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Fashion Friday

LOTS going down this weekend in the BCS. Whatever you’re doing, make sure your outfitted to a T by stopping by Pine Boutique.


The first thing I saw when I walked in was this shirt. Maybe it’s because I secretly always wanted the sparrow tats, but I loved this shirt. It’s a fitted blouse with embroidered blue birds.

Would pair this with jean shorts.. awww perfection.


Then I saw this one. I feel the need to clarify here that yes, I like sugar skulls, but I don’t have like some weird fascination with the dead.. OKAY?! Have you ever seen MY STRANGE ADDICTION?! Because some people eat their own hair follicles.. Bahaha



It wears like a tshirt which I loved, because it’s fitted but comfortable. I also like the pops of bright pink. That chunky statement necklace also comes in a few other colors that would look AWESOME with that tee.

I got these two shirts. Yes, I splurged on both because they just fit so well. That white ram tee, looks better on than it does hanging. It has cap sleeves and a scoop neck, very flattering. (And it’s worth pointing out that it has a great hem. haha)


Before you ask, no, I don’t have a picture because eventually I had to cover up my frozen body with multiple jackets and a few blankets at party on the patio, but I wore the white one last night with jeans, boots, a black hair bandanna.. #getlikeme

Pine also recently got new arm candy. I am in love with the little rap bracelets that have fox faces on them. They are on the far left in blue and orange.


Lastly, I saw these tanks as I was walking out. The red one says “I keep a close watch on this heart of mine” and the yall on the blue is spelled with boots. <3 If you need swag for the weekend, and don't care about catching a cold - come stock up. ;)


Find Pine Boutique in the Bed Bath & Beyond shopping center by Double Daves and Jason’s Deli. Or check them out via facebook.

Happy Friday!


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LISTEN: Should’ve Been Cowboys

Crawfish, cheap booze, live music. Is it 7 yet?

Tonight, our band for Party on the Patio is Should’ve Been Cowboys. Come see them live tonight at Ozona Grill & Bar starting at 8.

should've been cowboys logo

Here’s that Jack White cover I didn’t have time to play.

[wpaudio url=""]

And ladies.. head up, these guys look as good as they sound. ;) ;)

Check out their reverbnation or facebook.

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Katy’s Mailbox



My boyfriend of 4 years broke up with me yesterday, or so I thought. It took him almost 18 hours to tell me it was just an April Fool’s prank. I am now wondering the kind of person that could do that. I was hurt all day long and am considering leaving him.

Would you?


April Fools is THE WORST. I was told I had been cheated on.. BEFORE I EVEN KNEW WHAT DAY IT WAS.

So, I feel you. I 100% feel you.

To me, this isn’t funny.. this is cruel. Would I break up with him over this? Only if you already had bigger issues and this was just the insensitive icing on the cake.

If everything in your relationship is great, just tell him he’s an a$$ so he never does something like this again.. then put cream of tartar in his toothpaste.

What would you do?


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Fashion Friday

HOPPY Easter. Haha, I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist.

But seriously, Easter is here. If you are going home to visit the family, maybe your parents are on their way in, or perhaps you snagged an invite to meet your boyfriend’s family.. whatever is going on this weekend, look fierce.

For today’s fashion find, it was back to Merge. I needed to score a dress under $50.


They had so many great Easter dresses. I’m talking appropriately fancy, nice necklines, great detail. Here are some of my faves.


This hi/lo dress came in two colors. Not sure if you can tell, but there’s lace detailing on the bust. This was a top contender for the week. Very flattering.


Such a great color for spring, amiright?!


I wanted to love this dress on me, but alas, I did not. I am including it because someone who doesn’t look like death could pull this off nicely. :) The dress I chose was similar, a little darker lace, and instead of peach, the ribbon was neon pink.


And some shorter, not so dressed up looks for whatever the weekend might hold.

Also, if you just need to polish off your Sunday look with some jewelry, check out Merge. They have the best selection of spring colors I’ve seen yet, including lots of MINT accessories.

Find Merge next to Al’s Formal Wear on Harvey or ONLINE. You can also browse new stuff on facebook!

Now, it’s a GREAT Friday.


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Fashion Friday

Spring is HERE. Well, maybe more so after this weekend since the low is 48.. but it’s time to get down all your shorts, jumpers, and tanks.

You know who can help you restock your closet if your style seems a little dated? Or maybe you actually stuck to your resolutions and need to buy new clothes?



Welcome to today’s fashion friday blog. I’m going to let the pictures sort of do the talking today, so prepare yourself for an eyegasm. (Can I type that?)


I’m sure that list is going to be extended this weekend. The girls just went to Dallas for a big market, so who knows what haul they will be bringing back with them. On the facebook page, they mention a lot of different denims: cut off shorts, roll up shorts, boyfriend jeans, trousers, skinnies, distressed denim, light wash.

And in store right now, 7 For All Mankind Vintage Collection shorts and different styles of patterned shorts like these!


I’m including this picture because I like the purse.

tunic dress

That’s a reddish/poppy colored Rebecca Minkoff.

Obviously I’m a creature of habit – HELLO?! how many times have I been to Pine?! When I find something I like, I stick with it. So when I saw this new top from T-Squad: Stars, Stripes, and Whiskey. Uhh yeah. Come home with me.


That little tank top underneath comes in a bunch of different colors. I went with the bright blue/green because it made me feel like the little mermaid. (No, really.)


Aaaand lastly, my friend went with me to Pine yesterday, and got compliments on this shirt sheer long sleeved shirt all night.


That color blocking also came in mint.

Remember with the PINE LOYALTY CARD every time you shop at Pine, you receive a point for what you spend. Rack up 500, get a $20 gift card. Like anything you saw on my blog? Monday = DOUBLE POINTS.

What are you waiting for?! Update your spring wardrobe with Pine Boutique.

Find them off Texas in the Bed Bath & Beyond Shopping Center or check out more eye candy on facebook.

Happy shopping. ;)


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