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Fashion Friday

I fell in love with the girl at the rock show.. errr more like the bass player.. tomato, tomato.

Last night I hit up Daisy Dukes to see these guys.



Going to a rock show, I had had my outfit already planned, all I was missing was some killer jewelry.

So where did I go? MERGE BOUTIQUE. Everything at Merge is under $50. And right now, tons of great deals on awesome pieces!


I know there are some formals in town this week, so if you need some bling bling to spice up your dress. Check out this AMAZING selection. Talking bracelets, bangles, dainty necklaces, chunky pieces, rings, earrings – there’s something for everyone, and something to fit ANY occasion.



I seriously can never leave the store without purchasing one of these stack bracelets. They don’t match.. and yet somehow.. they do. I kind of dig that.


Since some of you are graduating in a bit, time to be an adult and buy an adult watch. People respond well to people who show up on time. (Trust me, because I do not.)


Does anyone else remember these types of bracelets being big back in the day? Well, those are the cooler, grown up version.

Find Merge Boutique in the TJ Maxx Shopping Center off Harvey Road right next to Al’s Formal Wear. Tell them I sent you. ;)

OR check out their website.. what better way to spend a Friday?

Happy Friday!


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Most Awkward Conversation Ever?



Asked my girl’s dad for her hand in marriage. HE SAID NO.

We’ve dated for 3 years – until we both graduated. I don’t think he’s ever really liked me and I don’t know why.



We are an office divided.

I say confront the dad – but my coworkers say just get married behind his back.

WHAT SAY YOU? How would you handle this terribly awkward/delicate convo?


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Fashion Friday

I can not get over the weather changes that seem to ONLY HAPPEN ON THURSDAYS.

The weather is all amazing ALL WEEK, then party on the patio hits, and I’m breaking out my parka.

For today’s fashion find, I cheated. I actually saw a picture of a certain brown/black/pink/blue skeleton scarf, and well, I HAD TO HAVE IT.

I say summer scarf but ehhh.. due to our lack of real seasons, it dobules as a “40 degrees in April scarf.”


I got this bad boy at Pine Boutique. And they had a ton of other designs to choose from.


Since I’m sure the weather will be back to the high 80s over the weekend, check out these great looks. Perfect for a date night, a night out with friends, or check out their selection of shorts – you’re ready for SUNDAY FUNDAY.


Note the accessories. In addition to their great jewelry selection, Pine has tons of handbags/clutches to fit any occasion.

Bonus picture, I loved this shirt.. so I bought that too.


Happy Friday!


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Fashion Friday

This weather is just KILLING ME.

For today’s fashion find, I scoped out Merge Boutique. I don’t know what happened to my last paycheck, but it didn’t last long. Whenever I need to stretch my $$$, this is the place to go. Everything in the store is under $50.


I can’t wait for summer. Well, I say that now. I bet in like 5 weeks I’ll be writing about the misery of 100+ degrees. I just want the weather to pick a range, and stay there.

When we can ditch the jackets, you’ll want to drop my Merge to check out all of their new tanks and tops. Lots of different cuts, styles, and colors. Here were some of my faves.


I was so close to buying that orange one. The back has a cut out detailing – it is definitely worth checking out.

On to accessories! So for the first time EVER last night, people were going on and on about my jewelry. I don’t wear it very often, so to me this was surprising.

Merge just got in a bunch of new pieces.. I wore a chunky silver aztec necklace. I think it’s somewhere in this picture..


Merge also had in new maroon shirts and dresses if you or any gal in the family is looking for something to wear to the maroon and white game this weekend.


Find them on Harvey Road next to Al’s Formal Wear or on facebook!

Happy Friday!!


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No Ring, NO BRING?

Let me start by saying I am OVERJOYED that not one, but two of my good friends are getting hitched. :)

Talking to married friends around the office.. when it came time for their invitations, it was: NO RING, NO BRING!

Soo, essentially, unless you‘ve already signed your life away are engaged or married, you are NOT allowed to bring a plus one.

I understand the financial part of this, but DUDE. Weddings are terrible for single people, at least allow them the courtesy of possible post wedding debauchery.

How do you tell a single person they have to come alone? Messed up or not?


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