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NBA Lockout Over?

The NBA and the Players Association has finally reached somewhat of a deal, ending the five-month lockout.

After 16 hours of negotiations on Friday, both sides reached an agreement and shook hands a little after 3 am ET.

Players will vote no later than the middle of next week. Both sides must still get a majority vote from the 29 owners and 450 players to finalize the agreement.

NBA commissioner David Stern said:
“The reason for the settlement was we’ve got fans, we’ve got players who would like to play and we’ve got others who are dependent on us. And it’s always been our goal to reach a deal that was fair to both sides and get us playing as soon as possible, but that took a little time.”

Stern and Billy Hunter, the leader of the players’ union, announced at a joint news conference that a tentative agreement had been reached. The league plans to begin the 2011-12 season on Christmas Day with regular games that include the Los Angeles Lakers playing against the Chicago Bulls.

Merry Christmas! Read more..

Honestly though, does anyone really care about the NBA anymore? I mean how terrible is it to not only have to sit and wait for a delayed season but then deal with rising ticket prices.. all while millionaires and billionaire team owners fight about profit sharing and minimum salaries? To me, it just shows the serious disconnect professional athletes have with their fans.

People are worried about how they are going to afford to celebrate Christmas this year, so who really cares about salary caps or luxury taxes?

I’d say right now the NBA has no redeeming qualities— but what do you think?


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Update Your Parents’ Browser Day

Here’s a family-friendly holiday idea from The Atlantic: Rather than stand in line for hours and shop on Black Friday, why not upgrade your technologically challenged parents’ ancient Web browser?

Madrigal, senior editor at The Atlantic, writes:

“Thanksgiving is coming up, that time when families gather together to share food, extend gratitude, and marvel at how Dad still uses Internet Explorer 6. No, seriously, Dad, how can you be using a browser developed during the Clinton administration? That was like 10 presidents ago.”

All you need now is a good distraction.. and the IE team is way ahead of you. They put their heads together and came up with the Top-10 moments to update your parents’ browser this Thanksgiving holiday.


Top-10 Moments To Update Your Parents’ Browser

10. When they’re manning the fire extinguisher dealing with the yearly deep-fried turkey accident.

9. When they’re telling your cousins “when I was your age” stories.

8. When they’re face down in the eggnog punch.

7. When they’re fighting over the right way to carve a turkey.

6. When your mom kicks you out of the kitchen for peeling potatoes “the wrong way.”

5. When they’re sent to the grocery store at 2PM on Thanksgiving Day for extra cranberries.

4. When they’re sitting at the Adult’s table (rally the other kids to help).

3. When they’re standing in a Black Friday line.

2. When they’re untangling Christmas lights.

And the number one time to update your parents’ browser is…

1. When they’re distracted by grilling you about when you’re going to get a real job, when you’re going to settle down, and when you’re going to give them grandchildren.

So watch for these moments and many more to help them make the upgrade to a modern web browser today. Web developers everywhere will thank you!

Happy Thanksgiving from Candy 95 and the IE team.




Occupy Wall Street or Black Friday?

In honor of this apocalyptic shopping day appropriately dubbed “Black Friday,” let’s play a little game.

Did these pictures of unruly crowds come from an Occupy movement or Black Friday?

1.) OWS or BF?

2.) OWS or BF?

3.) OWS or BF?

4.) OWS or BF?

5.) OWS or BF?

6.) OWS or BF?

7.) OWS or BF?

8.) OWS or BF?

9.) OWS or BF?

10.) OWS or BF?

More Funny Stuff at

I’ll post the answers tomorrow. Let’s see how you do.


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Do’s and Don’ts of Thanksgiving

For some reason, I’d venture to say that Thanksgiving is the most stressful of all the holidays. But why? What is it about turkey day that has families so on edge it’s hard to enjoy a great meal and really give thanks?

College Humor has diagnosed a few of these problems, enjoy their “Do’s and Don’ts for Thanksgiving.”

Though clearly the video is a joke, this really got me thinking.

Without a doubt, the worst thing my family does at the dinner table is talk politics. My uncle lives out in California, so everytime he flies in my grandma takes it upon herself to tell us not bring up the subject. Well, that’s like a challenge in the Dempsey household. Tell us not to do something, keep the wine and beer flowing, I guarantee you it’s happening. Last year things got pretty bad, especially when my dad and I thought it would be funny to have a certain well known politically controversial author’s latest book in plain sight of the table.

So, what is the thing you do that you shouldn’t do on Thanksgiving? Or maybe it’s a family member.. hitting the holiday scotch a little too hard, bringing questionable women to break bread with your entire extended family, or maybe just taking the football games a little too hard.

Whatever it is, I want to know about it. Because nothing’s better than awkward holiday stories.


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Thanksgiving Flow Chart

Thanksgiving is next week, and if you’re a fire hazard in the kitchen like me, you accept an invitation to dinner and call it a day.. until you remember you foolishly promised you’d bring something. So here, in handy flow chart format, is a system to make the holidays a little less stressful. Let Chow help you figure out what to bring.


Now where can I find a pilgrim themed taser?


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