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Fashion Friday

Before I even started this week’s little shopping spree, I sat on my sunglasses. I killed them.. DESTROYED THEM.

Unless I wanted them to hang off my face at a severely awkward angle that made my face look lopsided, it was time to retire ‘em.



Here’s a note about me, when I find a store I really like, I’m pretty dedicated. So, mourning the recent loss of my shades, I decided to go back to Pine Boutique.


As luck would have it, they now sell RAY BANS. What are the odds? Since I broke my cheapo pair on the way there, I felt obligated to at least look at these beauties.

They had two different cases, the first of which contained the more classic aviator styles in different lens shades and then those thick black ones which I know are super popular, but I would never put on my own face BECAUSE THEY WOULD LOOK AWFUL.

*P$ tells me they are called Wayfarers* hahaha


The other case was a little more colorful.

IMG_20130131_234154 (1)

I loved all of them.

Never in my life have I bought designer glasses. I’m more of a cheap gas station aviator kinda girl, but the options they had over at Pine made me reconsider that.

I am now the proud owner of a pair of Bans. I don’t know if anyone calls them that, I’m just delighted with my find.


I am even wearing them as I type this, which I’ll have you know is no easy endeavor. I told Frito I would sleep with them if I could.

If you’re looking for a pair of Ray Bans, I would highly suggest heading over to Pine Boutique. They are located in the shopping center with Bed Bath and Beyond, Double Daves, and Pier 1.

Guys, these might even be a good gift to consider for your gf/wife for Valentine’s Day.

I’m a Ray Ban convert, and everyone needs a good pair of shades!

Happy Friday.


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See if you can answer this week’s questions!

1. What are the 3 branches of government?

2. What is the largest bone in the human body?!



Here’s a SCHOOL HOUSE ROCK to help you remember the three branches of government.

And here’s a picture to help you with question #2.


1. legislative, judicial, and executive
2. femur

How’d you do?!


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Time for the week’s listener email!

Katy –

My boss is a good guy, and everyone at the office likes him a lot. There’s one problem: He has the worst BO ever.

Should we tell him he needs to work on his personal hygiene, for his own good? And if we do…how?



SO MANY QUESTIONS. Do you work all that closely with your boss?

I would avoid the problem unless you say, shared an office together. Maybe invest in some Febreeze?

There’s no good way to tell someone their @*!& stinks.. OR IS THERE?

What do you think?!


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Fashion Friday

This week’s fashion Friday theme was simple enough- I needed an amazing dress for a Special Olympics banquet on Saturday night that wouldn’t break my bank.

So where did I go this time? Merge boutique.


Dress shopping is always something that freaks me out. I’m bigger in different areas, and having a little curve can be difficult to squeeze into a dress!

But, as soon as I got in the store, I noticed many different dresses perfect for ANY occasion. Formal, casual, leather, lace, you name it, they had some variation in stock.


I went with the dress on the left. A purple bondage top with flowing grey skirt, perfect for my event! Another girl was trying it on while I was in there, and even though we had different body types, it was flattering on both of us.

When I saw the price, I almost died. Everything in the store is under $50. I had money left over to splurge on jewelry.. so I did.


I couldn’t decide between the earrings and the necklace..


I almost always want to buy earrings, but I never wear them. I don’t know why – I just don’t. So the necklace won out. And what I liked about this design is they have several different variations. The chunky shapes and fun colors just spice up any dress.


And shoes? You can’t go wring with a basic black pump or stiletto. Thankfully, if you are missing this fashion necessity, they’ve got you covered.


I wanted to hold off on a picture of me in the dress, and instead have decided to upload the pics from the banquet with all my favorite Special Olympic athletes!

Whether you’ve got a sorority formal/semi-formal OR just want a knock out dress for Valentines day, I would definitely suggest a trip to Merge. Like these guys on facebook for their latest looks. :)

Happy Friday!


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Does CS Know?!

Here are the answers to this week’s questions.

Who was the main author of the Declaration of Independence?


Congress appointed a Committee of Five to draft a statement to the world presenting the colonies’ case for independence. The committee consisted of John Adams of Massachusetts, Roger Sherman of Connecticut, Benjamin Franklin of Pennsylvania, Robert R. Livingston of New York and Thomas Jefferson of Virginia. The committee assigned Jefferson the task of writing the original document. After minor alterations were subsequently made by Franklin and Adams, the document was submitted to Congress.

Two passages in Jefferson’s draft were rejected by the Congress — an intemperate reference to the English people and a scathing denunciation of the slave trade. Otherwise, the Declaration was adopted without significant change…..and through it all, Jefferson was its primary author.

The Declaration of Independence made Jefferson internationally famous.

From Early America

What device measures atmospheric pressure?


And here’s a picture of the handy gadget.

barom 2

Who says you can’t learn anything on the internet!

How would you have done?!


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