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Are Ferrets dangerous pets?

This didn’t make the show today. We will probably talk about it tomorrow. I’ve made my opinions known MANY times on the show about how I don’t get the appeal of “strange and potentially dangerous pets” (snakes, spiders, jungle cats, wolverines, chimps, etc.). I never would have put ferrets in that catagory, but this video changed my mind. This video will haunt your dreams.


anne hathaway is the new catwoman

I refuse any comment as to what I think about this casting. What I will say is 1) Anne Hathaway is an AMAZING actress and has been in many critically acclaimed serious roles. 2) I thought Heath Ledger was a horrible choice for The Joker. I mean Heath. Ledger. The guy from Brokeback Mountain? 10 Things I Hate About You? A KNIGHTS TALE?!?!?!?

LAME. Well turns out they found a way to turn that guy into….

So yeah…I now save all opinions on Batman roles until immediatly after I’ve seen the latest film.

Here’s a longer blog about Hathaway snagging the role:Anne Hathaway Cast as Catwoman

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Angry Birds Comes to Television

If it’s as addictive as the App, I’m dead. According to Rovio (developers of Angry Birds and Angry Birds: Seasons) it’s already in the works. According to the reps it WON’T be just a kids show (which is the angle I thought would be the strongest). So, two games, a TV show, and even rumors of a MOVIE. I just hope they don’t kill the Bomb-Dropping Goose who laid the golden egg. (YEOOOOOOW!).

Read more about it here: Angry Birds TV Series In The Works

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Would You Do one month in prison for the perfect body?

Hell. No. That’s just me. 23% of women would. Alli said she would make the trade hands down. I would do A LOT of things for the perfect body. Prison is NOT ONE OF THEM. I couldn’t survive. I know some of you are thinking…”dude, it’s just a month. I could sleepwalk through that.” In fact that’s what most of our callers/texters said.
Well..with two exceptions. A former prison guard and a former inmate. Both said no way in hell would they take that deal.
A&E has a new show that backs up their argument pretty well. It’s called “Beyond Scared Straight” if you haven’t seen it, peep the clip below.

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This video ruined subways for me

This post is strictly for those people out there who love to get on their “New York is the greatest city in the WOOOOORLD!” kick. While I’ll admit, NYC has it’s share of amazing stuff it has it’s downsides too. For instance, name one American city where this video could possibly occur.
WARNING: Some NSFW language in here (which considering the size of that rat, makes total sense!)

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