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Offensive Commercial of the Week

This week’s offensive commercial comes from Cadillac.

We will admit that perhaps it plays better with the people that would probably buy one, but to Frito it comes of as just HORRIBLE. Really??? That’s why you work constantly?? To buy more crap?? And you feel good about it?? Also we weren’t the only people trying to get to the moon. That’s why it was called the “Space Race”. There was a whole other terrifying communist nation involved. You can see it below:

Apparently it’s playing well because Ford decided to spoof it. Honestly, they didn’t take it far enough.

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The combination of the common house cat and one of the greatest super villains in cinema is the best thing you’ll see online today!!

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Johnny Manziel DUNK REEL!!

He has around a 36 inch vertical leap, so it’s not THAT surprising but still VERY IMPRESSIVE!

Johnny Football showing off his hoop skills (back in the day these were on regular display at The Rec, FYI!)

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Frozen Re-Makes for EVERYONE!!!

One of the most common videos on YouTube right now is any remake of “Let it Go”.

Here’s a couple of the best one’s we’ve found so far.

FIRST here’s Let it Go if it was performed by GOLLUM from the Lord of the Rings movies:

Now what about a version for the club? Well, there’s one of those too. This one is from DJ Dave Aude and it’s really good.

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Farrah Abraham’s New “Hit” Single

Frito decided to share this after catching blame from a listener about being the first to play #Selfie on Candy 95. While this is true, he mentioned the best way to deal with a song you dislike is to find a song you dislike more. He suggested this one.

Teen Mom’s Farrah brings us her new single “Blowin” and it’s pretty awful. The song is bad enough, but the video (shot in Austin by the way) features Farrah partying, hanging out with her daughter (WHY BRING HER INTO THIS???), dancing, and generally “blowin all those bullies away”.

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