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Lohan Turns To Shoplifting!!?

There are rumors whirling that there could be substantial evidence Lindsay stole a necklace, from a high end jewelry store.  Reports say the police already have a warrant to search for her Venice Beach Home.  Also according to reports a surveillance camera may actually have her on video swiping the jewelry.  Seriously, COME ON.  It all went downhill when she went blonde… I’m just sayin! Look for full details as this story unfolds, for more click here.



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Krash’s College Survival Guide #1

It’s time for a new segment!  I promise a return to our “Hot Babes” segment ASAP, once a few things get ironed out!  This one however is just as fun.. well for me :p.  You see I’m going to be a college graduate in May, pending I do not fail.  If I do I think I will shed so many tears it would flood my entire room out.  Needless to say I am SICK of college.  I have done everything there is to do, met everyone there is to meet, and have found my way into the professional world.  I feel like there is nothing left!  However that cannot take away from all the great friends, and memories I have made.  I truly enjoyed college, but its time is over it is time to move on.  Being the old fart I am, I feel it is necessary to pass down the best college lessons to you guys, being well.. College Station and all.  So here is, “Krash’s College Survival Guide” Episode 1.  If you expect anything of normal educational value, you are definitely in the wrong place! :p


Lesson #1: Finding Love in the Classroom


Knowing where to situate yourself in class is absolutely imperative.  There are three things to be considered when getting into a giant lecture class and positioning yourself next to a hottie.

1.  Who’s Hot? (Duh)

2.  Can the teacher see me on my phone?

3.  What is the best angle to see her bod?

Okay okay, number three is maybe a more personal one I will not get into ;).  But seriously knowing where to sit is very important as for your social gathering.  The first two rows are always gobbled up by people who just want to learn, and if you’re one of them this blog is not for you!  Anyhow, you’re going to want to find that one hottie in class and make your presence known.  The “cool” crowd is generally going to camp out at the top or back of the class.  If you do not like fools with their hats cocked sideways, and stuck up girls who only talk to their greek friends, you may not want to go there.  So you are still looking for a place to sit the front and back are gone, middle correct?  Lets be more specific, being lined up directly with the teacher is a no go.  I mean how else are you, going to get your mack on when they stare right at you.  Most instructors are right handed so the middle and right side of the classroom is generally more focused on.  Where is this going you say?  The MIDDLE LEFT proximity of the classroom is where you need to find your hottie.  If that means taking the eight instead of the nine, it’s worth it trust me!  There are plenty of lookers in college, so one must prepare how to maximize conversation, and find the cool chick or dude.  You heard it from Krash first, how to find love in the classroom!  More of my scholastic knowledge soon!


P.S. Whoever you sit by for more than one week or so, you are forever etched with them if they get ditched.  Have an excuse prepared for the next one!




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Krash’s Age!?

So in just a matter of hours I will be turning………… 22!  I get asked a lot via text what my age is, no I’m not 24!! :p.  That seems to be the most common guess.  Yes I am a young buck =).  21, WOW the year we all dream about growing up.  You know, it allows you to do all those naughty things you were not allowed to before.  That is not what defined the 21st year of my life however.  It was a tremendous amount of ups and downs, career opportunities, and just a hectic run of stress between school and work.  I LOVED every second of it!  I’m not going to blog about everything I’ve done in the last year, but I will tell you this!  My family and friends always come first, but outside of that realm nobody has put a smile on my face more than the Candy 95 fans of Cstat and beyond!  I truly love you guys for making my first radio gig such a great success to this point.  None of it would be possible however without my boss Frito, and the great staff of Candy 95!  I hope everyone can listen to my special B-Day show tomorrow.  I’m planning to announce a place to meet up and paaaaartay with Krash later in the night :p.  I like to ramble I apologize =)



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Charlie Sheen In Serious Condition

Charlie Sheen was hospitalized early Thursday morning, apparently suffering a hernia.  Rumors had been pointed to a possible drug binge, but have later been discounted thankfully!  His health remains in serious condition upon the latest updates.  This comes just a couple months after Sheen’s hotel room meltdown where he basically dismantled the entire room.  Lets hope for his sake, this incident will get resolved quickly and was no fault of his!   As bad as this guy has spiraled with drugs, porn stars, and failed marriages, I still enjoy his acting.  Hang in there, “Wild Thing.”  Hope to have an update soon! Full Story Here


Update: It appears Charlie is in better condition and will be able to get back to his daily routines within time.  More information came out that he was hosting and event with five women present, including porn star Kacey Jordan.  Drugs are still rumored to be in play at the event.  Denise Richards, Sheen’s former wife, is strongly urging for him to enter rehab, for the sake of their two children.

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More Bed Intruder!?

He has officially gone PRO!

Antoine Dodson AKA, “Hide yo kids hide yo wife,” guy is about to get the opportunity of a lifetime.  Antoine has been signed on to be an executive producer of an unnamed reality show produced by Entertainment One.  I mean this is something I’ve been spending thousands of dollars at college to maybe do one day.  Antoine gets it for being ridiculous, it’s cool!  Now the question is what network will pick this up!?  My guess?  MTV.


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