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Guess Who Just Bought a 55 MILLION DOLLAR JET?

Never in our WILDEST dreams did we think one giant hit and a few other kinda-sorta hits would translate into that kind of cash. Never. But now the plot thickens. According to a site that tracks celebrity net worths, he’s only ACTUALLY worth 23 Million. So how did he get the other 32 Million? Who knows. Probably a sign that he’s going to be VERY broke in the near future. BTW, the actual jet only cost 35 Million (yeah…only). He spent the other 20 tricking the interior out with super high end furniture, TV’s, bars, and more. We’re guessing he thinks he has another “Crank Dat” in him. He better. Otherwise he’s going to be “Getting His Swag On” with the rest of us flying commercial VERY soon.

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VIDEO: Extended Fright Night Trailer

Another video release from Comic-Con last week, an extended trailer of the Fright Night re-boot coming to theatres soon starring Colin Ferrel. Can’t wait for this movie!

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VIDEO: Walking Dead Season 2 Trailer

My love of Zombie movies is WELL documented. Last year AMC unveiled a zombie series called The Walking Dead on Halloween. I’m guessing they’re planning a similiar release date for season two because they just dropped the new trailer at Comic-Con.

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VIDEO: The GREATEST Drunk Wedding Fail EVER!!

I can’t remember if I’ve posted this before. It’s not new, but it ended up in my email again so if you HAVEN’T seen it yet…today’s your day. THIS is why you have to behave yourself at a wedding. Keep watching till the end. Just when you think it can’t get any worse…IT GETS WORSE.

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VIDEO TIMEWASTER: Like Guns? Explosions? Russians? Have WE Got Videos for YOU!!

I was just introduced to the magic that is FPSRussia earlier this week. From what I can tell, the dude is a Ex-Russian gun-nut living somewhere in Atlanta who just hangs out on the internet and occasionally buys what may or may not be legal weaponry and uses them to blow crap up for the sake of videos he then posts to said internet. I’m posting some of my favorites here. If you don’t find this awesome…well, move to Russia because you’re just not American ;)

[morfeo_video 28 /]

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