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Hugh Hefner Has A NEW Woman!

( April 29, 2011 – Photo by

The chick on the right is Crystal Harris, the one who left Hugh on their wedding day LESS THAN A WEEK AGO.  Who is on the left you ask?  That super hottie is Hugh’s new girl/playmate Anna Sophia Berglund.  Apparently she was a mutual friend of the couple.  Do playmates not operate by the same code of conduct as normal girls?  Lets see how long this one lasts!


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5 Reasons You Didn’t Get A Call Back

Wondering why your new lover is leaving you hanging ladies?  Well I found this nifty article listing five reasons why girls don’t get a call back from a new dating partner.  It is written by relationship guru Christian Carter and you can view the full article here.


5.  He lost your number and forgot to call.

4.  He lost interest.

3.  He was just being polite.

2.  He’s just looking for a fling.

1.  He’s having trouble being honest.

I’ve gotta say I think I’ve only used #4.  But I also wouldn’t admit if I were one of “THOSE” guys… WHICH I’M NOT! :p


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Mel Gibson’s Gothic Girl

Apparently Mel has a new lover and she is GOTHIC.   Her name is Stella Mouzi and she is a Greek model.  It is said that she has a, “fetish catering to the dark realms of fantasy.”  Whatever that means!  I just hope Mel doesn’t go psycho again like he did on his last hot lady Oskana Grigorieva.  Check Stella out below, what you think!?

Read more at TMZ.


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Rebecca Black Dumped From YouTube!

One mistake wonder Rebecca Black’s “Friday” video has been pulled off YouTube due to legal battles with video distributor Ark Music.   It is the basic who has legal ownership of the video saga?  Nobody fear, if you wish to torture yourself you can still watch the video and get more information via this link.


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Dance Jam Of The Day 6-17-11

“Still Alive” By Mt Eden Dubstep

Sample: Lisa Miskovsky – “Still Alive”


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