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Wrestler or Racehorse (Wednesday)

I’ve decided to give you guys the inside edge on WWE Tickets. Tomorrow at 7:30 we’ll play Wrestler or Racehorse. Winner gets a pair of tickets to see the WWE at Reed Arena this Sunday. If you’ve never heard the game, I give you 7 names. Some are Wrestlers and some are Racehorses. You tell me which is which. If you get 5 of 7 correct you win.

Let’s make it even easier for my users!!

Here’s tomorrows names and answers:

Underdog – RACEHORSE
Lady Madonna – RACEHORSE
Gorilla Monsoon – WRESTLER
Brie Bella – WRESTLER

Doesn’t get any easier than that. Be listening tomorrow at 7:30 AM, be the correct caller, give me the answers and you win. Please try to act excited and suprised. -Frito

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Inside the Mind of a Belieber

It ain’t easy being Beebz. Seriously. The following video seems to have been taken in an extremely nice hotel called St. Regis. This is somewhere you wouldn’t assume gaggles of Beliebers would be hanging out. Watch as Justin makes his way to check out. Watch how he catches the attention of one girl. Watch as that one girl becomes five, becomes ten, becomes forty all in the span of three minutes. Listen to the noise, tears, and screams.

It’s like that everywhere. EVERYWHERE. He get’s no break, no days off, nowhere to hide. Oh, and notice HOW QUICKLY THEY TURN ON HIM when it appears they won’t get their pic. There’s no winning.


Born This Way: The Video

Here it is!! Lady Gaga’s music video for Born this way!!


She told BBC that the video was inspired by surrealist painters Salvador Dali and Francis Bacon. She said of the video,

“It’s the story about the birth of a new race. A race that bears no prejudice and a race that’s primary sort of ambition in life is to inspire unity and togetherness. The song is very meaningful to me, so I wanted to make something that would really show what was going on in my head when I wrote ‘Born This Way.’”

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Charlie Sheen Crazy Train Part III

From The Today Show. No explanation needed here.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

From ABC News’ interview to air tomorrow. Geez.

Add TMZ.COM to the list. Here’s a “Backyard Conversation” just posted.

Part 1:

Video streaming by Ustream

Part 2:

Video streaming by Ustream

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This is becoming a regular thing. If you missed Charlie going off the deep end on The Alex Jones Show click HERE.

The latest recipient of a gift of radio gold from Carlos Esteves is Pat O’Brien who knows a thing or two about addiction. Couldn’t wait till Monday to share this with you guys. Here’s the audio:

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