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Here are this week’s questions!

1.) A US president serves a term of how many years?
2.) In the periodic table of elements, Fe is what?

1.) 4 YEARS
2.) IRON


How did you do?

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Katy’s Mailbox

Hey girl-

So………. the other night my boyfriend said he wanted a “guy’s night,” and he was going to meet up with some friends at a bar. Totally fine with me!

But lately, a girl he’s friends with has been posting all over his Facebook wall, and sending him DMS on Twitter.

I looked at her profile when my boyfriend was out, and she updated on Foursquare that she was at a bar…. with HIM.

Just because this girl was at the same bar, it doesn’t mean they planned to meet up. But obviously this girl is into him. Is my boyfriend cheating on me?



I haven’t seen statistics on this or anything, but I’m willing to bet social media is the number one cause of breakups and/or divorces today.

OF COURSE there’s a huge possibility that this guy just happened to run into her at a bar. Maybe she’s a crazy stalker who just knows where he’s most likely to be.. but then.. it does look kind of fishy. I would like to give this doofus the benefit of the doubt, as in, surely, he can’t be THAT dumb that he would go about cheating on his girlfriend whilst the OTHER WOMAN documents it on the web.

What do you think? Is he cheating?


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Fashion Friday

I’m skipping town today (actually I’m blogging this from the airport), but I could not NOT share my fashion find for this trip.

I went back to Merge Boutique, just to find a little something to wear to the plane. Okay, okay. I’m lying. I went in to find a dress for Confirmation – BUT I came out with THIS.

2013-02-22 09.09.51

<3 <3 <3

It also has zippers in the back. Sadly, I don't feel like taking a selfie in the airport bathroom, otherwise you could see 'em!

Coming up next week, Merge is celebrating it's birthday with specials and TONS of new merch fresh from a show in Vegas.


Whether you’re looking for a fun new top or a party dress to hit up NG – Merge has it all. Don’t forget nothing in the store is over $50.. so feel free to get crazy while I’m gone.

Find Merge on Harvey in the Burke Outlet center right next to Al’s Formal Wear.


Happy shopping!


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Katy’s Mailbox

I really do feel like that creeper from Blue’s Clues everytime I say the word “MAILBOX.”

Childhood nightmares aside, here’s this week’s listener email.


My best friend’s been dating this guy for about 6 months, and last week, she found a receipt from Victoria’s Secret in his wallet. She figured he had just gotten her something from there for Valentine’s Day. Well . . . Valentine’s Day came and went, and no lingerie. He took her out to dinner and got her flowers and a necklace . . . but nothing from Victoria’s Secret. Now she’s not sure what to do. It COULD be something as simple and innocent as he originally got her something from there, but decided to return it and go with jewelry instead. OR it could be TOTALLY sinister and sneaky and the lingerie could be for his side action. Should she confront him about it?


No matter how you spin that – it doesn’t sound very good. He either bought it for another woman *BAD* , bought it for a family member *WEIRD* , OR bought it for a friend who didn’t want to go into Victoria’s Secret *UNLIKELY*.

What do you make of this?!

My suggestion? Try this super sweet app that erases him from you life.


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Fashion Friday

I keep seeing girls, my sister included, wearing all kinds of colored denim. Out on northgate I’ve seen lime green, pinks, teals, whites – but what I really wanted to find was a good pair of red ones. And I’m weird about jeans, I don’t like to buy them OR shop for them, they have to fit just right, or I ain’t shellin’ out nothin’.

I went to a few stores which were selling cheap spandexy(?) materialed pants, that when I put on my body, I wanted to cry. They were HORRRIBLE. Unless you weigh, I don’t know, somewhere between 50 and 80 pounds or are a small child, you can’t wear these.

So being the loyal customer I am, I decided to try Pine Boutique.


You’re probably like DUDE, this girl only shops at the same places.. and ya know what? GUILTY. If I find a store I can keep going back to and get quality merch, I’m all for it. I don’t like hunting or sifting through mounds of clothes for a great find. Maybe it’s the ginger in me, but I’m pretty impatient that way.

And I am glad I went there.

Here’s all the new colors they just got in Wednesday.


Eeeek. I wore my red skinnies yesterday for V-day. They are actually JEANS not the awful stuff that sticks to your legs.. but they have some give. Perfect for class, northgate, whateva.

And since it’s Friday, here are some SHOES!



Because who doesn’t love shoes?!

I also like a store that rewards my loyalty. I was tickled to discover that Pine is all about it now. Get a card, activate it online, and for every $1 you spend, you get 1 point. Earn 500 points, you get a $20 gift card.

If you haven’t been over to Pine Boutique yet, well, you need to. I can not stress this enough. Find ‘em in the Bed Bath and Beyond shopping center or on facebook. They are always posting pics of new stuff. :)

Happy shopping!


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