game


-Easily manipulated by females

-Cannot takeover game by himself

Ozzy is one of the most loved characters in Survivor history.  He was featured in both Survivor Cook Islands and Survivor Fans Vs. Favorites.  Ozzy was a follower of Yul the first go around which essentially was his reasoning for losing.  Ozzy is one of, if not the best physical competitor in the history of the game.  However that puts a monstrous target on his back from day one.  Boston Rob came back with a menacing personality and won, Ozzy can do the same.  However for Ozzy I hope he watched closely how Boston Rob did it.  Ozzy will need to make alliances with weak female players right on day one.  A young athletic male will not want to be on his side, and if they do it is only temporary.  Ozzy has to find a way to not get emotionally attached to anyone and be able to use people as a stepping ladder to the top.  The chances of him finding one alliance to ride to the end are minimal.  As for the other castaways, if I were a female I’d latch onto him like a leach until the merge.  If you keep Ozzy more than three days after the merge you are asking to lose.  This guy will win every immunity challenge, but he will also help your tribe win a lot in the beginning.  Using Ozzy to give a tribe numbers in the beginning then disbanding him directly after the merge would be the ideal game plan.  That means a power alliance needs to make sure he does not find a hidden immunity idol at the beginning of the game at all costs.  If Ozzy has a smart babe on his tribe she needs to use his security blanket to put her in a power position.  It has been done before, see Parvati.  As long as they aren’t like the idiot girls who followed Rob around till the very end last season, I will be happy!

Both competitors will have a lot of trouble making it through the full 39 days required of this game.  However Ozzy and Coach have huge hearts for this game.  They will play to the bitter end even if it is through redemption.  Change in their prior errors will be crucial in surviving.  They could provide the boost for a new castaway to get far in the game.  Knowing when to use these guys for protection, votes, and deflection will be key.  But the biggest thing is to know when to disband them. 

Survivor South Pacific premiers next Wednesday at 7:00 central, CAN’T WAIT! =)


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Looking For a Clean Restroom? There’s an App For That!

Have you ever been walking around town holding the urge to go to the bathroom for hours?  You are probably afraid of the cleanliness of a public restroom right?  Don’t fear there’s an app that will allow you to connect with friends and find clean toilets!  If that isn’t enough you can event rent your own restroom out.  /end sarcasm this is for real… check it out

CLOO’ from Hillary Young on Vimeo.


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Krash Interviews Rebecca Black

This is a follow up post to the original “Rebecca Black: The Bikini Model”  I made earlier this week.  To make a long story short, after a Facebook fiasco this Rebecca was mistaken for the teenage singer of, “Friday”.  Rebecca’s story has received mainstream airplay on TMZ and other internet outlets.  We discussed the Facebook mix up, her fitness work at, and even what is her favorite day of the week?  Be sure to listen below!

Get further connected with Rebecca at “Strong Body by Rebecca” via Facebook or @StrongBodybyR on Twitter.


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Lady Gaga Looking Normal Again!

Lady Gaga recently looked normal in some beach pics.  Now she looks normal in this new vid to the tune of, “You and I”.  Would it make us abnormal for being fascinated about this?


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