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So this morning when I was leaving for work, I notice my poor puppy is covered in fleas. Thinking about it even now makes me cringe.. I feel like they are crawling all over my body!

For reference, here’s Rocky, the coolest dog in the world.

Now, I’ve never had this problem before and didn’t know where to even begin dealing with this nightmare. I posed this to the audience, and I was thrilled with the feedback. I can’t wait to get home and destroy these little $#%@!&^*.

Thanks so much guys!

Some messages off the textline:



Comfortis flee med, it is wonderful, been using it for years, any vet has it :) The sentinnel stuff the guy was talking about is crap, I take my dog to the barn w/horses everyday and Comfortis is all time best :) good luck

We had to get an exterminator the fleas multiplied in our home in 2 days and they would attack us when we got off the couch or beds … Then we went to the vet and got meds for the dogs

Like you said blue dawn soap works. You can also try VO5 shampoo its works just the same and they both work better than actual flee soap. Good luck –Lex

Trifexis. All in 1 flea, Heartwormmedicine And more. Then you will need to flea bomb your house.

Hey girl.. Try trifexis!! It’s the best!! I’ve also used comfortis it’s cheaper… -Christina

U need to call ORKIN, anything u get a the store will not kill them all, it’s not strong enough. All it will do is kill some, drive them in the cracks. It will be ok for a Lil but after the chemical goes away, they will come out worst. Vacuum a lot!

Sentinel just stops reproduction. It will not kill existing fleas on the dog. Trifexis is new and improved. Not a pokemon. It’s a perscription. You will need a prescription for sentinel.

Sprinkle salt on the carpet and furniture for 24 hours. It will dehydrate the fleas. I use tomato paste mixed with salt and vinegar to bathe the dog.

you will need a perscription for the trifexis. Or sentinel. You can get the flea bombs at petco. If you have carpet you will want to flea bomb. Sorry but that’s the best way.

We did all the bombing and stuff but it got worse so we called the exterminator and they said to take the cushions off the couches and vacuum under there
vacuum under the bed all the corners and empty the bag out side they sprayed under the cushion on my couch it worked and it was only like $80 !! We spent like $50 on at the store stuff and that didn’t work ! It was so bad my daughter would get jumped by standing on the floor she was covered by more than 10 at one time we had to take em off her !! Don’t waste ur money at the store just call an exterminater!

I live out in the country so its a constant battle with our dogs. But you can also and I know this sounds crazy but you can try beer with the soap and also feed them garlic

Hey Katy, it’s Scott from softball. I own Venus Pest Company. We charge 150 to treat inside and outside for fleas. We use a contact insecticide plus insect growth regulator as well as a synergist. We give a 2 month warranty. We recommend that you treat your dog with comfortis. By the way tempo is around 50 bucks a bottle. It’s contact insecticide only.

Do you have a solution of your own?! I don’t care how crazy it is so long as it works! Let me know below.


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#1 Dating Frustration for Men?

If you’ve been out of the dating world for a while, you really only need to know one thing- NO ONE TALKS ON THE PHONE ANYMORE. Entire relationships are formed, developed, nurtured, and sometimes ended, through texting.

And crafting genius texts can be tough, especially in the early part of the relationship, where one wrong word or unsexy emoticon can derail everything!

–In a new survey by “TSB Magazine”, single men said that not knowing what to say in texts is actually THE most frustrating aspect of dating right now. In fact, they have full posts about how to text women to ellicit a response!

Who knew guys got as stressed (if not more) as women about this! There’s even more on this site about it!

Here’s the full list of guy dating frustrations:

#1.) Not knowing what to say in texts.

#2.) Bad or boring conversation on dates.

#3.) Awkwardness trying to go for the first kiss.

#4.) Approaching women in the first place.

#5.) Having women see you as a friend, not a love interest.

#6.) Hitting it off with a woman but then finding out she’s interested in someone else.

Do you agree guys?


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Awesome LMFAO Cover

Happy Friday! Here’s an awesome cover to LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It.” Now, you’re probably skeptical since there are 13249078230948 covers of songs we play on youtube, but this guy is seriously talented.

Noah takes this fun dancy song and makes it serious. I want to say LMFAO just got owned.

What do you think of it?

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AUDIO: Jacob Asbill – POP

Jacob stops by the show today to chat with me and play a few songs, including a cover of Band’s “The Weight”

Listen here and then come out and hear him live tonight at 8 for Party on the Patio at Ozona! Rain or shine, the drinks are cheap!

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Would You Rather Wednesday

Does Mama really know best?!

I say, YES!

[polldaddy poll=6212348]

I feel like with the invention of social media, I now know how crazy my first boyfriend really was. Would I ever consider marrying him? Absolutely not. True, I was smitten with him in high school, but thankfully I’ve gotten wiser since then.

While they might not pick the perfect person, my parents could make a decent choice. My mom and I don’t always agree on looks, we have totally different tastes in that department, but quality wise, they know what would make a good partner.

I’d totally go with my parents on this one! But which would YOU rather?


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