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Countdown to Cotton Bowl – Part 1

A few things:

1) Cotton Bowl Hospitality – It’s insane how well they treat you here. INSANE. First off, the free stuff. People that got here before NYE got tickets to Mavs V Spurs but everyone get’s hooked up with gift bags. Including watches.


Also the amount of cool stuff they cram into the Media center is pretty outstanding. Pool tables, Poker games, Wii/XBox lounges, and also this guy…


Word of wisdom. NEVER NEVER EVER try to pick up the Heisman Trophy. It’s frowned on.

There’s also art. Like this life size oil on canvas mock up of Johnny Manziel.


2) Food. I wasn’t invited to this, but the Lawry’s Beef Bowl has to be the coolest thing going on up here. It’s for players and Athletic Dept types and it’s basically an all you can eat explosion of beef. It used to be an eating contest between the two teams playing but after two or three years of some of the guys getting physically sick pushing their limits they removed the competitive aspect.

3) Football Stuff: Was in the same room as Bob Stoops today which was pretty cool. He totally blew me off to do another show. Less cool. Here’s Stoops ignoring me in favor of a show that actually talks sports. Go figure.


More updates all week long. There’s a bunch of VIP parties that we’ll hit tonight and also do some other radio stuff for The Louie Belina Show and Sportstalk w/ Chip Howard on The Zone.

Also I’ll apologize in advance for over tweeting this week. If anything cool happens, it’s probably going there first (

BTHO OU. BTHO free food/beer. –Frito

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This woman has a rare condition where she can’t gain weight. And has a pretty inspiring message about bullying she’d like to share. I found this while googling “is a dog’s mouth cleaner than a humans?” The internet takes you to some weird places huh! -Leni

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Top 10 STRANGEST Ways The Federal Government Wasted Your Money in 2012

Lots of people have been asking us to post this after we used it on the show this morning. These are the top 10 programs out of the 100 listed in this year’s “WasteBook” published by Sen. Tom Coburn (R-NE) highlighting the various oddball things the govt spends our money on each year.

This year the total from these 100 programs came to $18 Billion in spending. A giant number…but still only a fraction of the $1 TRILLION or so we spend each year all together. Damn. Anyways…here’s your top 10.

#1.) Moroccan pottery classes. The U.S. has spent $27 MILLION on a project to train people in Morocco to design and sell pottery at home and abroad. The classes suffered from language barriers with American teachers and flopped.

#2.) Robot squirrels. A part of a $325,000 grant was spent on a study that built a robotic squirrel to see how snakes would react to it.

#3.) Making pennies. In 2012, the cost to produce one penny was . . . two cents. And even though no one uses pennies anymore and making them is clearly inefficient, the government spent at least $120 MILLION making them.

#4.) Pet shampoo. A pet care company in Nebraska got $505,000 from a community development block grant to help install machines that make pet shampoo and toothpaste.

#5.) Food stamps for the dead. At least 2,000 dead people received food stamps last year . . . and that’s just in New York and Massachusetts.

#6.) The size of golf holes. Purdue University used part of a $350,000 grant on a study that concluded if golfers imagined they were putting into larger holes, they were more successful.

#7.) Better tasting beef jerky. The Pentagon has spent more than $1.5 MILLION trying to create a better-tasting beef jerky for soldiers.

#8.) The attractiveness of female fruit flies. More than $900,000 went toward a study that found female fruit flies lose their looks as they get older, and are less attractive to male fruit flies.

#9.) Food for Mars. Even though there’s no plan to send people to Mars for at least two decades, NASA spent $1 MILLION developing recipes that could be eaten on Mars . . . including pizza and vegetarian options.

#10.) Gaydar. A $30,000 grant went to a study at the University of Washington to test if gaydar was real. They found people identify gay men’s faces correctly 57% of the time, and lesbian women’s faces correctly 65%.


Alanis Morissette Brings it BIG TIME on Kimmel with Green Day Cover

She was a sub guest since Billie Joe’s rehab stint has put publicity for “Uno” (in stores now) on hold.

Alanis decided to take it back to the 90′s with this amazing version of “Basket Case”. Enjoy!!

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Obama sings “U Didn’t Build That”

Pretty funny YouTube parody of the MC Hammer classic jam:

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