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Diva Alert: Nicki Minaj

Here’s the real question.. when she’s serving you a verbal lashing.. do you think it’s all lyrical and poetic cursing or just your run of the mill sailor variety?

However she dished it, Nicki Minaj has officially been branded a “temperamental diva” following an alleged outburst against her beautician, Dawn DaLuise after having her eyebrows and lip waxed. Which seems almost puzzling as I was 99% sure she drew them on.

But after doling out a severe verbal lashing, Nicki is claimed to have thrown money at the celebrity facialist before storming out of her Dawn DaLuise Skin Refinery clinic in L.A.

‘Who the f#@k do you think you are? Look what you did to my @*mn face! You think this s$%t is worth $170?’ Some of the gems Minaj screamed at DaLuise.. so I guess that’s a no to well thought out angry freestyling.

These claims come weeks after police were called to Minaj’s house following an argument with her maid.

Supposedly, Minaj dismissed one of her workers who showed up two weeks later and snapped a photo of her taking out the trash. Nicki reportedly mistook a current employee for the woman with the pic which led to an altercation.

After the current maid refused to leave, she is said to have told Minaj that she would not be “treated like an animal” while the 28-year-old star replied “I’ll show you how to treat someone like an animal … get the f**k out of my house!”

Minaj’s “boyfriend” – thought to be her assistant Safaree Samuels – then reportedly pushed the woman before police were called by her boss.

A battery report was also filed although no arrests were made at the scene..

Unbelievable right? Who knew Nicki takes out her own trash.

.. just try and tell me those aren’t drawn on!


Honestly, I don’t find this at all surprising. She’s a self proclaimed “Barbie Doll” for crying out loud.

Did you see this coming too?



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Rihanna’s Brother Drops New Rap

Rihanna’s not the only Fenty with musical aspirations.. her brother Rorrey is serious about his new rap career. Who knew? We first got wind of his lyrical talent in September when he teamed up with rapper Teff Mayweather on a track called ‘Army.’ Now he’s flying solo with “Feel Me.”

The 21-year-old who goes under the rap alias GQ, flips a laid-back flow on the dubstep-sounding track mixed with a little hip hop.

I think it’s not bad.. but do you think he has what it takes to join the big leagues? Maybe with some work he could end up like J Cole. It doesn’t hurt that his sister is the biggest artist in the world.. and she tweeted about her bro’s new song to her 9 million followers. What a great sister.

I smell a collaboration in the future.

Take a listen and let me know what you think. Are you feeling GQ (aka Rihanna’s brother)?

Listen to GQ’s “Feel Me”

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Biebs to Appear on Maury?

I can already see this playing out magically in my brain: millions of teenie boppers on the edge of their seats waiting for Maury Povich to reveal the results of Justin Bieber’s paternity test.

A spokesperson for “Maury” says they are working on getting Justin to do his big reveal on the show. If you’ve been hiding under some kind of giant pop culture rock, the Biebs is being accused of fathering a child with some 20 year old mental patient (aka Mariah Yeater) when he was 16.

Biebs continues to deny these claims and has said he will take a paternity test, but whether he wishes to do so under the glare of nationally syndicated television is another matter. Former “Maury” executive producer Amy Rosenblum — the woman we have to thank for the ingenious idea of DNA reveals — thinks that it will only boost the credibility of Bieber’s denials. Bet you never thought you’d see the word credible and Maury in the same sentence. Mind bomb.


If and only if Maury Povich is the one to tell Justin he is not the father.. everyone will finally believe it.

..though honestly, I feel the Biebs lacks the ability to perform the appropriate “you are not the father” dance.


In other news, Justin is selling his snake.. how appropriate.



Guys: 5 Awkward Date Situations – Solved

You’re welcome in advance.

Cosmo did a new poll to figure out how women want you to respond to certain awkward dating scenarios and you might be surprised by the results. Try these this weekend when you take out your girl and I can almost guarantee you won’t be spending your nights sweet talking your xbox.

1. She mentions that her last relationship ended badly. She wants you to…
A. Change the subject
B. Ask for details

As low as ex-boyfriend talk ranks on your list of conversation topics, 55 percent of women say they want you to show you care about their feelings. So try “That sounds brutal. Do you want to talk about it?” Most people know not to yammer about exes on dates, so she’ll likely change the subject.

If she’s into you, she’ll say no.. but just knowing you cared enough about what she was saying to even ask means big bonus points for you..

2. Halfway through dinner, you notice there’s something stuck in her teeth. She wants you to…
A. Gently point it out
B. Ignore it

This can be awkward, but 90 percent of women say they would be horrified if they hit the bathroom and saw a gob of spinach clinging to their incisors. Say “Hey, you have a -little something,” and gesture at your teeth. Make light of the situation with a remark like “I hate when that happens to me and no one says anything.”

Nothing makes me more mad then when I get home after a date and see a tiny piece of pepper or something that could have so easily been dealt with stuck in my teeth. When I recall the events of the evening and how much fun I was having.. I don’t want to feel like an idiot for smiling the whole time.

3. She comes back to the table after spending 10 minutes in the bathroom. She wants you to…
A. Ask if she’s okay
B. Don’t mention it

There could be a lot of reasons why she was held up—maybe there was a line, she wanted to touch up her makeup, or that spicy tuna appetizer you -insisted on ordering isn’t sitting well with her. Either way, 70 percent say they wouldn’t want to talk about it, so play it safe and zip it.

Plus she’s probably doing a little after dinner make up touching up for whatever might be coming later.. ;)

4. The bill hits the table, and you both know she makes double your salary. She wants you to…
A. Pick up the check
B. Let her get it

It’s hard when she makes more in an hour than you do in a day, but 72 percent of women say they still hope the guy will get the check on a first date. So wave off her -wallet. If she protests, tell her she can buy you a drink next week. It’ll show her that you didn’t brush her off and you want to go out with her again.

Especially important if this is a first date. I would never even consider going out with someone again who didn’t even attempt or offer to pickup the tab.

5. You just dropped her off at her place and want to let her know you had a great time. She wants you to…
A. Text her right away
B. Wait till tomorrow

Most guys wait a while to follow up, which women don’t dig (68 percent want to hear from you within the hour). So text her when you get home to stand out. Of course, you don’t want to come on too strong, so keep it short. Try “Had a great time -tonight. Hope we can do it again soon.”

Don’t be an !@#. If you had fun, text her and tell her.

Girls- any situations you’d add to this list? Guys- are you surprised with some of the answers?

Happy Date Night.


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Thank You, Veterans!

If you have served or are currently serving in any one of our fine branches of military, let me first say thank you, thank you so much for your service.

Freedom isn’t free, someone must the price for it. And throughout our history, someone has always stepped up to pay that price.

Most recently our military has been keeping us safe from a repeat of the attacks on 9/11—volunteers all, a military not seen since George Washington’s army in the Revolutionary War.

Today we honor you. Help me celebrate our veterans by sending me a picture of someone you know and love who has served/is currently serving and I will post them all here.

Send them to

Let’s show our veterans the appreciation they deserve not just today, but everyday.


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