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Do Random Strangers Have the Right to Give You PET ADVICE?!

Time for this week’s LISTENER EMAIL:


I flew home recently to spend time with my family, and I have a little dog that I brought with me.

She fits in one of those dog carriers that goes under a plane seat, so I paid the fee and brought her on the plane.

But while I was waiting to board, a woman next to me started talking about how it’s mean to make your dog fly. She said it’s selfish for people to do it, and dangerous because it stresses the animals out. I just knew I would be gone for a few weeks, boarding costs a FORTUNE and not to mention Daisy would have a fit if she had to spend the week without me.

Thankfully I sat no where near this psycho on the flight, but it STILL bothers me she did that.

I mean do people really just think they know everything? Did I make a mistake or is flying with your animal okay?



You’re telling me some random person went ape $&#^ on you at the airport for traveling with your best friend?! NOT OKAY.

I don’t see anything wrong with what you did. I’ve never taken a long vacation without Rocky. In fact, if I go away for just a weekend he flips out.

*The Rock*

My problem with this story is THIS LADY!

Do strangers have the right to give other people advice about their pets? Isn’t it sort of the same thing as telling a person how to raise their kids?

What do you think?!


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Fashion Friday

Since I know how difficult it is to find the PERFECT outfit for a date night or a concert at Harry’s, I’ve decided to put this blog to good use and give you some ideas!

My first stop – Pine Boutique. You can find Pine right off Texas in the Texas Crossing shopping center. Or, since you probably have no idea what it’s actually called, let’s go with the Bed, Bath, and Beyond shopping center.


How much did I love my first fashion find from Pine Boutique? Well, I bought the whole outfit.

Whether you’re going out to the Roger Creager concert tonight or just hitting up Northgate, this outfit is AWESOME.

*that pleather pant also comes in MAROON ;)

A dark pleather pant and studded black shirt? Yes, please. I instantly had to try this on. I liked the look out, but obviously if you can rock it, TUCK IT IN.

Sure, sure it’s mildly chilly outside this week.. but just throw on a jacket, maybe some black printed tights, you’ll be good to go.


*hilariously, I forgot to bring a heel of any kind, so I cut out my legs. But who am I kidding? I’d probably try and rock boots with this anyway. I am aaall about comfort. haha

Right now studs are everywhere! I can’t even pretend I don’t like the style because it adds such an edge to everything. I have vests, jackets, and now this black shirt and clutch. CAN WE ZOOM IN ON THIS THING?

2013-01-17 21.33.19

I mean seriously, if that doesn’t turn heads when you go out, you’re doing it wrong. It’s like a fashion weapon! What I love most about it is how spacious it is. Enough room for your phone, credit cards, cash, body bag (KIDDING), car keys.. way more than my itsy bitsy wallet I always try and tote around. AND it has a handle.. which doubles as brass knuckles. Now THAT’S what I call handy. ;)

I also loved the jewelry I found. Chunky Aztec inspired pieces – a black necklace and cuff. I’m not a girl for dainty anything and these statement pieces were just what my wardrobe had been missing. They also come in a bunch of colors, since I realize not everyone on the planet loves black as much as I do.


Remember, this is just a little jumping off point – if this isn’t your style, let Pine help you find something that is.

Another big thing is mixed textiles, like leather and lace, leather and patterns.. and you can find all that and more at Pine. They are always putting out new inventory and even if you hate to shop (believe me, no one hates this more than I do), this place is great. The sales staff are friendly and trendy.. let’s be real.. that’s important.. I can’t wait to go shopping here again!

For more looks, hit up Pine Boutique on facebook!

Happy Friday!!


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Katy’s Mailbox

After this week’s dive into my inbox, I came across a story that some of you might be able to relate to.


I work at a law firm and right before Christmas, they took on a new partner. He’s not around as much as the others, but for whatever reason, at our holiday party, he started calling me Dave. The problem is, my name is Dustin.

Now it’s mid January and he is STILL calling me Dave.

I feel like it’s gone on so long, I can’t correct him without embarrassing him. My question is, is it more polite now to just ignore the error since he isn’t around that much? OR would it be better to subtly clue him in….. and if so, HOW?!


-Dave…. er Dustin


When I worked in Houston, big boss man didn’t know who the eff I was. He would come down the hall and say hello to everyone by name, and when he’d get to my cubicle he’d just say.. HEY!

I never tried to tell him my name, and when he FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT, it was because I was leaving.

Looking back, I should have made sure he knew me.

The problem with this situation is that if you are in a meeting and he calls you Dave, you run the risk of SOMEONE else calling him out on it. Then you’d both look like a$$es.

Next time he calls you the wrong name, just smile and say your real name. He’ll probably be a tad embarrassed and say something like, “Have I been calling you Dave all this time?!” but at least you are setting the record straight.

Either that – or legally change your name. You don’t want to pi$$ off the guy on the letterhead.

Have you been in this sitch? How would you tell him?


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Monopoly is holding the trial of the century, asking fans to play the jury to decide which of the games classic pieces gets to stay–and which one has to go.

Using Facebook and Twitter, Hasbro has launched a contest for fans of the classic game to help “save” their favorite token–car, thimble, shoe, Scottie dog, battleship, hat, iron or wheelbarrow–and vote to replace it with a brand new one.

So the piece with the fewest votes, literally gets the boot. Not to pass GO. Not to collect $200.. but, to go directly to jail. Wouldn’t it be ironic if it was the shoe?

If you’re wondering how it’s going.. the Scottie dog is holding an easy lead, with more than 61,000 votes and 34 percent overall. The wheelbarrow is in trouble, with 24,000 votes and only 3 percent of the total so far. This surprises me. I thought the wheelbarrow was WAAAY cooler than the stupid hat.

Fans can pick between a robot, a diamond ring, a cat, a helicopter and a guitar for a new token that will take its place among the classics.
Facebookers can vote to save one classic token and choose one new token once a day on the Monopoly Facebook app, and use the hashag #tokenvote to cast votes on Twitter.

I’m pulling for the thimble. You could put that thing on your pinkie! And as for the new pieces, I’m not thrilled.. Unless there’s a real diamond in that ring.

Which would you save?! Or should we leave well enough alone?


Or maybe we should change the game COMPLETELY?!

haha what do you think?


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Help Me, Help You?

If you’re like the other 99% of the population, you’re probably feeling a little cruddy right now.

It’s the weather. It’s dank, dreary, and people dropping like flies with flu symptoms.

Obviously there are the basics like using hand sanitizer.. which by the way if you DON’T, YOU SHOULD.. (Case in point, this NSFW ad from Chile)

What other ways do you stay well?

Tips? Tricks?

I’m a sucker for Zicam. If I lose all sense of smell or taste, I’d be okay with that.

What about you?!


And here’s the EARWORM study to banish annoying tunes from your daily life. *Yeah, talking to YOU Carly Rae*

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