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Olsen Twins Charging What For A Purse!?


Mary-Kate and Ashley have fallen off their rocker.  According to the twins have developed a purse that will cost 39 THOUSAND DOLLARS.  Are these chicks really that bored these days?  -5,000 cool points.  Ladies how much would you spend on a purse?


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JLO And Marc Anthony Divorce + Rumors!

This couple is NO MORE!  As many of you know the seven year marriage of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony has concluded.  However rumors are already swirling about JLO’s association with actor William Levy.  He recently went through a divorce as well.  You may remember Levy playing JLO’s love interest in the, “I’m Into You” vid.  Refresh your memory below!



Gaga Gets EGGED In Australia!

Apparently the Australian’s aren’t too fond of Gaga’s stage antics!  Wednesday she performed, “You and I” while in a wheel chair (pictured above) and had eggs pelted at her by various fans.  The eggs missed Gaga but nailed some members of her entourage.  Lady Gaga has used this wheel chair stunt off and on since 2009 starting with her music vid, “Paparazzi.”  Is it good stage presence, or stunt gone too far?  All I know is if one of those eggs connects next time, that gimmick will be done for!


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Hot Babes We Should Know About #6

What a great playoff week this past week!  It was a very close contested match between our four victors.  Moving on to the championship round will be the stunning Rachel Specter.  Now it is time for another regular girl vs. girl match-up, and this week is sure to turn some heads!

Vanessa Marcil

Vanessa may be one of the most notarized hot chicks we don’t really know about.  She has been featured in men’s magazines such as People Magazine, Maxim, and Stuff.  The gorgeous brunette has also been in various television shows.  Vanessa’s most frequent roles would be 106 episodes in Las Vegas and 37 episodes in Beverly Hills 901210.  Hollywood may not be giving her attention, but I will.  With Vanessa’s beautiful frame, eyes, and amazing body how can one not be stunned?  This is definitely a keeper!

Sophia Bush

Sophia has played in a few movies you may know!  She played one of the dumb chicks on John Tucker Must Die and won various awards for he role.  Sophia scored herself a main role in the comedy flick Table For Three.  However Sophia’s call to fame besides her stunning looks would be her role as Brooke in One Tree Hill.  At age 29 Sophia has a long career of mainstream hotness ahead of her.  Will she be found by the mainstream audience however?  That is our job!

Who do you wish to see a little more of?  I promise some blondies next week blonde fanboys!

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Power Rangers Where Are They Now? 2nd String

A couple weeks ago I made a post about where the original cast of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are these days.  (View Here)  However I failed to acknowledge the second set of characters that took over!  In the second season the yellow, black, and red rangers departed for a peace conference.  In addition the pink ranger left to go pro in gymnastics.  They were all immediately replaced in the storyline  So how about the others what did they go on to do!?

2nd Red Ranger Played By: Steve Cardenas

Steve has remained pretty far under the radar.  He would continue to be a Ranger through the Zeo and Turbo series, and be in both of the full length films.  After that it is up in the air!

2nd Black Ranger Played By: Johnny Yong Bosch

After Power Rangers Johnny had a very successful voice-over career.  He voiced numerous anime cartoons.  Johnny would then become a member of a four piece “edge rock” band called Eyeshine.  He is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist  Their newest album just released with the title of Afterglow.

2nd Yellow Ranger Played By: Karan Ashley

Karan had a few roles following her stint as a Ranger.  She made guest appearances on Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper, Keenan & Kel, and The Parkers.  Karan had her biggest break when she became the editor and executive producer of independent film Devon’s Ghost which also starred Johnny Yong Bosch.

2nd Pink Ranger Played By: Catherine Jane Sutherland

Catherine has lived a pretty under the radar life since her role as a Ranger.  She was featured in a small role in the horror flick The Cell and in a Rice Krispies commercial.

Maybe next update we can figure out what happened to Zordon!?

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