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Epic Meal Time Presents…Superbowl Sandwich

This week’s video from Epic Meal Time. Cameo from the Barely Political crew (The guys who are responsible for the Ke$ha parodies you’ve heard on the show). Enjoy!


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Would You Eat It: African Lion Tacos

Yep. You read that right. The resturaunt is a place called Boca in Tuscon AZ. Here’s a clip of the article:

“In the six months since it launched Exotic Taco Wednesdays, Boca Tacos y Tequila has served up python, alligator, elk, kangaroo and rattlesnake.Frog legs, turtle, duck and Rocky Mountain oysters have also made appearances.“We’ve done just about anything we can get our hands on,” said owner Bryan Mazon. “Every Wednesday we do something a little bit different. Last week he announced on Boca’s Facebook page that the UA-area taco shop was accepting prepaid orders for African lion, to be served on Feb. 16. Orders must be placed by 3 p.m. Feb. 7.”

Are you KIDDING me? First off, there’s no way this can be legal. Second, where do you score LION MEAT? Turns out he’s not the first person to capitalize on the “lion meat” gimmick. Another resturaunt scored big with Lion Burgers. Pic Below:

Lion Tacos cost about $8 a peice. Don’t think many people will be able to afford to cook them at home either. The meat costs around $100 A POUND for ground and $400 A POUND for tenderloin. So…Would you eat it?

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Despite Good Reviews From Viewers: Idol Takes Ratings Hit

After today’s show and the reviews you guys were calling in, I was SURE the series would be looking at gains in ratings after the premiere episode last night. First, the curiosity factor.

Are the new Judges going to live up to the hype? Will the show suck without Simon? Is J-Lo going to be a diva? What advice will Steven Tyler have for a 15 year old kid who wants to sing showtunes? These are all questions that needed to be answered. That combined with the fact that the audition “train wreck” episodes are typically (besides the finale) the most watched episodes of the year.

Well…according to the Hollywood Reporter I completely miscalled it. Idol was down 13% in total viewers from last seasons premiere. In the coveted 18-49 demo it was worse, down 18%.

The good news was the show still attracted 26 Million Viewers. But like I said, last seasons premiere drew nearly 30 Million. Don’t expect it to go away anytime soon.

Link to Hollywood Reporter Article: Idol 10th Season Premiere Ratings


Say it ain’t so

Well. It’s official. Hell has frozen over. Don’t make any plans after 2012, gang.

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Willow Smith meets Devo

I always love sharing material that you guys send in. This is from our pal Jon Lee ( from the A&M Athletic Dept. He tweeted me what might be the mashup of the year at this point. SIDE NOTE: If you’re AT ALL into Aggie Sports you have to follow Jon. Really good tweets about anything going on with A&M.


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