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It’s that wonderful time of the year.. NCAA MARCH MADNESS.

I know technically yesterday was bracket Monday, but I made mine this morning courtesy of PICKMYBRACKET.COM.

Defense and coed hottness tell me Michigan State is taking it.




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Fashion Friday

Forget spring break.. I am SPRING BROKE.

I went into Merge boutique this week for my fashion find, because well, money was a little tight. Everything in Merge boutique is under $50, so if you’re looking to score something awesome that’s not gonna break your bank before pay-day, I definitely suggest stopping in.


I had in my mind that I wanted to find something to rock for St. Patty’s day, but then I found this.


As I’m sure you’re aware, my photog skills are not the best. It’s a festive mullet dress (business in the front, party in the back) that has an orange and red top with a blue skirt.

Sadly, it has no traces of green.. :( BUT, it was the perfect drinking/crawfish dress for party on the patio.

20130314_155312 (1)

I also LOVED that one.. so ladies, if you don’t have #bustygirlproblems. GET IT. Super flattering and a great cut, if you can zip it. Haha.

I have a bunch of other pictures to upload, because SUMMER is coming and Merge has bathing suits and bathing suit covers, but my phone IS NOT WORKING.

So, while I wait for that nonsense to get its s together, I present to you a charity fashion show featuring Pine and Merge.


Find Merge on Harvey Road by Al’s Formal Wear, or do a little browsing on their facebook page.

Happy Friday!


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Fashion Friday

BIG NEWS Pine fans.


That’s TODAY.

If you haven’t been swayed by my blog yet to make your way over to Pine, this grand opening party would be a great excuse to check it out.

There’s live music, wine tasting, introductions of new clothing lines.. and a photo booth!


I was watching them haul this thing in yesterday, and it’s pretty awesome. Today they have FREE PHOTOS all day. :)


Not something you’d expect in a clothing store, which is just another reason I love this place.

Aaaaand on to clothes. :)

Here’s the shirt I bought for the week. It’s teal and frayed around the collar, sleeves, and bottom.


I dragged (and by dragged I mean HELLO she came willingly to this place) my friend Jessica to come along this week, and she fell in love with this shirt.


And yes, I need to get my camera working better so I can stop cropping out my face. Ehhh.. one day.

Find them off Texas in the Bed Bath & Beyond Shopping Center or do a little virtual windowshopping on facebook.

Happy Friday!



Katy’s Mailbox


I was going through a drawer over the weekend, and accidentally found the engagement ring my boyfriend is planning to give me.

And when I opened the box I was horrified: It was the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s yellow gold and looks like it came out of a cracker jack box. I would send you a pic, but I don’t want him to KNOW it’s me.

Shouldn’t it bother me he apparently doesn’t know me at all? Is it wrong to have a friend step in and help find something I’d like?




Not really familiar territory for me, but yeah, I’d say have a friend step in. I wouldn’t let it bug you that he didn’t know your style. I hate to reference Sex and the City, but same problem! Guys aren’t good at that sort of thing. It can’t hurt to have someone who knows you just offer a helping hand.

I mean dude – you have to wear that thing all the time, you might as well like it?

Have you ever been here? What would you do?


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Fashion Friday

Yesterday’s shopping venture took me back to good ole Pine Boutique.


Tara and Dani just got back from VEGAS, and though I didn’t want to know all the details of their trip (what happens in Vegas.. amiright?), I did want to see their new merch.

Had it not been 40 degrees last night, I might have even bought a dress. A tad uncharacteristic, I know, but some of the new maxis they came back with were just that great. Maybe that’s what I’ll do next week.. hmmm..

ANYWAY cold weather party on the patio-ing in mind – I opted for a new brand I noticed right away. T-Squad


T-Squad is an all American brand. Made by Americans, for Americans. So that’s pretty cool. I like knowing where my money is going.

From their website:

“Above all, we are American. T-Squad is a fight cry for our generation of Americans.

With the foundation of our past in heart and mind, the graphics represent a new sense of Americana.
The things we see and the whispers we hear evoke the spirit of the generation.

There is something irresistibly beautiful about America.”

That’s pretty deep for a tee shirt line.

One of the reasons I really liked the brand is that the stuff is so comfortable. Stylish tees are a great addition to any wardrobe, and Pine has a few designs to choose from.


I wore this skull shirt under my leather jacket LAST NIGHT.


And here’s what I’m sporting today.


For girls who think their style doesn’t really fit in with the Bryan/College Station area, you NEED to check out Pine Boutique. Find them off Texas in the Bed Bath & Beyond Shopping Center or do a little virtual windowshopping on facebook.

Happy Friday!


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