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Ways To Not Get BURNED

Memorial Day weekend is upon us and tomorrow is the big day!  That means a lot of outdoor festivities, and A LOT of sunburn.  If you’re like me you don’t tan you just well.. fry.  These five tips from the sun, “experts” should help ya out!

5.  Waterproof sunscreen does not exist.  After swimming or sweating yourself a disgusting storm, they say it is best to re-apply the sunscreen ASAP.

4.  Clothing will not provide protection.  A lighter colored shirt usually will have an SPF of 7 and will decrease through the day.  You can’t say mom didn’t tell you so!

3.  SPF 15+ is necessary.  Anything less would just make you a… girly man.  If you are a female, just ignore that last statement.

2.  Apply sunscreen every two hours.  This is probably the biggest reason everyone gets fried.  Ladies I know you’re too busy flaunting around the pool in that skimpy bikini.  But trust me those guys will lose interest fast when your back is flaking.  Apply the sunscreen!

1.  Apply the right amount of sunscreen.  The studies say that an average adult needs an ounce of sunscreen to be properly protected.  They say the majority of people only use HALF of the amount necessary.  Just make sure to re-apply deodarant afterward to deflect the ‘screen smell!

I hope these tips help you tomorrow, and the rest of the summer for that matter.  You can’t say Krash didn’t tell you so!


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New J-LO Vid, And It’s Not Music!

An intimate home video of Jennifer Lopez in the 90’s may be internet ready soon.  Whatever “intimate” exactly means is to be debated!  Former husband Ojani Noa had property of the vid and sold it to his current girlfriend.  The video was in an agreement not to be released for over a decade now.  However with the sale of it a court ruled it could be resold to a distrubutor and thus released.  Fanboys will be “googling” for this a lot in the coming weeks!


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ABC’S Of Krash?


It’s a crying shame I have had this blog for months and I have not been suckered into one of these things.  Anyhow it’s two in the morning and I’m not tired.  Lets throw it down!

The ABC’s Of Krash:

1. Age: 22.. I’m right at the age where my looks max out ;)

2. Bed size: Queen!  But before I graduated college I slept in a prison bed NO JOKE.

3. Chore you hate:  Washing the dishes, it brings back horrible roommate memories from 2007.  Details not necessary.

4. Dogs: My old buddies!  Weeser and Willy RIP =(

5: Essential to start your day: Run to the bathroom because I have to pee!

6: Favorite color: Orange (I know I just lost like 5,000 fans)

7: Gold or silver: Platinum!

8: Height: 6’0! ehhhhrg I mean 5’11

9: Instruments you play: Air drums MASTER

10: Job title: Weekend Radio Warrior

11: Kids: Two at max however, NO DAUGHTERS

12: Live: Anywhere I can be a superstar and continue to push forward

13: Mom’s name: Finster.. not really

14: Nicknames: The cAndy, Mellow… you have to know me personally

15: Overnight hospital stays: Tonsils taken out!

16: Pet peeve: loud chewers, college students who have the common sense of a third grader, slow drivers!

17: Quote from a movie: “Sometimes, truth isn’t good enough. Sometimes people deserve more. Sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded.” -Batman

18: Righty or lefty: ambidextrous

19: Siblings: One sister

20: Time you wake up: Since it has been summer 12:00 PM.. I know

21: Underwear: Hey ladies ;)

22: Vegetable you dislike: Spinach YUCK!!!!!!

23: What makes you run late: Stalking hot girls pictures on Facebook.  Never fails!

24: X-Rays: Quite a few, most recently a dislocated shoulder.

25: Yummy food you make: Me cook?  It’s a work in progress.  For now Pop Tarts

26: Favorite zoo animal: Exotic Birds!


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Teen Styles 25K Dress To Prom!?

Credit: AP photo/family photo via The Oakland Press

This is a $25,000 dress worn by a lucky Michigan teen after winning a local radio contest.  The sparkly outfit was originally worn by Christina Ricci at the 1999 Oscars.  You talk about ballin’ girl!  I must say this is putting the dress to good use!  I often wondered what the stars do with these outfits after they wear them one flippin’ time to an awards ceremony?  I wonder if any wise guys like myself tried to win this contest just to Ebay the dress?


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Japan Is Not Russell’s Brand

Russell Brand joined wife Katy Perry on her Japan tour this month.  Unfortuantely for Russell he was DEPORTED earlier today!  Apparently this stems back to criminal charges more than a decade ago.  No “get out of jail free card” in Japan Russell!

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