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Would You Rather Wednesday

Today’s humpday hypothetical is all about extremes. It will be funny to see people who don’t like Nickelback but love bacon try and make this decision.

Which would I choose? Well, I don’t really like bacon so I don’t know if a world without it would bother me very much, and even though I enjoy a good Nickelback song every now and then, I don’t know if I could limit myself musically to the one band. So I pick a world without bacon.

But which would you rather?

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And today’s poll is a 10,000 point opportunity for Club Candy. Your keyword is BACON.

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The Spreadsheet That Launched 1000 Blog Posts

Last week, Katie J.M. Baker of posted this spreadsheet, designed by a New York banker as a way to organize his prospects.

He included their name, a photo, his initial impressions after viewing their profile, the dates when they’d exchanged winks, the dates of when they’d exchanged emails, and impressions of their first date. He color-coded the women according to who he wanted to “monitor closely ASAP” and who he wanted to “monitor casually.”

And who says guys pay no attention to detail?!

The only thing I find disgusting about this, is that during a great date on April 4th with “Arielle,” a woman described on his spreadsheet as “very pretty; sweet & down to earth/great personality,” this guy let it slip that he had this little gem. When she asked to see it, he emailed it to her saying,

“Well…this could be a mistake, but what the hell. I hope this e-mail doesn’t backfire, because I really had a great time and hope to hang again soon.”

That’s when the (!&* hit the fan. Arielle sent it to her friends, who sent it to their friends, who sent it to Jezebel, and now the whole thing has gone viral.

Ladies everywhere are calling David Merkur a pig. A womanizing, numerical categorizing, chauvinistic pig.

Am I the only one who finds this endearing?

Minus his use of the word jappy, I see tons of positives with David. For starters, he’s consistent. The girls ages range from 25-28. As he is 28, this is a good sign. He’s not trolling the internet dating scene to pick up some 22 year old bimbo.

AND all of his comments are nice. He doesn’t say anything negative, and if he thinks a girl has bad pictures, he merely says “mixed bag.”

The guy works with spreadsheets, so why is he being chastised about using one for his personal life?

And how is this any different from girls making pros and cons lists when trying to decide between two men? I’ve read and written blog posts which include much gorier details. I don’t think he’s objectifying any more than the average person who’s dating around.

So what if it’s in excel rather than a monogrammed piece of staionary? People are OVERREACTING. Maybe it’s because I’d like to land a guy who is romantic with a keen eye for detail, but I think his only mistake was sending it to that girl in the first place, and he shouldn’t need to apologize for creating it.

What do you think of this spreadsheet? Organized and romantic? Or creepy and wrong?


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VIDEO Clip of the Week!

Because it’s Friday, and you’ve still got a few hours to kill before the weekend starts.

This is actually pretty old, but a short snippet of it has been re-posted recently. I wanted you to enjoy the full experience though, so I found the entire thing.

“What’s cooler than being cool?” “REALLY OLD.. err I mean ICE COLD.”

HAHA this is just another reason to go to church. My friends, I present to you the rapping fbs choir..

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I’ve been trying to get this band for a while now, and I am happy to say they are tonight’s Rock the Republic featured artist at Ozona Grill & Bar for Party on the Patio. Their live show starts at 8, but you’re going to want to get there early for a seat. While you wait enjoy those $2 wells, $2 domestic drafts, and our $3 nerd shot. We are also going to have crawfish on the patio and if you find me I’ll get you entered to win $500 to Ozona.

Guys, prepare to be blown away by the great local talent, The Jeremiahs.

See yall tonight!

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POLL: Would You Rather Wednesday

Here’s your humpday hypothetical:

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I’d go with tequila, becuase no matter how many times I wake up in the morning hungover, I still continue to drink.

I will not however, to this day, eat at the fine establishment that sent me to the hospital.

But what about you?!

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