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Epic Meal Time Strikes Again

Another week. Another Tuesday. Another gut-wrenching display of excess from the gentlemen of Epic Meal Time. This week brings us….THE MEAT SALAD!!!
More and more people are starting to take notice of these guys. I fully expect some kind of reality show soon, although I doubt anything in half hour format could top their YouTube material. Check out their interview with ABC News:

The Conversation: Epic Meal Time

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Amber and Gary From Teen Mom want to “work it out”

By work it out we mean make filming easier for the next season of “Teen Mom 1″ (that’s right…Teen Mom is TWO DIFFERENT SHOWS now).

The back story is as follows:

  1. Amber punched Gary numerous times and attempted to shove him down the stairs on national TV.
  2. Amber denied it ever happened and was proven wrong by national TV.
  3. Judge charged her with FELONY ASSAULT.
  4. Judge issued an order for Amber and Gary to stay the hell away from each other until the matter is solved.

Well, considering the only way these two have any shot in hell at making any money is to continue being on a reality TV show together this presents a problem.

Gary waddled into court asking for the protective order to be dropped last month and was followed by Amber last week. From the documents:

“Mr. Shirley is in no fear of Ms. Portwood. The events with which she has been charged are remote in time, and she presents no danger to Mr. Shirley. It is important to all three persons for the parents to have contact with one another to discuss topics concerning this child.”

Crap…I forgot they had a child. Tragic.

Read the court docs Here.

Below you will find a recap of Amber and Gary’s greatest hits. (Get it?)

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Is It Child Abuse?

[youtube width="560" height="420"]GEvo6Eau-Xg[/youtube]

From Toddlers and Tiaras. Thanks to one of you for emailing me this. I don’t know that it’s child abuse. It’s hard for me to say that a child should turn “custody of the state” over something like this.

On the other hand, is it stomach churning level gross? Absolutely. I don’t get the pagent thing and I possibly never will. We had a pagent coach call in about this and for the record she was as horrified as we were.

According to her, pagents are all about giving girls confidence and self-esteem. I would post the segment here, but in all this morning’s technical delay’s the podcast was lost.

We also had a CPS official that said based on the video/audio evidence she would have enough to further investigate the case. Crazy. The debate on this rages on via our Facebook page Click the link to weigh in.


Victoria’s Secret Angels Lip Dub

Until today this was my fav Katy Perry Lip Dub. It was performed by Magnolia High School down the road a bit in the Houston area:

[youtube width="560" height="420"]po9qy-tjeYw[/youtube]

Well, that’s changed. Check out the Victoria’s Secret Angels throwing down on Firework. Wow.

[youtube width="560" height="420"]z4NfOqBxu0E[/youtube]

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Taylor Swift got dumped over the phone…again.


I’ve come to the conclusion that Taylor Swift is impossible to break up with in person. I don’t know if it’s because she’s a big crier or because she’s a tiny little ball of rage but it’s happened again….she’s been dumped by phone. Basically the story goes like this, Jake Gyllenhaal wanted out and decided the phone call break up was the best route to go. Taylor apparently never saw it coming. Here’s a quote from “US Weekly”

“Taylor is really upset and hurt.  She doesn’t know what she did for him to just put a stop to it.  She feels really burned by him.” Her pain was evident at last week’s “People’s Choice Awards”.  A friend says, quote, “She was not her usual bubbly, over-animated self.  She didn’t eat anything, seemed very sad and definitely wasn’t having a good time.”

Some of you said for short term relationships a phone break-up is totally acceptable…at least more so than a text. And for what was essentially a one month relationship I think it’s perfectly OK. On the other hand, she’s Taylor Swift bro…do you really want to give her THAT much more ammo for the next album?

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