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Want To Dance W/ Britney? Leave The Flask At Home

Apparently on Britney’s new video shoots there has been a new unique contract stipulation.  The backup dancers must all sign a contract agreeing that they will not supply Britney with drugs and alcohol.  Awesome! because we all know dancers should be drinking on the job anyhow.  Heck maybe it builds up stamina?  Perhaps like those girls on Northgate who have five too many but somehow are able to stand up and dance for three hours?  Regardless I guess it’s good for Brit she needs to stay clean and continue this awesome comeback, but do we really need a contract for this?


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Krashing Down Survivor: Episode 5

Episode 5: “We Hate Our Tribe”

Episode five may have been the most predictable episode of the season so I won’t spend too much time analyzing it.  However, there is always something to be brought to the table in my strategy blog

Picking Away

At the beginning of the show we were treated to another fun redemption duel.  This one was a face off between two time duel winner Matty, and Kristina.  Kristina who paved her own poor fate to redemption did not really fair at all on the duel losing handily on a cube puzzle.  During the challenge Matty was able to have a short discussion with Rob, who placed the blindside on him more than a week earlier.  It felt as if it was a statement win for Matty, who appears to be looking really strong on these duels.  If this kid can find his way back into the game it becomes trouble not only for Rob but everybody in general.  Assuming the re-entering of the game is around the beginning of the merge, there should be a lot of loose cannons in the game to deflect attention, and possibly gain his vote.  His physicality and good guy personality would make him a winner on a jury vote.  I’m pulling for you Matty!  Meanwhile moving to the other side of the game, this episode lacked drama.  Zapatera and their fat ego’s failed to win the immunity challenge.  Therefore Stephanie or Krista were going to go home.  The six person power alliance (Steve, Julie, David, Ralph, Mike, and Sarita)  appears to not want to fold at all.  However Mr. attorney boy Dave continues to vote with the majority, though I guarantee you he is at the bottom of their totem pole.  He is trying to play cool, and I get it.  However there is a point where either he or other members of the alliance should at least listen to outside views.  Eventually Krista was voted out, and called out the alliance stating, “they have to play the game eventually.”  This is true, but at the same time they’ve gone this far, they should just make the easy vote and take her out.  Survivor can be mental sport, the more hard votes the more repetitions you get the better one can grow.  Zapatera is living high because even if they lose they can pick off their own members from outside their power alliance, while being cocky.  It’s a HUGE luxury in the game to do this now, but could be a curse later.  I have said it on pretty much every blog thus far, but they are playing a one minded game and when Boston Rob gets a hold of them they are pretty much done in that mentality. 

Redemption Stories

This season started out with the theme of “redemption” with both the island and the return of Russell and Rob.  However since then this wacky season has played out very unfavorably for some.  Fortunately for them only three people have officially left the game, and leaves room for some fantastic comeback stories.  Most of them will fall short if not all.  But this is what makes the game fun.  No matter how far down one can be, there is always a chance for redemption in Survivor.

Stephanie and Krista

Krista may have just been ousted but she still has a chance on redemption.  They both have been on the outs since aligning with Russell early on in the game.  If Stephanie can use her wit and determination to try and stay alive, and Krista can get back in the game.. they become HUGE wild cards.  In the previous episode we seen them motion to Rob that they would jump ship and join him.  Not only do I think they would do that, but I also think they could regain numbers and vote him out.  This redemption story is very unlikely at this point, but both girls want to play.  Give them at least a chance to make things happen and I think they could.


This guy is an absolute lunatic.  I don’t think I could say much more about this wannabe CIA agent weirdo.  Regardless of what we think about him, he could play a big role in the development of this game.  Phillip doesn’t get voted out because he creates havoc.  A player like Rob feeds off of havoc and likes to let it unfold on his tribe.  Phillip has been laughed at, scolded, put down, and pretty much thrown under the bus as a pawn to everyone.  In episode five Phillip had conversations with Andrea about possibly teaming up.  Phillip could never win this game, but he could be a fun story of somehow surviving and screwing other peoples games up.  It would at least redeem him in a sense of being a real player, not a comedy reel.


Matty has won every redemption duel so far and appears to be gaining strength.  He made some mistakes early on by being too nice of a guy, and aligning with a pretty girl.  It ruffled Rob the wrong way, and that’s all it can take in this game.  As I have already mentioned though, Matty can play a huge swing in this season if he continues to win out.  If Matty makes it out of redemption back into the game, I believe he wins “fan favorite of the year.”  That usually also spells jury favorite as well.

The road to redemption will be long for these four, but I believe at least one of them will have something to say about letting Rob clean house on Survivor.

Player Of The Week: Rob Mariano (3rd Win)

Player Of The Week Standings:

1. Rob – 3 Wins

2. Matty – 1 Win

3. Russell – 1 Win (Eliminated)


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Iron Mike In Sheen’s Corner?

Iron Mike Tyson decided to offer his input recently on the whole Charlie Sheen debacle, on Access Hollywood Live.  Mike says he wants to get in on that drug, “Charlie Sheen.”  He also exclaims that Sheen has, “emotional problems.”  I hope for the sake of survival those too never get together!  Oh be sure to check out Mike’s reality show on pigeons soon!  WTH? Full info and vid here.


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Krashing Down Survivor: Episode 4

Episode 4: “Don’t You Work for Me?”

Episode four was a huge episode in the scheme of this season of Survivor for a few reasons.  Zapatera had just thrown a challenge to boot of Russell Hantz, and desperately needed to win the next one to regain momentum.  Meanwhile the legendary Russell was on pens and needles trying to remain in the game at redemption.

Keep Your Ego’s At Home

Going into the duel it would be Russell versus Matty.  Matty had come off the first ever victory defeating Francesca the show prior.  As like last episode two castaways from each tribe were in attendance to watch the duel.  Ralph and Sarita went for Zapatera while Kristina and Phillip went for Ometepe.  The challenge was to stack blocks domino rally style while weaving through obstacles.  The blocks had to all fall in line to trigger a ball at the end of the course granting redemption to the winner.  It was a close battle, but Matty came through after two tried on the blocks thus eliminating Russell Hantz for good.  I was really upset to see the legend of Survivor go.  Russell left in tears trying to cover himself in shame, and I actually felt bad for him.  People can love or hate the guy, but his passion for the game of Survivor is what the game used to be about.  Nowadays a lot of pretenders show up on this program.  Models, actors/actresses, and other professionals use this show to propel their status rather than play the game right.  Russell is a threat and a hard guy to play with at times, but the way Zapatera continuously put him down was just wrong.  Ralph decided it would be cute to stomp on Russell while he was down revealing to everyone there he found an idol and Russell didn’t.  WHAT AN IDIOT.  Who is that dumb?  Ralph has power in this game.  He has an idol, an alliance, and numbers.  Why, why, why sit there and tell the other tribe?  I hope he gets voted out ASAP.  Power in this game is important, the last thing you want to do is flaunt it to look cute on television.  In fact, from what I’ve read most people think he’s an absolute idiot.  Nice job on casting once again Survivor. I truly thought he’d be a power player, and I guess he still is.  But he wants to do everything in his power not to be obviously.  Immunity idols are both powerful and a curse.  If people know you have an idol, that you don’t want to know you have one, you’re in trouble.  Not only does it hurt Ralph but it puts a target on his entire alliance’s back.  When this happens someone intelligent has to  step in within the alliance and take him out.  If you let a negative force lead your squad then you are a weak player.  Boston Rob will demoralize that alliance post merge.

Ometepe Or Boston Rob’s?

Without big Russ in the game anymore a lot of the attention shifts over to Boston Rob and his squad.  I find it hilarious that the entire tribe of Ometepe is so willing to just listen to his orders and follow his footsteps.  Kristina’s biggest mistake in the game was not at least pretending to follow!  Ometepe once again lost immunity at a crucial point in the game.  They needed this to ensure a tie in numbers but instead were to fall two short.  The vote would be between the two outcasts of the tribe Kristina and Phillip.  Phillip is absolutely insane, and provides nothing at challenges.  Makes it an easy pick right? WRONG.  Rob targeted Kristina as a threat and all his girls followed suit.  However the plan like other weeks was to split the votes between Kristina and Phillip.  Why?  Because Rob found an idol and people would not believe he had it.  Pretty clever of Rob, I hope he is smart with the idol and I think he will be.  However I believe Ometepe needs to get rid of weak players rather than strategical one’s.  At this point of the game for tribe unity Phillip is a cancer and he has to go.  Rob didn’t see it this way, thus Kristina got the boot.  It would have only taken one changed vote to swing it, but nobody wants to deify Rob.  The problem here is Rob still has not learned in four seasons he cannot call the shots on every vote.  Grant, Natalie, and Ashley all seemed to have their doubts about this vote.  Yet they still follow a leader I don’t think they fully understand.  Unfortunately for Rob I don’t think he knows how to play in the shadows from time to time, and it’s why he has not won this game.  I can see Grant trying to place a hit on Rob sooner or later.  Regardless I think Ometepe if they keep their core players together they could be dangerous post merge.  The biggest factor of that however, is to win challenges which they are not doing.  Stephanie and Krista from Zapatera would be sure to jump on board after the merge if they hang around. I can’t wait for next week already!  Can Matty make it three in a row at redemption?  He is a good guy, but not the best guy for Survivor.  Regardless I’m still pulling for him, lets see the good guy make a comeback story!

Player Of The Week: Rob Mariano (2nd Win)


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Spring Break PANIC BUTTON!

So the break has begun and you have NOTHING TO DO!  Here is my list of the top five places you could do within a day or two, and still have a good time. I must also mention while keeping your wallet semi full.

5.  Galveston, Tx

Pros: Beach, good eats, most affordable!

Cons: The water is brown.

4. San Antonio, Tx

Pros: Family friendly, most variation of activities, scenic

Cons: Driving in the city is a pain

3.  Austin, Tx

Pros: Can be done in a day, sixth street, beautiful landscape, good music

Cons: Longhorn fans =x

2.  South Padre Island, Tx

Pros: Party never ends, spring break capital of Texas, beach

Cons: Not family oriented

1.  New Orleans, La

Pros:  EVERYTHING goes, best food ever, historic, party ends when you tell it to end, both family and party friendly

Cons: Most expensive of the five


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