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BREAKING: A&M Officially Notifies Big XII

According to Billy Liucci from and TexAgs Radio on 1150 The Zone A&M has informed the Big XII Conference Texas A&M will explore other options on Conference affiliation. If they do decide to leave they will do so according to Big XII regulations. Essentially, this means they just turned in thier two weeks notice. Find out the latest on the story from Liucci and by clicking HERE

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VIDEO: What’s Hotter Than Mila Kunis? Mila speaking Russian!

This is from a press conference in Moscow promoting the overseas release of “Friends With Benefits”. Turns out Mila was born in Soviet Ukraine and moved to the states at age 7. A reporter asked Justin Timberlake “Why keep doing movies? Why not go back to music?” Mila went OFF. Loose translation is: “”Why movies? Why not? What kind of question is that? Why are you here?”. Also like how Justin just looks confused through the whole thing.

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AMAZING VIDEO: You CAN NOT Hold Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is not human. KD visited legendary Rucker Park in NYC for a pick up game and dropped 66 points. No big deal.

What’s amazing is this three minute stretch in the 4th Quarter where Kevin basically schools 5 players AT ONCE. Next level hoops mastery below:

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VIDEO: Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 7 Promo!!!!!

The new promos are being released for the latest season of Always Sunny. Mac gained a ton of weight. He says he did it specifically for the show to play his character as a fat man. From the look of it, it should pay off. VERY funny!

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Bring “The Devil’s Double” to B/CS

This movie looks AMAZING. It’s based on the true story of Uday Hussein (Saddam’s psychotic son) and one of his body doubles. For those of you who don’t remember, Uday was the real life equivelant of Scarface. Loved drugs, torturing and murder, super expensive clothes, palaces, cars and was the definition of a maniac. One of the most terrifying characters in recent history. Check the trailer:

Unfortunately this is a limited release film, so there’s one of three ways to see it:

1) Drive to Austin or Dallas in a few weeks when it makes its way down.
2) Wait for the DVD
3) BEG AND PLEAD with Cinemark to bring it here.

I say we go with option 3, who’s with me?

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