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Holiday Breakups: Should You Wait?

A friend approached me the other day with a turkey day dilemna that I felt ill-equipped to handle.

His problem is this: His girlfriend of two plus years has decided that since he is from out of town and unable to go home for the Thanksgiving break, he should come home with her for the holidays and meet her family for the first time. A nice and loving gesture, only there’s a catch- he wants to break up with her.

Naturally, he’s worried about the timing.. once Thanksgiving rolls around we hit the ground running for Christmas and then New Years.. so when is the best time to break up? His question is simple: Should he wait until after the holidays?

My gut feeling says he shouldn’t.

Let’s face it, holidays can be awkward enough around our own families.. now try throwing in a group of crazies you’ve never met before bombarding you with questions about your future as a couple while you’re secretly contemplating how to break up over your second helping of grandma’s sweet potatoes. And what’s worse than meeting the family of a flame you no longer care for? I can almost guarantee that if he goes, his girlfriend will think it means more than it does. She’ll see it as some kind of big step in their relationship, while he merely sees it as a free meal.

But if he decides to wait, I guess early December is the best bet. That way you’re clear of Christmas shopping and all the couples activities that go along with it. And if she has a good relationship with her family, perhaps knowing she’ll be celebrating with them at the end of the month might be a comfort. (If she doesn’t, she’ll just have one heck of a holiday hangover)

No matter what, he should definitely not do it the week before Christmas, or any time too close to New Year’s Day. While he might want to ring in the new one as a single man, for her there’s nothing more sad than having to change your relationship status during the most wonderful time of the year.

(According to this recent graph of Facebook data, related to when couples split — or, I guess, at least to when they change their relationship status — most end things in the weeks before Christmas and spring breaks. December 25 is the day when the fewest people call it quits. The rates on the 31st and the first of the year are extremely low, too.)

So what do you think? When’s the best time to call it quits- before or after the holidays?

And has this ever happened to you?



AMA Awards: Highlights

Nicki Minaj started off the show with an electrifying (literally) performance of her new song with an outfit that plugged into David Guetta’s equipment. I would say it wasn’t nearly as crazy as I expected it to be, though it did have speakers on her super bass.. pictures of that soon.


To say other performances went downhill after the opener would be an understatement. Justin Bieber’s act fell sort of flat and I can’t decide if it was more painful to watch Adam Levine or to listen to him. And why did The Band Perry chose to sing “If I Die Young?”

Props to Enrique and LMFAO for their upbeat sets though. And LMFAO really outdid themselves onstage with not only the Biebs making an appearance but the Hasselholf graced the stage as well.




Oh and I just want to say Christina looked great. I guarantee tomorrow there will be blogs everywhere saying she looked fat, but girls just rocking a fuller figure. There is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes I think image obsessed Hollywood forgets that Marilyn Monroe’s thighs touched.


On the awards side, overall, it was Swift and Adele who dominated the full winner list by pocketing three awards each. Their domination was followed by another female artist Nicki Minaj who scored a double victory at the event. She got Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Artist and Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Album.

Complete list of Winners:
Artist of the Year: Taylor Swift
Sprint New Artist of the Year: Hot Chelle Rae
Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist: Bruno Mars
Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist: Adele
Favorite Pop/Rock Band/Duo/Group: Maroon 5
Favorite Pop/Rock Album: “21” – Adele
Favorite Country Male Artist: Blake Shelton
Favorite Country Female Artist: Taylor Swift
Favorite Country band/Duo/Group: Lady Antebellum
Favorite Country Album: “Speak Now” – Taylor Swift
Favorite Soul/R&B Male Artist: Usher
Favorite Soul/R&B Female Artist: Beyonce Knowles
Favorite Soul/R&B Album: “Loud” – Rihanna
Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Artist: Nicki Minaj
Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Album: “Pink Friday” – Nicki Minaj
Favorite Alternative Artist: Foo Fighters
Favorite Adult Contemporary Artist: Adele
Favorite Latin Artist: Jennifer Lopez
Favorite Contemporary Inspirational Artist: Casting Crowns
Special Achievement Award: Katy Perry

What do you think of the results? Anyone you think got snubbed?

And who was your favorite performer?



Why Bradley Cooper and Not Ryan Gosling Deserves Sexiest Man of 2011: An Objective Analysis

Apparently people are prettty angry about the People issue hitting the stands today that gave the title of Sexiest Man of 2011 to Bradley Cooper. They have even foolishly decided to organize a protest, “Occupy People Magazine,” in order to rectify what they see as some grave injustice.

This is bologna. I’m sick and tired of everyone questioning Bradley’s sexiness. So, in the fewest words possible, I am going to show you why exactly the title was given to the right man.


Real men have chest hair. Period. If I wanted to date someting with no hair, I’d play for the other team.



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Are Your Dating Expectations Too High?

Just in time for date night.. And no, Adam Knight, I am not giving advice so no need to bro code me on this. ;)



Online Dating Could Be Keeping You From Meeting “The One”


According to Cosmo, that’s what psychologists from Northwestern University and Texas A&M University (whooop!) are suggesting after conducting research on daters. Here’s the deal:  They essentially discovered that people tend to be pickier online than in  person. Therefore, a woman who dates online could potentially miss out on  meeting a great guy—just because that guy doesn’t fit the woman’s idea of what  she thinks she wants in a partner.

The researchers observed subjects in a sort of simulated online dating experience and saw that they were most interested in the potential dates who matched their criteria for an ideal mate. Unsurprising. But here’s where it gets interesting: Once those subjects hung out in person, that criteria kinda went out the window. And daters found themselves clicking with people whom they weren’t interested in online.

“People have ideas about the abstract qualities they’re looking for in a  romantic partner,” explained the lead author of the study, Paul W. Eastwick on “But once you actually meet somebody face to  face, those ideal preferences for traits tend to be quite flexible.”

Don’t worry, we’re not going to recommend you lower all your standards and  write “I’ll go out with anyone!” in your profile—or quit online dating  altogether. But this research makes us think that just because online dating  sites allow you to be ultra picky (it’s as easy as checking off a few boxes  saying you’re only interested in a man who’s over six feet and makes X amount of  money per year), that doesn’t mean you necessarily should.

Here’s our suggestion: Stick to the traits that are most important to you,  but feel free to leave some preferences blank. This way, you’re able to keep  your standards high (as you should!), but you’re still allowing yourself to cast  a wide net to find yourself a keeper. Because, if the research holds true,  you’ll care a whole lot less about those so-called must-haves when you’re  sitting across from the guy at dinner.


This got me to thinking, do people still have unrealistic checklists when looking for a partner? No matter how good a guy looks on paper or how many of the traits he might possess that you’ve been carefully calculating your entire dating life, he could still be a total waste of your time. And, haven’t you noticed sometimes it’s the people we least expect, the ones we often count out, that we have the greatest connection with? At the end of the day isn’t connection more important than a resume?

So my question is, are there certain characteristics, whether online or in real life, that you have to have in a boyfriend/girlfriend? What are the top 3 things you refuse to budge on? And, are you or someone you know so obsessed with this list in your quest for the perfect partner that it’s keeping you single? (..and probably bitter?)

Just how high are your dating expectations?



Snookify Me

Who needs to actually GTL when you have an i-phone? Just go buy Snooki’s new app and you’re on your way to meeting the gorilla juicehead of your dreams. Because honestly, who doesn’t want a piece of this?

..I feel like there should be more hair on its chest.. hmm..

Not gonna lie, I would probably spend money on this. haha what about you?


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