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Let’s Go Get Drunk at Starbucks

Because some people like a little coffee with their Kahlua.

Maybe you’ve already heard about this and I’m a little slow on the draw, but this is the best news ever. It’s the perfect idea. Get drunk at Starbucks, then sober up at Starbucks. They have everything you need now!

SEATTLE(AP) Starbucks, the company that proved there’s no such thing as paying too much for a cup of coffee, is expanding its experiment with wine and beer.

The company said Monday that it will start selling wine, beer and “premium” foods, like small plates and hot flatbread sandwiches, at four to six stores in Atlanta and another four to six in southern California by the end of the year. That builds on the company’s recent announcement of the same plans for about half a dozen stores in Chicago.

Starbucks first tested the wine and beer concept at a store in its headquarters city of Seattle in October 2010. It now serves beer and wine at five stores in Seattle and one in Portland, Ore.

The company hasn’t released numbers on whether the new drinks have increased traffic, but it says the change has been popular with customers.
Wine and beer lists will differ by region. The stores in Washington state and Oregon serve Dead Guy Ale and Stella Artois lager, among other drinks.

The coffee giant says the alcoholic offerings, which won’t be available until the afternoon, will help it attract evening customers and expand its appeal to community groups and book clubs looking for space to meet.

It could also be a way to attract higher-end customers, a tack many companies are taking as the middle class is squeezed by the weak economy. Starbucks said in a news release that it selected stores “where it is relevant for the neighborhood.”

PSHH. I was drunk at Starbucks before getting drunk at Starbucks was cool.


Will you be enjoying alcoholic beverages at the ‘bucks?


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Should We Delete Digital Evidence of Relationships Lost?

The internet has become a virtual graveyard for past flings. Everything from facebook relationship status changes to pictures of you and your ex on that Hawaiian cruise serve as digitial memories of lost loves.

But should this evidence have an expiration date?

I once dated a guy who all but demanded I take down a picture I had on my Facebook of my ex. This created quite the uncomfortable situation as I didn’t see the need to get rid of it, and he took the picture as me still having feelings for old guy. It was a losing battle for both of us. I eventually took it down, thinking to myself, maybe this does send the wrong message, but I resented him for pointing it out to me.

When I break up with someone, my initial thoughts do not revolve around deletion. Sure we’ll cut off contact, but do I really go through my phone deleting every text message, defriending him on facebook? Absolutely not… because I have a life.

I can understand how if the break up is very painful or you were seriously hurt in the process, you might not want a person to pop up on your newsfeed – maybe you don’t need the constant reminder that someone you loved has moved on. I’ll give you that.

But how far is this supposed to go? A guy points out a picture that disturbs him, okay sure maybe it really isn’t a big deal and you take it down… but must we take inventory of any ties to past guys on social networking sites, photo sites, cell phone cameras? And what about email? Are you to sit there and search for any message, google chat, instant message that bears an old flame’s name?

I once dated a guy in the army and though we have ended things, I’ve kept every letter he’s ever written me in a little box. It’s not like I look at them all the time, but it was a special relationship, my first love in fact, and I can’t bring myself to throw them out. So it’s no surprise that when sorting the messy internet trail of my love life, I feel there’s an emotional importance in preserving digital memories as well.

Instead of going through this tedious process in an attempt to erase former suitors, maybe the key to the internet is to just stop doing any of this all together. No pictures, no relationship statuses, nothing that could tie you to another person indefinitely.

But let’s be honest, that is about as plausible as my new years resolutions: never going to happen.

So when it comes to ditching digital evidence of exes, what feels right? Do you have a timeline to get rid of said memories? Or maybe you don’t even care about this at all?

Happy deleting!

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Did Steven Tyler’s National Anthem Suck?

The only thing I can think of while he is singing is he sort of sounds like Roseanne.

If Steven Tyler the idol judge was watching this performance, it would be a unanimous no from the panel. How can we expect him to judge the quality of other performers when he does something like this?

Now, don’t misunderstand, I LOVE Steven Tyler. And when I was first watching this, I tried to persuade myself it wasn’t all that bad… but honestly, the more you see it, the more cringe worthy it becomes.

Maybe I’m just upset at his Patriot scarf, but I feel like he dropped the ball here.

What are your thoughts?


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Since Morning Candy decided to get super serial, here’s a ridiculously delightful youtube vid.

Honestly, you don’t notice how stupid song lyrics are until they are taken literally.

Forget pet rocks, I want a party rock.

Happy Friday!

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American Idol RECAP

Okay, I have to be honest here: I’m sort of on the fence when it comes to American Idol.. I find it entertaining sure, but I can usually come up with about 10 things I’d rather be doing than catch it at its scheduled time.

That being said, I did watch last night and if you didn’t, I got all your dirt right here. The old producer is back to the show so it was WAY better than it’s been in the past. The one thing that I know people found mildly disappointing was that there didn’t seem to be as many crazy people auditioning. But really, do you ever wonder how many of those stories are made up anyway? I can never fully appreciate the lack of talent because I’ve always secretly felt that deep down they are all staged.

ANYWAYS, on to the show.

Ryan Seacrest opens with the fact that American Idol is in Savannah for the first time, which is obviously no surprise as they are probably running out of cities to try. Randy “Dawg” Jackson strolls around repeating, “Season one, one.” The first contestant we meet is a self proclaimed chick magnet named David Leathers Jr. They should have re-checked this kid’s age.. he’s 17, but looks 12. David sings “Remember the Rain” and blows the judges away. They ask for some Michael Jackson and he accommodates. It’s a unanimous yes and on he goes to Hollywood.

Gabby, another teen, is excited to meet Ryan Seacrest on American Idol, but is also hoping to earn a certain facial expression from Steven Tyler, which I found deeply disconcerting. She enters the judging room and rushes over to hug Nigel from So You Think You Can Dance, which seems to thoroughly enjoy Randy. Because seriously, who likes Nigel or would even recognize him on the street? Gabby’s rendition of “Sunday Morning” is faaantastic – it’s a unanimous ‘yes’. She rushes out to tell everyone Steven Tyler did ‘the thing.’ Again, creeeepy.

And cue montage of dozens of other screaming golden ticket holders going through to Hollywood.

Jessica Whitely- not one of them. My ears are still bleeding. After a prolonged silence, the judges pronounce it ‘awful’. Jessica muses that she may just be dehydrated, and says she’ll see them in Texas. Don’t make the drive friend.

Ryan Seacrest meets his lookalike/soundalike/wannabe, Shaun Kraisman, who makes the rounds of the place before auditioning. It’s just so-so, and he doesn’t make it through.. but he did a pretty convincing job at being Ryan.. which could end up being lucrative down the road.

A 15 year-old is featured next – Shannon McGrane – she brings her entire family in for an introduction after revealing that her father once played in the World Series for the Cardinals. Steven puts a wrinkle in the feelgood moment by remarking that Shannon is hot in front of her father. Thankfully she’s talented and she goes through. Dad refrains from beating Tyler and seems to gets his sense of humor back.

Here come the yellers and really cringe-y auditions, that you just can’t help but feel sorry for.

Next is Amy, who lives in a tent in the middle of the woods. Seriously. The judges are speechless. She sings “Super Woman” by Alicia Keyes. She infuses her version with soul and style – she’s through. This may be a way out of the tent.. or the show is really grasping for desperate situations.

An overeager southern boy, Joshua, rattles the judges by running into things as he makes his way into the room. Joshua does a Jason Mraz tune that isn’t the worst thing ever, but doesn’t cut it. Steven cracks up when Randy suggests a second song. They gently send Joshua on his way. He cries and has a hissy fit.

Stephanie Renae, a super nervous 15 year-old, has been anticipating this moment since age 8. She nails a Carrie Underwood song. J-Lo compliments her throttle (huh?). Steven says positively yes, Randy says no, and Jennifer puts her through.

Schyler Dickson is there to audition with her brother Colton, who was on last season. The judges talk Colton into trying out again. Schyler looks a little ticked at having to share her moment. In the end, Schyler and Colton both go through. SHOCKER.

Lauren Mink, who works with people who have Autism and Down’s Syndrome, sings “Country Strong” and gives Jennifer goosebumps. She’s got an amazing country voice.. because American Idol could use another Carrie Underwood and all.

Mawuena Kodjo comes in full of confidence, telling the judges he wants his ticket – he’s going to blow them away.. so you know he’s awful. He sings “Rascall Flatts” and Randy (and the rest of America) fights not to crack up. Mawuena and Seacrest hit the streets and return with a contingent of young girls and an elderly truck driver-type willing to attest that he should be given a shot. Though hilarious and sad, it’s still a no.

Ashlee Altise and her dreads then perform a raptor-like dance before launching into “Come Together.” Steven says she’s got spirit and spunk – she does! She’s through.

Here’s a real winner: W. T. Thompson, is unemployed and his wife is pregnant. By unemployed I mean he quit his job to audition. So you think he’d be great right?.. wrong. He sings for the panel, but it’s good, not great. Steven says he’s not ready, but J-Lo gives him a yes. Randy is swayed and he gets the golden ticket. Mmm…it seems his story nudged him forward to the next round.

Hopeful Erica Nowak, says Steven Tyler is her future ex-husband. She’s not sure she’ll be able to control herself during the audition. Once in the judging room, Randy pushes for a hug between the two. Steven obliges, and she scandalously cops a feel! What she should have done is second base him. Dude’s look like a lady. But that’s not it – she can actually sing. Following the audition, Randy gets his hug – and his ass squeeze. She’s through.

The next girl is a dancer named Brittany Kerr. She’s okay. Steven gives her a yes, before she does anything might I add, Jennifer says no, and Randy puts her through after a bit of “deliberation.”

Last audition of the day: and for sure the next American Idol, I’m calling it right now: Phillip Phillips. Surely I can not be the only girl who stayed up all night googling him?

He’s adorable. He works in his dad’s pawn shop and declares he can’t let this opportunity slip out of his hands in his cute southern twang that made my knees go weak. While Phillip’s in with the judges, his mother flirts with Seacrest.. too bad she’s barking up the wrong tree. Phillip’s voice is as hot as he is and makes Steven Tyler do ‘the face’. He picks up his acoustic and impresses the panel even more doing a funky version of Thriller! I love him, they love him.. he’s going to win my friends.

What did you think of the show?


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