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You see these stupid lists EVERYWHERE, but have you ever wondered where these candy stats come from?!

We decided to take on this challenge and create our own.  We had people around the office rate their favorite candy 1 – 45.


(..really, it’s SCIENCE!)


45. Orange and Black Mystery Halloween Candy

It would probably be tastier to eat something random off the floor..

44. Charleston Chew

43. Bit O Honey

42. Good & Plenty

41. Raisins

40. Red Hots

39. Whoppers

38. Necco Wafers

37. Dum Dums

36. Hot Tamales

35. Now and Laters

34. Lemon Drops

33. Mike and Ike

32. Almond Joy

31. Mounds

30. Tootsie Rolls

29. Candy Corn

28. Jolly Ranchers

27. Tootsie Roll Pops

26. Bottlecaps

25. Dots

24. Krackel

23. Smarties

22. Sweetarts

21. Gobstoppers

20. Milk Duds

19. Twizzlers

18. Nerds

17. Baby Ruth

16. Mr. Goodbar

15. 3 Musketeers

14. Plain Hershey’s

13. Skittles

12. M&Ms

11. 100 Grand




10. Starburst

9. PayDay

8. Nestle Crunch

7. Snickers

6. Milky Way

5. Kit Kat

4. Twix

3. Butterfinger

2. Sour Patch Kids





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Should I Dump This?


I’ve received several different emails about Halloween related relationship problems. Instead of replying to all of them you should dump your stick in a mud bf/gf because anyone who doesn’t like Halloween is OBVIOUSLY not worthy of your time or committed relationship, I will just give you one of them right now for you to weigh in on.


This isn’t really an email about breaking up with my guy if he doesn’t comply, more like, how can I make that happen?

I really want to go out dressed up together – something easy – and he is absolutely against it.

What do you think?


Hmmm.. Well Emily, if he doesn’t want to dress up, he doesn’t want to dress up.. there’s no point in bringing him along if he’s going to be miserable the whole night. I’d sooner leave him behind.. BUT the real question is does he not want to dress up OR does he not want to dress up in a COUPLES COSTUME?

So I ask you,

When you’re in a couple, do you like to coordinate Halloween costumes with your partner? If so, is it something that new couples can do, or should it be saved only until after you’ve met each other’s parents and perhaps even promised eternal love?

Or does all that coordination make you want to gag on a spoon?

Let me know!

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Would You Rather Wednesday

This was just too funny not to share.

You’re going to read this question and be like, WTF Katy? This is so ridic.

BUT, I just read Magic Johnson is being sued by a former flight attendant who says he forced her to “regularly squeeze his red vines to make sure they were soft.”

HAHA that is so insane, right? I mean I love red vines, but sadly I must squeeze my own.

More on that HERE.

Now take that and compare it to the infamous P Diddy “Making the Band” cheesecake incident.

Making The Band 4: Cheesecake with P. Diddy from Lillian Young on Vimeo.


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Should I Dump This?

I could have sworn we’ve tackled a similar issue before, but no matter. With the debate last night and election season under way (early voting started yesterday my friends), here’s this week’s SIDTA email from Ryan.


Taryn and I have been dating for two years. I’m a conservative while she’s a self-proclaimed “bleeding-heart liberal.” And as the presidential campaign gets into full swing, I’m wondering if this is an issue we can overcome.

Our friends all know we don’t see eye to eye on many subjects, and it’s like the elephant in the room wherever we go. AND sometimes the things she says makes me question not only our compatibility, but her sanity.

Do you have any tips for surviving this election? Or is this hopeless?


FIRST OF ALL that would be a deal breaker for me – I could never date someone with vastly different views from my own.. BUT THAT’S ME. I think politics are very important.

I wouldn’t waste my time dating outside my political party.. That’s like ASKING to ruin a relationship.

But maybe you’ve been here before?

Can you date across the aisle?! Or should Ryan jump ship?


some texts from 23504

Ryan needs to grow up. Your opinion is just that, an opinion. If anything, she should dump that jerk.

as a gay, liberal, atheist, I know I can’t date across the aisle.

My best friend is VERY liberal and I’m conservative. I’ve come to realize that no matter if we don’t see eye to eye on things, I love her for her and her friendship. If she makes him happy other than political views, I say keep her around. I do understand a relationship is different than a friendship, but I feel if he is truly happy they can overcome it.

Oh helll no! Disaster n will never do it again!

No you cannot date someone who is a different political party, especially a liberal. I grew up very conservative and value hard work ethic. If he’s not conservative he’s out. My man is going to work and is not going to live off the government!

Yes absolutely!..politics has no effect

intellectual people will see this as a problem. people who want to have legitimate discussions about the future of this world, those who care about current events, those are the people that say dump him. the ones who said it doesn’t matter are probably morons.

My girlfriend and I see eye to eye on politics. Given, we are a gay couple lol.

speaking of politics, where do YOU fall Katy?

give it up ryan. dems and rep are like night and day

political affiliation doesn’t matter as long as they’re open minded and are willing to understand your views and not put you down because of them

I am an ant, not a grasshopper! Democrats are grasshoppers!

I knew it, you’re a republican aren’t you?

Argue politics all evening and then have great make up sex. You two are living the American dream.

my husband and I have different beliefs. it’s all about respect.

you could just avoid talking about politics?

THERE’S NO WAY THIS CAN WORK. POLITICS ARE EVERYTHING PEOPLE! i’m with you girl, i’d never date someone who didn’t agree with me – useless relationship!

just turn off the tv until november 7?


Would You Rather?!

Halloween is just around the corner.

You know what that means? Prepare to be bombarded with Halloween’s 1 – 234023842308 (or whatever number they’re on now), NighmareS on Elm Street, and Friday the 13ths on every cable network!! In fact, AMC has got a marathon on RIGHT NOW.

[Because in classic horror movie style, once a good villain is created, you ride out the franchise until the audience is exhausted with the plot!]

So today’s question deals with some of our favorite Hollywood psychos.

[polldaddy poll=6615608]

** I SHOULD ADD: ..and probably caught by **

Jason has a better theme song. AND at least you’d have a fighting chance against him.. with Freddy as soon as you hit the sack, you’re toast.

Which would YOU rather?


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