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BIG NEWS.. Do You Wait Until After the Holidays?

A listener emailed me yesterday with some pretty big news. Her fiance dumped her just before Christmas. Here’s the email:


I saw on your blog you helped a listener a few weeks ago and I was hoping you could help me. My fiance and I just split up, but I’m not sure if I should tell my family just yet. My mom gets so stressed out around this time of year. I don’t want to add to that by telling her the bad news. But I also don’t want to keep wearing this ring and telling everyone how great a guy Josh is. That’s one of the worst parts- they love him. They tell me all the time how lucky I am.

In an effort to keep my family off my back, I am now the one who will spend the holidays super stressed.

What should I do? I can think of nothing worse than getting a little pity party from my extended family on Christmas Eve but I don’t know if I can hold this in.



Let me just start by saying I’m flattered that people are coming to me with problems.. especially because I’m really not qualified to help. I also hope you punched this guy in the throat for breaking up with you right before Christmas.

I think you should tell them- immediately. In fact, sometime today. Why go through the holidays stressed out when you’re already upset? Okay so your mom might worry about you and you might be adding a little bit extra to her plate, but she’ll still be upset after the holidays when she hears the news.

You’re not ruining Christmas with this information. And the sooner you tell the family, the sooner you can relax and actually enjoy yourself.

Take the ring off your finger, pawn it for extra holiday cash, and just be honest about the @*%( you almost got sucked into marrying.

Am I wrong? If you had big news, like a break up or maybe even a pregnancy, would you wait until after the holidays? When is the best time to tell the family?


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Senior Citizen Flashmob

The slowest, most adorable flash mob you’ll ever see.

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Worst Christmas Gifts EVER!

As the saying goes, it’s better to give than receive. But choosing the right gift is tricky.. you might think grandma really wants that Tim Tebow jersey, but you’re probably wrong.

From time to time people get clueless and hand out presents so strange, so off-putting, you begin to question the entire relationship.

Is it just me or at some point in your life are you saddled with a ridiculious and awful Christmas present? Yeah, yeah, the holidays are all about the spirit of giving, but tell me what “spirit” is behind these little gems?

Yesterday I met up with an old friend who recently got married and had a baby. Her husband was going out of town for work Christmas weekend, so they’d celebrated their Christmas on Saturday. Here’s what her thoughtful counterpart bought her.

First of all, where in the world did he find this? And second, how this man was able to spell the word kegel blows my mind.

To say she was mad, would be the understatement of the year. For his sake, I hope the word ends in 2012.

Another awful present was presented to me by a much older friend who had been married for about 10 years. She told her husband she wanted something “special” and “thoughtful” this year.. as their usual presents to one another consist of their favorite series on DVD.

What does he get her?

That’s right- a scale.. which I’d consider neither special nor thoughtful. He said it was so the couple could “lose weight together.” ..Which she took to mean she had weight to lose in the first place.

These two are pretty bad, but I venture to guess there are others with stories like these out there. So what’s the worst Christmas present you’ve ever received?



VIDEO: Guy Gets Rejected on Ellen

I really hope this is fake. Watch as the poor bald man gets rejected in front of a live studio audience yesterday on Ellen.

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Eeek. Luckily this fell on Ellen’s 12 days of Giveaways.. nothing soothes the sting of rejection quite like getting showered with presents.

What do you think of the proposal?



90’s Kid Christmas List

Hearing about all these kids who want ipads and iphones and iwhatevers, makes me think of a simpler time. A time when all I wanted from Santa was an All American Girl Doll who had red hair and freckles.

Friends, let me take you back a few years.. reminisce with me on the coolest toys of the 90s.

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Koosh Ball

Silly Putty

Creepy Crawlers

My Little Pony

Beanie Babies


Tickle Me Elmo


Stretch Armstrong

Roller Blades

Power Wheels


Easy Bake Oven


Did I miss any? Let me know.


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