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HOT Babes We Should Know About #1

Here’s a fun new segment, I’m going to start searching the beautiful world wide web to find the HOTTEST girls possible.  What are my restrictions?  Well they have to have some fame, but not necessarily your Britney Spears or Katy Perry’s of the world.  Basically women who need more rep!  Here are two for you guys to get a load of, vote which you’d like to see more of!

Featured front and center Lzzy Hale lead singer of rock group Halestorm.  This girl is absolutely SMOKIN.  I love the dark haired rock girl look, mixed with beautiful eyes and a glow that no guy can refuse.  Not to mention she rocks it when she sings.  Hopefully Lzzy can be sort of like Hayley Williams of Paramore who crossed into the mainstream.

Vika Jigulina, you know her you just don’t know it!  She is the hottie that does the vocals for Edward Maya’s “Stereo Love.”  While he gets the credit for the track, this babe has the beautiful and exotic voice (from Romania).  If exotic, dark haired, and seductive looking girls are your thing, you will love Vika

I promise to have blonde bombshells next week.  Vote in the poll, who do you want to see more of!?

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As a little bonus here is our girl Katy Perry, WITHOUT MAKEUP.





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Would You Survive, Facebook Apocalypse?


We all practically use it, let our emotions live and die by it, but what would we do without it?  I got to thinking with the heavy reliance people put onto this website, is it a bad thing?  My answer is YES.  I did a funny bit today about what would happen without facebook?  I love Facebook and I cannot get enough of it.  I’m probably on it more than the average person, and it is a drug!  However I truly believe and have a theory our lives would be so much happier if… we didn’t know.  Privacy used to be a fun adventure.  I would meet a lady, wonder about her personality, interests, and relationship histories.  It was a guess and hope kind of game per se.  Now dreams are shattered via facebook, and the ultimate paranoid emergency button is pressed via wall comments, or pictures.  It’s just the human nature of curiousity.  Before I continue here are some pictures of things I think we’d all see more of without Facebook.

Usage of Phones, remember when we enjoyed long convos late at night?

A beautiful sunset, the kids need to get out of the house!

Remember these things!?  Photo collage’s they used to be on EVERY girls’ binder.

Most of all relationships with friends and lovers.  I have seen as many relationships destroyed off of the site, as started.  It makes me a lazy friend at various times.

So what is my exact point here? It’s for you to decide!  I feel as if the population of our youth, of our young adults are lazy.  Socially we lack the skills necessary for putting down a foot, for putting the pieces of the puzzle together through our minds.  People do not want to think and solve, the puzzle of love, the puzzle of friendship.  A good amount of information is supplied via Social Media Networks.  To conclude, Facebook has tremendously helped my success coming up the channels as Krash!  I love it, and I post a lot more than I probably should.  However, would it make me work a little harder if I did not have the resource?  It’s a question I like to ponder in a world without Facebook.  I like to blog!! =)



Wuuuut Up!!!?

Krashman here!  It’s time for my first posting of this nifty blog we got going up in here!  It’s 1:30 AM and I am TIRED.  So rather than ramble on about, my usual shenanigans I thought I’d post some of my favorite videos I’ve made over the past few weeks!

Krash Breaks out and AUTHENTIC River Dance


Krash Interviews Alycia Brown


Krash’s Top Ten Party Songs of 2010


Now for NON Krash Vidz, this takes the cake.  This is why I stay clean.


“This THING was 10 foot tall” ROOOOOOOOFL!!!!! It gets me every time, more to come soon.

Yours truly, Krash

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