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Podcasts (May 17)

Lebron James spent $170K at a bar. What’s your epic party moment?

I thought we were good until 2012?

Unusual Phobias

How else am I supposed to pick out a bike?

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Advice From Haters

Alli discovered a new show concept today in Buzz. It’s called “H8RS” and is in development on CW. The premise is actors, musicians, etc. sit down with people who can’t stand them and try to win them over. It could be the coolest idea we’ve heard for a reality show in a while. We decided to test it out on the show today and see if we could win over some of our haters. Check it out:

I know it sounds stupid but we really don’t mind people telling us what they don’t like about us. How else are we supposed to find out if we’re doing something wrong.

Shoot us an email with comments (good or bad) anytime! or

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Podcasts (May 16)

Yesterday our podcast system tried to quit on us. We talked it down from the ledge and now everything is cool. Here’s some stuff from YESTERDAY’S show you might have missed:

This. Is. WAR!!!

Clothes You Might Be Too Old For

Botox Mom Might Lose Her Kid

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The Situation’s Dad Airs The Family’s Dirty Laundry

Reposting this since Situation is now going to apparently SUE HIS DAD (AKA Confrontation) over the videos. –Frito

This is two things:

2) Amazing!!

Situation’s dad is named Frank “The Confrontation” (Not kidding.) Sorentino. Allegedly, he needed some money from his son. His son didn’t pay up, so dad decided to unleash on him on YouTube. His website is I’ll save you a click. Check out the best of his ranting right here!!

So much win in the videos below…but again, this guy is as NOT SAFE FOR WORK AS IT GETS!! More bad language than Goodfellas, Casino, and Scarface combined. You’ve been warned.

[morfeo_video 20 /]


LISTEN: Bad Romance / Judas Mash-Up

Thanks to a listener for sending this in. Kinda cool. Never noticed the fact that the songs are kinda the same. What do you think?


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